Cheektowaga Steering Committee - Mobile Safety

Cheektowaga Steering Committee
Tuesday, April 7th, 1pm
Guest Speaker: Al Hammonds of Millennium Collaborative Care, ECMC DSRIP Designated Provider
ECMC oversees provider systems for DSRIP and Millennium Collaborative Care is the WNY designated
DSRIP: 2014 NYS announced groundbreaking program that would allow state to reinves8Billion in
federal savings generated by the Medicaid Resign Team.
Delivery system Reform incentive payment program (DSRIP)
Promotes community level collaborations and system reform
Created to stabilize safety-net provider system and reduce avoidable hospital use by 25% over 5
Wishes to transition from fee for serve to a value based system
Year 1 (May 1st) planning. Infrastructure and systems, then funding, to ultimately achieve performance
based systems.
Domain 1: Overall project progress.
Domain 2: System Transformation.
Doman 3: Clinical improvement.
Domain 4: Population-wide strategy implementation (prevention agenda)
Performing Provider Systems – PPS mandated collaborative formed to develop and implement DSRIP.
Can select up to 11 projects.
Partners include ECMC, Kaleida, Niagara Fall’s Memorial, Upper Allegany Health, SNAPCAP, the McGuire
Behavioral health community crisis stabilization services. Increase support program for maternal and
child health. Ie Nurse/Family Partnership. Promote mental emotional and behavioral well-being in
 No urgent care centers in Cheektowaga.
 Urgent cares are helpful and starting in the right direction but look at hours of operation,
location. Define patient centered medical care. Coordinated care with personal doctors.
Shortage of PCPs.
 If you take the data from schools what does it look like and where is the system the strongest
and weakest. Correlation between dental health and mental health is strong
 allows DSRIP to communicate. Community meetings, etc
 UB had medical site through HeadStart. Clinic, WIC.
Cheektowaga Steering Committee
Tuesday, April 7th, 1pm
 Need to be able to measure through data system. Potential to use Hub as referral access to
Contact information: Al Hammonds [email protected] 898.4950 Kelly Showard
[email protected] 716.898.4737
Community Hub update: The committee reviewed and edited the survey for review. The survey will be
sent out to the coalition for any final edits and additions, and then piloted, before data collection starts.
The Mobile Safety-Net Team will oversee data collection.
Library Hub: United Way was consulted regarding their volunteer base. United Way needed additional
information, claiming that they don’t have volunteers that oversee the service need we would need for
the Library project. Whitney will continue to correspond with them and look to other sources for a
potential volunteer base.