Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord!
Ranger Mountain Adventure is just a few short months away, June 18-20, 2015 and your attendance is
invited, welcomed, and anticipated!! This year Ranger Mountain Adventure (RMA) promises to be
exceptional! Our guest speaker is Dan Dangerfield from Williston, North Dakota, with incredible prizes
being given away throughout the weekend, the spirit of the Living God touching the hearts of men and
boys from all walks of life, as well as life in the great outdoors, how could it not be one of the best
weekends of the summer?
We have a great leadership team in place here in our state and our intention is to take Montana Rangers to
the next level. Whether you have an active Ranger program in your church or not, I want to extend
a personal invitation to you to bring some men and boys and check it out. Just taking boys camping is
a win in the lives of those boys. Ranger Mountain Adventure makes that camping opportunity available
and adds a dimension you cannot create on the local level. We are looking forward to seeing you at RMA.
Please take notice of the schedule this year. We have changed things up a bit from the normal schedule.
On Thursday afternoon we are having a knife and hawk competition in which anyone can participate –
both men and boys - with some great prizes for the winners. I highly encourage you to come up on
Wednesday so you can be set up and be ready for Thursday’s activities.
The following packet has the information you will need to make RMA happen. Please go through this
packet carefully as it is definitely different from past years. If you have any questions, please feel free to
call at any time - Randy Lindgren (406) -723-5543. I can’t wait to see you there!
Pastor Randy Lindgren (Squeaky Elk)
Montana Network Commander
Application forms for JTC & AJTC
FCF membership can be found on the website, or
Please print these as necessary and distribute.
Please notice all deadlines for applications.
Page 3-4
General information
Page 5
What do I need to register?
Page 6
RMA Registration Form
Page 7
Permission Form
Page 8
Knife and shooting permission slip
Page 9
Guest Pass
Page 10
RMA 2015 Schedule
Page 11
RMA Instructions
Page 12
Legal and safety matters
Page 13
What to bring
Page 14
Rules for RMA
Page 15-16
Campsite ownership
Page 16
JTC/AJTC Application information
Page 17
Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF)
Our speaker this year is Dan Dangerfield form Williston, North Dakota. He will knock it out of the park
for our services. You will laugh, be challenged in the word, and challenged in day to day life.
The cost to participate in Ranger Mountain Adventure is $30.00 per person—boy or man—or $25.00 per
person for those from currently chartered outposts. (Register unsaved boys with the enclosed Guest Pass,
and their registration cost will be $0.00.) You may pre-register on the enclosed form or bring your check
with you to Ranger Mountain Adventure. Each person registered will receive a hat and a patch.
Our Theme at Ranger Mountain Adventure this year is "Within.” Remember to be creative in your use of
this theme as you design your campsite entryway. This theme, as always, will be reflected in much of
what we do at Ranger Mountain Adventure. Get creative and have a blast with your students doing it!
Registration will be from 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. on THURDAY June 18, but your outpost may arrive any
time you desire before Ranger Mountain Adventure and may stay as long after as your schedule permits.
Ranger Mountain Adventure will conclude by noon on SATURDAY. See the schedule on the next page
for more details. Many groups come in on Monday or Tuesday to enjoy the week. Attendance at all
evening services is mandatory.
Junior Training Camps will start on Monday. This is a great place to get your boys trained for your
group’s leadership. Registration forms and information are available on the website at
FCF testing will be held on THURSDAY at 12:00 pm. Applicants should come prepared for this. Our
staff will provide details at registration in the FCF village. Please note the time difference. We are trying
to keep your FCF prospective recruits with you more during the RMA experience so this is a new way of
doing the FCF testing. We will have the boys from 12:00pm – 3:00 pm THURSDAY afternoon and then
for just 1 hour after the service on FRIDAY night. The rest of the weekend they are with your outpost.
Pastors and Visitors Day: FRIDAY is Pastors and Visitors Day. We encourage you to invite your Pastor
for the day as a Ranger Mountain Adventure guest. You make sure he is fed and we will make sure he
receives a hat. No registration fee is required. Any visitors who want to come experience Ranger
Mountain are welcome to do so on Friday as well – ladies are also welcome as guests for the day.
