N-able Sales Guide

N-able’s N-central® Plus Intel® vPro™ Technology Allows You
To Build Your Managed Services Business More Profitably
Help Your Customers Do More, Spend Smarter, and Be More Secure
Desktop and notebook PCs with Intel® vPro™ technology have unique
hardware-based management and security capabilities1,2 that extend
N-central’s functionality to further streamline PC management and increase
security. They also deliver significant performance improvements and
greater energy efficiency while providing unprecedented manageability
and security.
N-central® is the leading remote monitoring and management (RMM)
platform used globally by managed service providers, VARs, system integrators and other IT organizations that service small and midsize businesses.
Trusted for the management of thousands of remote networks, it enables
you to monitor and support multiple customers, devices, operating systems
and applications - all done remotely and easily from a central console.
N-central and Intel vPro technology drive down the cost of delivering managed services and increase your value to your customers.
Features and Benefits at a Glance
Time-saving automation. N-central takes services automation to a new level with
self-healing functionality that can automatically resolve issues on remote devices,
so that technicians don’t have to.
Comprehensive management. N-central provides the core functionality that all MSPs
require to manage customers effectively and deliver more than 90% of services
remotely. Functionality includes asset and license management, patch management,
script execution, software distribution and file transfer.
What Makes the N-able Solution Different?
Industry-first freemium model. N-central 7.0 gives MSPs a flexible, uncomplicated
RMM platform with a freemium model that removes licensing costs and breaks down
the financial barriers to mass adoption of managed services by SMBs.
Remote control. N-central delivers attended and unattended remote control tools that
allow busy technicians to securely connect to a wide range of remote devices in seconds,
from anywhere in the world. It allows connections to devices on other networks, without
compromising security, and requiring only an Internet connection, not a public IP.
Monitor and manage PCs regardless of power state. Intel vPro technology brings
out-of-band management capabilities for remotely turning systems OFF and ON in
order to provide off-hours maintenance, push patch updates or simply conserve energy.
Access detailed asset information including BIOS, amount and location of memory
(DIMMs), hard drive, CPU type and model number.
Your N-able and Intel
Key Contacts
Services to help you transform your business. N-able delivers an unprecedented level of
business transformation support. Our combination of people, products, and processes delivered
through a state-of-the-art knowledge management portal are focused on making you successful.
100% IT coverage. Only N-able provides the technology and business support to help IT service
providers convert every SMB opportunity - even break-fix and responsive ones - into managed
customers that yield fixed-fee recurring revenue over time.
Free enterprise-class managed endpoint security. Protect IT infrastructure with anti-virus,
anti-spam, anti-malware, personal firewall and host intrusion prevention for Windows* systems all fully integrated with N-central and all free for one full year.
Low-risk and proven solution. N-central is deployed by more than 2,000 service providers
supporting 25,000 SMBs with 2.6 million licenses in 30 countries worldwide.
Derik Belair
Vice-President, Business
[email protected]
613-592-6676, ext. 304
Kevin Havre
Market Development Manager
[email protected]
Available as a hosted or non-hosted solution. N-able’s remote monitoring and management technology is offered both as a platform and as a hosted subscription service to provide financial flexibility.
Reporting breadth and depth maximizes your demonstrated value to your customer.
No other solution provides this range of technical, operational, and business value reports.
PC performance that can handle today’s and tomorrow’s applications. Intel®
CoreTM i5 vProTM processor-based PCs deliver more performance and protect your
customer’s PC investment, running business productivity applications up to 80% faster.3
Business Benefits to You
educe your service delivery costs. Automate manual activities, save truck rolls,
and increase technician utilization.
Strengthen your bottom line. More efficiently carry out the functions that are critical to
delivering profitable managed services: remote monitoring, management, notification,
reporting, and interoperability.
Grow your managed services offerings smoothly. Enables a smooth, step-by-step
transition from a chaotic break-fix model to a mature, comprehensive Managed
Services model.
Differentiate yourself. Gain a competitive edge by offering additional managed
services programs that support more kinds of devices and operating systems.
