This Week in our Parish - Miramar Peninsula Anglican Parish

Euthanasia Forums
Euthanasia is an issue that seems to be gaining attention of
late. Here are two chances to hear statements of a traditional Christian position, one from a Christian, and one
from an atheist:
 The Effect of Formalised Euthanasia Policies on Palliation (20 May, 12.15pm at Elim Church, Tennyson St),
by Henk Reitsema of the European Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
 The Myths Behind the Case for Legal Assisted Suicide
(26 May, 12.15pm at Elim Church, Tennyson St), by
Kevin Yuill, University of Sunderland.
See for more info.
Marriage Enrichment Courses
Abi Vink has been liaising with All
Saints, Hataitai, who are hosting the
Alpha Marriage Enrichment course
soon. It runs for seven Wednesdays
beginning Wednesdays, 20th May
7:30pm in the All Saints Centre.
All Marriages, regardless of age, can benefit from thoughtful assessment, fresh ideas and renewed commitment. The
course is thematic and there is no group sharing (all reflections are done quietly between the couple only). A premarriage course will be held at the same time is a different
part of the church for anyone who may be interested in
that. Confirmed cost is $190 per couple for the course,
including supper. Don’t let the cost put you off—subsidies
are available from Tim if you need them. See him or Abi
for more information. RSVP for both courses is to
[email protected] There are places still
available, so be in to win. You’d be silly to miss it!
This Week in our Parish
Evening Prayer at St George’s
9.30am Mainly Music
Communion at St Aidan’s
Miramar Peninsula Parish
Building a community of disciples of Jesus
Welcome! Kia Ora!
17 May 2015
7th Sunday of Easter/Ascension
Acts 1.15-17, 21-26
1 John 5.9-13
Jesus prays for us
Communion at St George’s
Morning Prayer at St Aidan’s
Friday Café
Communion at St Aidan’s
Communion at St Aidan’s
Stillpoint at St George’s
Duty Roster Today
St Aidan’s 8am: Tim, Errol, Caroline
St Aidan’s 10am: Tim, Janet, Joanne, Heather, Andrew, Ruth, Murray, Jeff, Dianne, Franci, Richard, Beverly, Abi, Sunday School, Mike
Readings for next week - 24 May 2015
Last week, I described Jesus’ words in John 14-17 as a bit
like a “last will and testament” before the cross. In today’s gospel, they feel a bit like a speech at a police
graduation ceremony. In prayer form, Jesus reports back
to his heavenly Father on how the disciples have fared in
their training course. The good news is, he says, they’ve
passed. They now know that Jesus and everything about
him came from the Father (v. 7). They are ready to stay
in the world (v. 11), and to represent Jesus in a world
that can be hostile to him (v. 14). But they will need a lot
of prayer if they are to keep their joy in that task, which
is why Jesus is praying (v. 13).
Acts 2.1-21
Rom 8.22-12-17
John 15.26-27, 16.14b-15
I doubt the disciples felt ready. They were about to run
away and betray Jesus. But still he trusted them. It’s the
same with us. Jesus’ prayer is for us, too. We are sanctified for his service, Be encouraged with that truth today!
Duty Roster for next week - 24 May
Miramar Peninsula Parish Contacts
St Aidan’s 8am: Tim, Seth, Robyn C
St Aidan’s 10am: Tim, John, Jeff, Beverley, Leigh,
Fusako, Mel, Mark, Franci, Murray, Karen, Luke, Diane,
Sunday School, Bobbi
Bishop’s Warden:
People’s Warden:
Parish Office:
Tim McKenzie
Bobbi Wilson
Mike Ormsby
Meri Grace
Helen Collins
388 8640
027 669 3383
475 7321
388 2502
380 7174
Our Bible verse for today (“the Sentence”)
Jesus prayed ‘Holy Father, protect them in your name
that you have given me, so that they may be as one, as
we are one.’
Prayer for today (“the Collect”)
Almighty God,
Your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ
Ever lives to make intercession for us;
Have pity on our weakness’
And in your mercy give us those good things which we
are not worthy to ask,
Except through his merits,
Who lives and reigns with you
And the Holy Spirit,
One God for ever and ever. Amen.