Outposts should decorate their campsite and area to represent the RMA theme. Check party stores or
catalogs such as Oriental Trading for decorations. ( or 1-800-228-0475)
Entryways into each campsite should reflect the RMA theme. Include general “within” concepts. Use
your imagination! Your entryway will be judged based on how well you portray this theme. First through
third place awards will be given for the best entryway.
There are various Ranger Mountain Adventure events and grading procedures which provide
opportunities for participants to earn awards and win prizes. These prizes will be things such as bicycles,
boom boxes, camping gear and other neat plunder. You must be present Saturday morning at the award
ceremony to receive your award. If you leave Ranger Mountain too early, your prize will be awarded to
the next person. There will also be prizes given away randomly this year, so don’t be late for anything!
We are also giving away prizes to the adults throughout the weekend. Adults don’t be late either!!
Students will have the opportunity to participate in “within” games on Friday. All students participating
will become eligible to win prizes. Students should come prepared to work both individually and as a
“patrol” (group) in order to get their names in the hat for the drawings. Prize give a ways will take place
on Saturday morning during the service - you must be present to win.
We will have a FCF village set up so the boys can browse and learn about this valuable ministry from
2:30 – 4:30pm on Friday. (What is FCF? See page 18 of this packet for information). All FCF members
are encouraged to bring their outfits and wear them when requested. Bring your ideas for the “Fun and
Stunt” time on Thursday or Friday evenings. Also, bring your throwing hawks and knives for some
demonstrations and competitions for the boys and men. New FCF applicants will be tested on Thursday at
12:00 pm of Ranger Mountain Adventure.
In order to register you will need the following:
From your Church:
Proof of insurance (copy is fine) – Please bring with you to registration
Youth worker forms on file at your church for EVERY adult attending RMA
(See your pastor about the form your church uses – if none are available call Emily at
(406) 652-2417 for a sample form – you do not have to bring these but must have them
on file at your Church)
From your students:
2 signed copies of knife and shooting permission slip (pg. 6 You keep one, we keep one)
2 signed copy of RMA permission slip (pg. 5 You keep one, we keep one)
From the Church leader: (bring the following to registration with you)
Registration form filled out (pg. 4)
Signed copy of RMA permission slip for each student (pg.5 )
Signed copy of knife and shooting permission slip for each student (pg. 6)
Check for payment of registration fees (pg. 4)
Guest pass form (if any non - paying guests)(pg. 7)
Proof of insurance from church (copy is fine)
Registration will be from 2:00 – 5:00 pm on the porch of Kings Cabin! Large outposts or pre-­‐registered outposts may register early by appointment (schedule time with Pastor Randy when you arrive) 5 RANGER MOUNTAINADVENTURE
Please print or type
Church Name_________________________________________________ Outpost #_________
Lead Pastor_______________________________________________ Phone
Senior Comander________________________________________________Phone__________
Email (Sr. commander)___________________________________________________________
Chartered: Yes ( ) No ( ) Please check one box
Make checks payable to: Montana Ministry Network
Send to: Montana Royal Rangers 2147 Overland Avenue, Suite 100 Billings, MT 59102 Paying
Number of Discovery registering:
Number of Adventure registering:
Number of Expedition registering:
Number of Leaders registering:
Register Grand Total:
Grand Total Registering for R.M.A. (chartered)
________ x $25.00 =
Grand Total Registering for R.M.A. (non-chartered) ________ x $30.00 =
Total number of guests (chartered or non-chartered) ________ x $ 0.00 = $ __0.00____
Total number of “wrist band only” adults
________x $ 5.00 = $ __________
Grand Total Attending:
Total = $
Pre-registration by June 1, 2015
The first 300 to register are guaranteed a hat and patch. You will receive those at RMA.
Date Received:
For Network Office Use Only:
___ Amount Paid: ________________ Intl: __________
Cash ___ Check ___ (Ck #____________) Other______________________________________
I give permission for my son, ____________________________, to participate in the Montana Network
Ranger Mountain Adventure, to be held June 18-20, 2015 at Ranger Mountain, between Judith Gap and
Lewistown, Montana. I, the parent or legal guardian of this child, release from any liability the
(Name of sponsoring church)
Church and all adult sponsors or church staff in the event of any accident that may occur during, or
returning from the Montana Network Ranger Mountain Adventure.