The Power of N-central® with Intel® vPro™ Technology
Extended Asset Management (powered down systems)
Device Presence Monitoring
Hardware Configuration Change
Remote Power On
Remote Reboot
Device Monitoring, Notification, and Reporting
Remote Control
Asset and License Management
Activity-based Login, Logout, and Shutdown
Automated Configuration Management and Enforcement
Patch Management
Automated Software Distribution and File Transfers
Remote Registry Configuration Management
File System and Users/Groups
Registry, Virtual Memory, and Password Changes
Support and Chat
USB and Port Security
Auto-Enforced Drive and Printer Mappings
Group Policy and Security Management
Active Directory Environment Standardization
Automatic File System Cleanup
Automatic Script Execution
Intel vPro
OOB only
In-band only
Better together
OOB and In-band
*O ther names and brands may be claimed as the
property of others.
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reserved. Intel, the Intel logo, Core, vPro, and
Core Inside are trademarks of Intel Corporation
in the U.S. and other countries.
Copyright © 2011 N-able Technologies Inc.
All rights reserved. N-central and the N-able
logo are registered trademarks of N-able
Technologies Inc.
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Selling The N-central® Plus Intel® vPro™ Technology Solution To Your Customers
Techniques to Sell into the Growing Market Demand for Managed Services
The Elevator Pitch – Why Managed Services?
Our services and expertise combine to give you an unbiased and
strategic view of your IT challenges and technology requirements
for business growth.
Our current approach, with a part-time IT person, seems to
be working OK.
Your PCs, servers, and network are key to your business operations.
Handling Objections
Maintaining these with your own resources can be complicated and
distract you from your core focus—serving your customer and
driving sales.
Using the latest technology tools from market leaders N-able and Intel,
we can manage your entire IT infrastructure so that you can:
– Reduce business interruptions caused by network failures, broken
PCs, and corrupted software.
– Reduce your exposure to viruses and other security threats.
As a result:
– You can focus on your business.
Do you know the components of your IT cost?
Do you know which key skills your IT person(s) have? Which key skills
they lack?
Regardless of an organization’s size, it’s really a matter of dollars spent
and value received. In fact, managed services are ideal for smaller
organizations that depend on their IT infrastructure but don’t have
an IT staff.
– You can serve customers better, enhancing your top line.
Intel vPro technology-based systems increase productivity by
reducing repair time, allowing off-hours maintenance, and reducing
virus-related interruptions.
Remote capabilities make repairs less costly.
Excellent investment protection through performance headroom for
tomorrow’s applications, such as Microsoft Windows 7.
Energy savings can be significant.
For information on N-central see the Web site
For more information on Intel vPro technology:
For detailed information on how to utilize the Intel vPro technologyenhanced capabilities of N-central, see the Self-Administered SMB
Intel vPro Technology Activation Program at msp.intel.com/activation.
For a fast, animated demo on how Intel vPro technology works,
see www.intelplatformtraining.com.
For information on how Intel vPro technology helps small- and
medium-sized businesses, see msp.intel.com/small-business.