In our parish, we pray for Bill, George,
Pamela, Jacqui B, Stephanie, Helen, Melisa,
James and Connor, and for the Thomsons
in Tonga.
We pray for (i) the work of the Youth Hub, which we
are part of, and the paid leaders, Rosanna and Jesse; (ii)
Shop 89—its operation during this interim period, and
its growth and development, (iii) our Friday Café, and
the different community people with whom it brings us
into connection. May we be ambassadors of Christ’s
grace and hope with all we meet.
Today the Anglican Missions Board asks us to pray
for the Australian Anglican Board of Missions among
the Indigenous people of Australia and pray for continued reconciliation and justice. We pray for the Leaders
of the Anglican Church of Australia and especially their
Indigenous Programmes.
NZCMS ask us to pray for Phil and Becky Sussex and
their family as they return NZ sharing their experiences of teaching and working in Cambodia with
churches in Auckland.
In our Wellington Diocese this weekend, we pray for
the Anglican Chinese Mission, The New Wine Plugged
in Participants and the Stars Programme Participants.
Worthy of Note
News from Shop 89
After last week’s great result, we are pleased to announce
that the Shop had another record week, surpassing even
last week’s turnover! Well done and thanks to all donors
and to all volunteers for your hours of hard work both in
front of and behind the scenes. Hard work is continuing to
bed down some new sorting and stock turnover systems.
The shop is about much more than money, so we’re also
continuing to work on ensuring that our welcome is genuine, and offers a window onto God’s grace in our midst.
Retirees’ Coffee Move “Closer to Home”
St Aidan’s Retirees’ Coffee Club—
Time for another Get Together!
 Tuesday 2 June, 10 am-11:30 am approx
 The Iona Centre, St Aidan’s
Mr Ken Daniels LLB and Advocate from Age Concern, Wellington, will be giving a motivational presentation focussed
on our needs. Age Concern is a brilliant organisation, and
this occasion will be a wonderful opportunity for you all to
enjoy a morning tea and fellowship with All Saints Golden
Years group who have also been invited to join us.
Further details nearer the date.
Youth Hub Visits
It was great to have representatives of the Eastern Suburbs
Anglican Youth Hub visit our worship over the past two
weeks. About 60 young people attend the Hub over two
week nights. Jesse leads the Senior Group on Friday nights
at All Saints. He and about 10 teenagers came to Explore
Together to profile their work and sell sausages to raise
money for Nepal. Rosanna leads the Junior Group on
Thursday nights, and it was lovely to meet her and Reuben
last week.
If you would like to go on a list praying for the Hub’s work,
please see Tim or Ruth.
Welcome to worship this morning.
Stillpoint– Tonight, 7pm at St George’s. Come along for an
hour of quiet reflection and stillness in the candlelit church.
Good News Mr. Speaker—we are pleased to confirm
the sale of the Seatoun vicarage! The house has been bought
by a local family, with an eye to earthquake strengthening
and restoration. They are very well disposed to the church,
and promise to be excellent neighbours. In addition, they
are committed to a long settlement period, which is a real
answer to prayer. Deo Gratias! Well done to Janet W and
her team for their sterling work with the real estate agent.
At Miramar, the offending tree stumps have been removed.
Piling work was supposed to begin on Thursday, but it was
held up by a spot of inclement weather...
Enrich your marriage! See the back panel for an initiative
Abi is taking with All Saints around marriage enrichment.
Parish Website — the parish website has a new look,
thanks to Seth! Visit it, admire, and pass on any updates to
him or the office:
Pentecost Decorations—Are you interested in helping
to decorate the church for Pentecost (Sunday 24 May)?
Please let Tim know you are available.
Doing our bit— the new roster is up the noticeboard.
New Parish Directory—Please check your details on the
list at the back of the church. To be added to the directory
please put your details on the blank form.
Prayer & Transformation Weekend—don’t forget the
prayer ministry weekend at Miramar Baptist next weekend,
with Kevin Hight. Kevin is a gifted prayer minister and
healer. On the Saturday, there are sessions beginning at
2.30pm, 4pm, and 7pm. There will be a koha for Kevin and
his team.