My child has the following special condition(s) that the leaders need to be aware of:
(List any condition, medication, or other information useful to camp leaders)
Should emergency medical treatment for my child be necessary, I authorize a Royal Ranger representative
to act on my behalf and approve appropriate treatment. I know that all insurance is carried by my own
personal insurance as primary, the local church as secondary, and NOT the Royal Ranger Network Office.
Date: _________________ Signature: _____________________________________________________
(Parent or Legal Guardian)
Printed name: _______________________________________________________________________________________
Address_________________________________________City________________Zip ______________
Phone # (
) ____________________________
Emergency contact (other than listed above)_________________________________________________
Emergency phone (
) ____________________
7 Knife and Shooting permission slip (please fill out both forms)
I hereby give permission for ______________________________________ to participate in the
following activities at Ranger Mountain Adventure: (please check all appropriate activities – if a blank is
not checked your child will not be allowed to participate in that event/activity)
_____Target Shooting with B-B gun
_____Target Shooting with Paintball gun
_____ Paintball war Expedition Rangers Only (13 years or older) ($5.00 fee)
Heavier clothing is required for protection. Facemasks will be provided.
_____Target shooting with Archery Equipment
_____Target shooting with Black Powder Equipment
_____Trade and/or buy a knife or knives
_____The Network has my permission to use photos of my child in future promotional
materials (printed and electronic)
Additional comments ___________________________________________________________________
Parent or Guardian
Parent or Guardian
Knife and Shooting permission slip (Please fill out both forms)
I hereby give permission for ______________________________________ to participate in the
following activities at Ranger Mountain Adventure: (please check all appropriate activities – if a blank is
not checked your child will not be allowed to participate in that event/activity)
_____Target Shooting with B-B gun
_____Target Shooting with Paintball gun
_____ Paintball war Expedition Rangers Only (13 years or older) ($5.00 fee)
Heavier clothing is required for protection. Facemasks will be provided.
_____Target shooting with Archery Equipment
_____Target shooting with Black Powder Equipment
_____Trade and/or buy a knife or knives
_____The Network has my permission to use photos of my child in future promotional
materials (printed and electronic)
Additional comments ____________________________________________________________________
Parent or Guardian
Parent or Guardian
I want to encourage you to invite boys to Ranger Mountain Adventure who are not regularly exposed to
the presentation of the Gospel. We have some Guest Passes available for students who are not currently
involved in church ministries. This pass covers the total registration fee for each qualifying guest.
Attached are passes for you to submit for boys from your community whom you would like to invite to
Ranger Mountain Adventure. This is intended as a means to reach unsaved kids—not simply those who
have not been to Ranger Mountain before. These passes are not for those who are already a regular part of
a church or Ranger group. We issue these under the “integrity principle”—that is, your signatures verify
that the boys listed as guests actually meet the qualifications listed herein.
• Name(s) of boy(s) must be listed.
• Must be unsaved, non-Christian boy in a state of “lostness.”
• Must be a boy who has not regularly exposed to an adequate presentation of the gospel.
• Must be a boy who has not attended outpost meetings more than three times.
• Cannot be someone who has previously attended Ranger Mountain Adventure.
• Integrity Principle must be signed by the Pastor and Senior Commander.
Submit this sheet along with your registration form, or at the registration table at Ranger Mountain
Adventure. Forms will not be accepted without signatures of BOTH your senior commander and
Guest’s name: _______________________________________________________ Grade: __________
Guest’s Email Address: _________________________________________________________________
Invited by: __________________________________________________________ Grade: ___________
Email Address of Inviter: ________________________________________________________________
Guest’s name: _______________________________________________________ Grade: __________ _
Guest’s Email Address: _________________________________________________________________
Invited by: __________________________________________________________ Grade: ___________
Email Address of Inviter: ________________________________________________________________
The above students are guests of __________________________________________________________
(Church Name)
They qualify under the guidelines of the “integrity principle” and have not been a regular part of our
church or Royal Ranger group.