Intel® vPro™ Technology is sophisticated and requires setup and activation. Availability of features and results will depend upon the
setup and configuration of your hardware, software and IT environment. To learn more visit http://www.intel.com/technology/vpro
R equires activation and a system with a corporate network connection, an Intel® AMT-enabled chipset, network hardware and
software. For notebooks, Intel AMT may be unavailable or limited over a host OS-based VPN, when connecting wirelessly, on battery
power, sleeping, hibernating or powered off. Results dependent upon hardware, setup & configuration. For more information, visit
omparing pre-production Intel® Core™ i5-650 processor based desktops to theoretical installed base of Intel® Core™2 Duo
Processor E6400 with comparable frequency. Desktop configurations: pre-production Intel® Core™ i5-650 processor (4MB Cache,
3.20 GHz) on pre-production Intel® Ibex Peak P55, Dual-channel DS Micron* 4 GB (2x2 GB) DDR3-1333 9-9-9-24 with Intel® HD
Graphics graphics @ 900 MHz, Seagate* 1TB HDD, Intel® Matrix Storage Manager 8.9.1023 (BIOS, Intel® INF and Graphics: preproduction, Imon compliant with VRD 11.1 requirements), Microsoft* Windows* 7 Ultimate 64-bit RTM Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor
E6400 (2M Cache, 2.13 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB) on Intel® DQ45CB, Dual channel DS Micron* 2 GB (2x1 GB) DDR2-800 5-5-5-18
with Integrated Intel® GMA 3000 onboard graphics subsystem, Seagate* 320 GB HDD, (BIOS:0059, Intel® Chipset INF:,
Graphics:, Microsoft* Windows* 7 Ultimate 64-bit RTM, Microsoft* Windows* Vista Ultimate 32-bit. Business
productivity and energy claims based on SYSmark* 2007 preview is BAPCo’s latest version of the mainstream office productivity
and Internet content creation benchmark tool used to characterize the performance of the business client. SYSmark 2007 preview
features user-driven workloads and usage models developed by application experts. Multitasking claims based on financial calculations workload consists of advanced spreadsheet calculation measured using Microsoft* Excel* Monte Carlo Simulation plus Virus
Scan. Security workload consists of Winzip*14 decompressing an encrypted archive containing 200 photos, 125 of which are 10 MP
photos and 75 which are 6 MP photos. The photos are in jpeg format. The total size of all the photos is about 830 MB.
Contact N-able Sales at 877-655-4689 or [email protected]
for more information on how N-central and Intel vPro technology
work together.
Do you know what the bottlenecks are that interrupt your business flow?
We don’t have the budget to upgrade to more expensive
Intel vPro technology-based computers up front.
– Your people will be more productive.
– You can cut IT costs, improving your bottom line.
For more information on N-central and other N-able tools:
We’re too small for outsourcing.
– Have a predictable, detailed, accurate, regularly updated picture of
your IT usage and cost.
– Have IT equipment that can handle new applications when you need
them to improve your business.
Do you know what your security and risk profile is? How do you keep
your security software up to date?
– Lower your overall cost of IT.
Do you know how much downtime your people experience? Have you
quantified the value of that downtime?
Get the Additional Information You Need to
Accelerate Your Managed Services Sales
Key Messages: the Business Benefits to Your Customer
Impact of N-central® and Intel® vPro™ technology
Better IT support
Having a part-time technician or one or two IT people on staff means limited bandwidth, limited expertise, and little time to be proactive. As a result, critical and strategic activities tend to not get done.
Our managed services bring you a complete IT team with broad skills, deep expertise, and a proactive approach that spots IT issues before they interrupt your business. We manage your IT using world-class tools from N-able and Intel.
Less downtime
Downtime stops you from making money.
Our advanced tools allow us to monitor the health of your infrastructure as well as how it’s used. We can spot more bottlenecks and issues before they affect your workflow. And when repairs are necessary, they can be done more
quickly—often remotely from our office.
Lower IT costs
Resources are limited.
Many of the factors that drive your overall IT cost are improved: fewer equipment failures, more consistent maintenance
and security, faster and less expensive repairs, and more accurate and effective IT budgeting.
Higher productivity and efficiency from your staff
Inefficient processes increase cost and slow business.
When your IT infrastructure works well and your people aren’t distracted by it, more gets done and your customers are
better served.
Better security and less exposure to serious business risk
Security risks to critical business data constantly grow. Keeping your network’s and PCs’ protection consistent and up-to-date is often not done.
Our management tools from N-able and PCs based on Intel® vPro technology allow us to keep your security software
consistent and up-to-date. Your critical business data and processes are better protected.
A capable infrastructure that can handle tomorrow
PCs without performance headroom can become costly if they can’t handle demanding applications.
Intel vPro technology has been recognized as a money-saver due to its manageability features. It’s also seen as the
standard business tool to power demanding applications. With higher performance and improved energy efficiency, it
can handle the demanding software tools that you’ll need to grow your capabilities, including Microsoft Windows* 7.