Signature of Pastor
Signature of Command
Some groups come as early as Monday or send work crews in advance to work on their campsite.
RMA 2015 Weekend Schedule
THIS YEAR! (So you can be home for father’s day!)
June 15-18
Workweek – Come and help us if you can – we can use all the help we can get!
General clean up
June 18th - THURSDAY
12:00 – 3:00 pm
2:00 – 5:00 pm
2:00 – 5:00 pm
3:30 – 5:00 pm
4:30 - 5:15 pm
9:30 pm
10:30 pm
10:30 – 11:30 pm
New FCF recruits meeting
Registration for RMA ON PORCH OF KINGS CABIN. BMX course open for riding
Wapiti trading post open for sales
FCF/novice Knife and Hawk Competition (anyone and everyone can compete)
Knife and Ax course for any boy who does not have a “Cut and Chop” card (mandatory for
any boy to use knives/camp tools) in FCF Village
Welcome Rally in Amphitheater
All adults on the mountain meeting – Orientation meeting for all Adults (leaders, men,
dads…. All means All!)
Campfire questions in your own outposts
Lights out
FCF meeting for all FCF’ers (old and new)
7:00 – 8:30 am
8:45 – 10:00 am
10:00 – 10:15 am
10:00 – 4:00 pm
10:15 – 12:15 pm
12:30 – 1:30pm
1:00 – 1:45 pm
2:00 – 3:30 pm
3:00 – 4:30pm
5:00 – 6:30 pm
7:00 pm
8:45 pm
10:00 pm
11:00 pm
Breakfast and cleanup
Morning service in Amphitheater
Activity orientation
Wapiti trading post open for sales
Games/activities/BMX competition
Lunch (NOTE: we will NOT be having the potluck lunch together this year)
Black Powder training for all
Free time for outpost activities
Trading in FCF village
Dinner and cleanup
Service in Amphitheater
Council fire for all students (FCF leaders will take all students to council fire)
All adults meet in Amphitheater for men’s only service
Students and adults meet back at Amphitheater
Lights out
7:00 – 8:45 am
9:00 am
10:00 am
Breakfast and clean up – start packing up
Morning service
Retire colors, prize give aways
5:00 – 6:30 pm
7:30 – 9:00 pm
7:30 –
June 19th – FRIDAY
June 20th – SATURDAY
Note: you must be present to win any prizes!
10:30 – 11:00 am
10:45 am
11:30 am
Wapiti Trading post open for sales
Clean up grounds
Lunch and leave (or leave and lunch later)
1. Become familiar with the contents of this packet.
2. All outposts are responsible for their own campsite preparation, food, fires, lodging, etc.
3. Make 2 copies of Permission/Medical Release Form for each boy. Each boy MUST HAVE A
FORM SIGNED by a parent or legal guardian and available at Ranger Mountain Adventure in the
event of an emergency. Keep one copy for your outpost and turn one in at the registration table.
4. Make copies of the registration form (attached) for:
a. Your church and Ranger leader
b. Your Ranger Mountain Adventure registration officer
5. Present copies of these instructions to your outpost.
6. Each Outpost Commander is responsible for the conduct of his outpost.
7. Each outpost must have the Ranger Mountain Adventure instructions posted at their campsite.
8. Use common courtesy when camping -- do not take short cuts through another camp.
9. Skits must be cleared with the Program Coordinator.
10. Utility uniforms, if you have them, will be worn THURSDAY night during the Welcome Rally.
11. Ranger Mountain Adventure is for boys in Discovery Rangers and older. An exception can be
made, at the discretion of the Sr. Commander, to include Ranger Kids who have completed the
first grade. Fathers are encouraged to attend.
12. The evening rallies are planned as a fun time that provides a very definite spiritual emphasis.
Therefore it is mandatory for all boys to attend. It is strongly encouraged that all commanders
and dads be there too, as an example for their boys. Uncompleted chores can be finished later.
13. To pre-register mail proof of insurance, registration form, and check (payable to Montana
Ministry Network) to:
Montana Royal Rangers 2147 Overland Avenue, Suite 100 Billings, MT 59102 14. Registration fees are the same whether registering in advance or upon arrival: $30.00 per
individual (boy, commander, and father/guest) for non-chartered outposts and $25.00 per
individual for chartered outposts. If registering in advance, please be sure your registration will
reach the Network office one week prior to Ranger Mountain Adventure. Each registrant will
receive an RMA patch and the first 300 registered are guaranteed to also receive a hat.
The Montana Network will not be offering insurance coverage for RMA participants; each church will be
responsible for their own. Please mail or fax a copy of your insurance binder to the Network Office at
406-652-2453 prior to Ranger Mountain Adventure or bring a copy with you to RMA. We must have
proof of insurance from your church before you can register for Ranger Mountain Adventure.
In order to help each church provide a safe and secure environment for children and youth who participate
in our programs and use our facilities, we require our churches to secure a completed Youth Workers
Application Form for each adult leader/chaperone. Please use your own church form and have all the
commanders and leaders who are coming with you to Ranger Mountain Adventure fill one out if they
does not a form you currently use contact the Network office for a useable form (Emily at (406) - 6522417.)
Absolutely NO boy should be found wandering around by himself at Ranger Mountain Adventure. Use
the patrol system. Also, tool craft safety will be emphasized. Remember, all boys must have a "Cut
and Chop" card to use camp tools. Boys earn these cards by completing the Knife and Ax course. If
you do not use the merit system we are offering a Knife and Ax course in which the boys and earn the
“Cut and Chop” card on THURSDAY at 4:30 pm in the FCF village.
Safety rules must be observed in the blacksmith area: Rules will be posted near the blacksmith shop.
No Ranger boy is allowed to drive or be on ATV’s at Ranger Mountain. Only Network Staff approved
adults are allowed to drive ATV’s on our roads.
We ask that no firearms or side arms be worn/carried by anyone unless in FCF outfit as part of the
outfit (if they are worn in outfit they must NOT be loaded). Please make your leaders aware of this rule!
Network leadership are literally “loaded for Bear” so please, for safety sake, leave all firearms home. If
there is a predator sighting contact Network leadership immediately!
Bring the Necessities: Remember that you need to bring your own camping equipment, cooking utensils,
and food for the duration of your stay. You should also be prepared with proper equipment and clothes if
it should happen to turn cold or rain (and is does like to rain up there!). Bring rain gear. Commander, a
roll of plastic is useful for many, many things around the camp.
You will need to bring your own toilet paper to Ranger Mountain Adventure, as the Network does not
supply it. You will also need to remind your boys to carry it back and forth with them. The keys to the
latrines are hanging outside on a nail under an eave.
The well water and power can be turned on from the fuse box on the power pole. The fuse box will be
locked during the year. For the convenience of outposts who want to use the campgrounds, a key is
hidden. Call Emily at the Network Office (406) 652-2417.
Bring your trading goods: Leadership should get their license to trade from FCF Scribe at the FCF
Village. (What is FCF? See page 3 for information.) Boys do not need a license. Boys need to show the
stamp on their wristband in order to trade or buy knives. No stamp, no trading for knives or buying at the
trading post. (A commander can be with the boy and buy or trade for the knife, but the commander keeps
the knife until you get home!) Encourage the boys to bring some stuff to trade – they all have a closet
full of junk they could bring if they know about it ahead of time. Many commanders bring a bag of stuff
to give to their boys to get them started trading.
Bring some spending money: (And tell your boys to do the same.) Our Camp Store will be set up with
items for sale ranging from candy and sodas to T-shirts and hats. Times that the store will be open will be
available when you register. There will also be a $5.00 fee for optional paintball activities (target shooting
during the planned recreation time is part or the registration fee – additional fee is for expedition Rangers
only for paintball wars).
If you would like a checklist of suggested equipment to bring to RMA please contact Emily @ (406) 6522417 or visit the website at
Bring a sense of adventure, a positive attitude, and a desire to have fun!
Montana Royal Rangers 2147 Overland Avenue, Suite 100 Billings, MT 59102 (406) 652-­‐2417 13 RULES FOR RMA
Because we want to be good neighbors, please make sure of the following things throughout the weekend
with your outpost:
1. Keep your campsite clean – especially when you leave. Please leave your campsite spotless – no trash –
remember to pack it in AND pack it out. We do have bears visit us so please bear proof your campsites.
Refer to the next section “campsite ownership.”
2. Please keep your students on our property only. We do have other property owners around us and we do not
want to be accused of stealing or vandalizing their property. Be aware of where your students are at all times.
3. We will have an RMA chaplain again this year. He will be available for prayer and council at any time during
the weekend for both men and boys – you don’t have to wait for the evening service to talk to someone about
anything spiritual that needs some attention. He is there for you, your commanders, your men, and your boys.
4. Any of our Network Staff, speakers, and other leadership (identified by a RED RMA hat) would love to have a
meal with your outpost and enjoy some time with you and your boys. Feel free to invite one of them to a meal.
5. Due to safety concerns, boys will be allowed to wear a “sheathed knife” on their belt as long as the blade is less
than 4 inches long. A blade over 4 inches long may only be worn by FCF members in the FCF outfit. The boys
will be allowed to purchase a sheathed knife and/or trade them during the trading time only. If a boy does
purchase or trade for a sheathed knife with a blade over 4 inches he must give it to his commander until he gets
home and the commander gives the knife to that boy’s parents or guardian.
6. If possible please bring one gallon of water per person with you when you come to RMA. This will help our
well keep up with the demand for water during the weekend.
7. Due to safety and insurance purposes there will be NO PETS allowed at RMA without approval from the
Network commander.
8. There will be a sheriff in town again this year! We will have an RMA Marshall for security and random safety
inspections. More info will be available during the staff meeting at 7:00 on THURSDAY night. Please report
any infractions to the sheriff and we will deal with the problems. He will be identified by a neon glow in the
dark vest.
9. We know that each year there are several unregistered adults that come just to be with their boys. For security
sake we are using wristbands to identify both students and men so we know who is supposed to be there. We ask
this year that EVERYONE be registered in some way so they can receive a wristband. There will be a $5.00
registration fee for those men who you would not normally register. This will help us account for everyone on
the mountain. Thanks for understanding.
10. We ask that no firearms or side arms be worn/carried by anyone unless in FCF outfit as part of the outfit (if
they are worn in outfit they must NOT be loaded). Our Network staff is in contact with the MT Fish and Game
Dept. every year and there is protocol to follow concerning bears/predators. We are prepared to handle any
animal confrontation. Again – if there is a bear sighting or sign of bears contact the Network Commander
immediately and we will handle it.
The following rules and regulations must be followed in order to maintain your campsite at Ranger Mountain
1. Sanitation
Dispose of all garbage, including any paper, can, bottle, sewage, wastewater, material, or rubbish by removal
from the site or area.
Outhouses are for one purpose only. DO NOT put anything in them except what they are designed to handle.
Nothing goes through the "johns" that hasn't gone through the body (except toilet paper!)
Please do not deposit body waste anywhere except into outhouses provided for that purpose
Please do not leave refuse, debris, or litter in an exposed or unsanitary condition.
2. Destruction of Property
No cutting, killing, destroying, girdling, chipping, chopping, boxing, injuring, or otherwise damaging or
removing any timber, tree, or other forest product.
No mutilating, defacing, removing, disturbing, injuring, or destroying any natural feature or any property of
Ranger Mountain.
3. Building Fires
Building, maintaining, or using a fire outside of the fire ring provided is not allowed except in a stove, grill, or
Leaving an uncontrolled fire is inexcusable.
4. Buffer Zone
There is a 5' buffer zone from the property line - nothing, not even small bushes, can be cut. No wood may be
carried out.
5. Missed Ranger Mountain Adventures
If an outpost misses a Ranger Mountain Adventure for two years in a row, their campsite and everything on it
(including buildings) may be transferred to another outpost on the third (3) year being absent at the discretion of
the Network RR leadership.
6. Cutting Trees
No large trees (over 6' tall) may be cut without district staff approval.
7. Constructing Permanent Buildings
Before construction of permanent buildings, signs, etc., approval must be obtained from the Network Staff.
Please send request and plans to the Network Office prior to February 1. For the approved color of paint check
with the Network Commander.
8. Fire Rings
Two (2) fire rings per campsite are available.
Please conserve water. Consumption is high so please make sure boys do not waste water. Spigots are to fill
containers only. Please bring one (1) gallon of water per person to start RMA. This will help our well keep up
with the weekend.
9. Water Conservation.
10. Entryway to Assembly Area
All churches coming to Ranger Mountain Adventure are asked to bring a 2" thick, 1' x 3' board sign to put on
the entryway into the assembly area. Churches are asked to put their favorite scripture (entire scripture plus
reference - can be paraphrased if need be) on the board. Each church's outpost number will be located in the
lower right hand corner. The board should not be painted or stained but left a natural wood color and varnished.
The letters should be 2" with block letters and routed if possible.
Note: Church names should not be on the boards - only the outpost number in the lower right hand corner.
11. Campsite Markers
Outposts should have a finished nick-wood carved sign to mark their campsite. Post is supplied at campsite.
(See dimensions below.) Let's identify your campsite for better communication. Church names/Town name is
welcome on these markers.
12. Bear proof your campsite!
Bear proofing your campsite is ABSOULUTY ESSENTIAL! We have had bears visit us during RMA the past
few years so please take steps to bear proof your campsite.
Make sure there is NEVER ANY FOOD in tents (candy, pop, etc.)
Secure food in a building, vehicle, or hang in trees (coolers will get opened)
Leave a dim light burning all night in the kitchen area
Burn all grease completely in a hot fire
Do NOT leave dirty dishes out – clean and put away all dishes
Please report any bear sighting or nighttime visits to the Network Commander (Randy Lindgren) ASAP
we do have security patrolling the grounds during the night.
JTC/AJTC Application
If you have students interested please go to the
website at for the application. All
related and needed information is on the
application on the website. If you cannot access
this application online, call (406) 652-2417 and
ask for Emily so she can send a hard copy to you.
The Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF), originally called Frontiersmen Camping Fraternity, was
founded as a way to reward the older boys and men who had distinguished themselves in advancement,
training, and camping. Many of the tests a Royal Ranger will face to become an FCF member will
demand a courageous spirit and be a life-changing experience.
Participation in the FCF ministry will achieve five important things for the boys and men: a
demonstration of courage and leadership, development of friendships and woodsmanship, and a display of
FCF accomplishes the following purposes:
To give recognition to boys and men who have shown exceptional interest and outstanding achievement in
the Royal Rangers ministry and in Royal Rangers camp craft.
To build a brotherhood of top-notch boys and men who will, over the years, continue to be involved in
Royal Rangers ministry and camping enthusiasts.
To emphasize the importance of involvement in the advancement program, development of camp craft
skills, and completion of the leadership training programs.
To develop a corps of proven Royal Rangers who will strive to be the very best in Christian example and
To encourage the boys and men of Royal Rangers to always prefer others above themselves and to let their
leadership be by example.
To show a spirit of servant hood, willing to give of time and energy above and beyond what is expected of
Royal Rangers.
An application for FCF is available on the website at Boys may apply to join FCF who
are at least 12 years old and in Adventure Rangers or Expedition Rangers, and who have completed the
Explain the meaning of the parts of the Royal Ranger Emblem
Explain the plan of salvation
Earn the following merits - Rope Craft, Fire Craft, Cooking, Compass, Lashing, First Aid Skills, Camping
& Tool Craft
Commanders must complete the above merits, the Ranger Basics Module and presently be a member in
good standing in your church to apply. If you have Royal Rangers or leaders who want to join, please
copy and fill out the attached application. These applications must be sent to Pat Kelly no later than
May 15, 2015. Make sure you copy both pages of these forms. Pat’s address is 927 5th Ave NW, Great
Falls, MT 59404. Applicants will be tested at 12:00pm on Thursday of RMA in the FCF Village.
Come to RMA prepared for this testing.
FCF Members will have a “Village” set up at Ranger Mountain Adventure where men and boys can
browse and learn about this ministry. Feel free to talk to any of the FCF members about the program—
you should be able to identify them by their frontiersman attire.
The following 2 pages are the application to join FCF – Please fill it out and mail it to Pat Kelly at the
address listed on the application form BY MAY 15th 2015.