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MSB Community Night
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[email protected]
The President's Message
Dear membership,
only a shortfall is covered.
Hope this newsletter finds you well. On May
24, we will have a Sunday Lunch headed by
two very wonderful ladies, Crispina Soon
and Diana Bird.
Our committee worked hard on understanding every point made in the forensic audit,
articulating what happened, and providing
any missing documentation. In the end, we
even met with AGLC to go over these concerns. From our discussions, it appears that
this result is a consequence of many years of
drift between the Club and the AGLC. We
were puzzled by how this could be the case
when all of our expenses were pre-approved
by the AGLC and our yearly filings were
accepted with no issue. Nevertheless, the
funds belong to the AGLC, we accepted
them with the regulations they come with,
and no leniency could be given.
As discussed in my message to you earlier this month, our club has been facing
two challenges by the Alberta Gaming and
Liquor Commission (AGLC); our eligibility for gaming funds and a forensic audit of
our operating expenditures. As a charitable
organization, we receive gaming funds that
allow us to own and operate our clubhouse.
To be eligible for these funds, we provide
Southeast Asian cultural programming to
our community – for example, our members
volunteer to cook lunches, our members
perform dances like Kadazan for different
festivals, and of course, our hugely popular
Cultural Night showcases our food and culture. Our eligibility was being challenged
because of some key factors. The first factor
was that our Clubhouse was not sufficiently
open to the public – there was nobody there
during most hours to open the door and
receive guests. The second factor was that
we weren’t sufficiently using our Clubhouse
to host charitable programming.
The forensic audit covered the last few years
and resulted in approximately $102,000
needing to be repaid into our gaming account
within three years. The bulk of this amount
comes from expenses for maintaining (condo
fees, utilities, etc.,) the Clubhouse. As an
ethno-cultural organization, we are only
able to use 50% of our gaming proceeds on a
physical facility, like the Clubhouse. Hence,
any amount we spent over this percentage,
needs to repaid. There were other items covered in the forensic audit, such as hall rental
for our cultural events. These were assessed
as being cost recovery events where they
should be covered by event revenues, and
Because of the way we handled the forensic
audit and eligibility review, our committee
was given a very rare chance to develop a
business plan for AGLC that outlined how
we could provide sufficient levels of charitable programming. We have designed a
program where the Clubhouse is open most
days of the week. The program will include
language instruction, traditional dance, and
any other cultural activities that we, as a
club, can generate. Cultural activities can be
paid for with gaming funds, if they meet certain restrictions, and others will be manned
by volunteers. Although the plan has been
submitted, it remains to be seen whether it
will be fully accepted because we need more
Our volunteers work extremely hard. The
number of hours that our core volunteers
contribute is off the charts. It takes a lot
of work to host the types of events we are
having now, and we worked hard to save the
Club money and preserve our gaming funds.
In that way, I am thankful for the eligibility
review. It showed us that while we thought
our intentions were good, those intentions
were not correct. The only thing that matters
was whether we
used that funding to promote
our culture to a
sufficient level.
As part of the
business plan,
Patrick Teoh
we also needed
to submit a
repayment plan for the $102,000 to be paid
back to our gaming account. Today, I learned
that the AGLC requires us to pay one third
of this balance before our next Casino event
in early 2016. If we are unable to meet this
requirement, then we need to forego those
gaming funds. Without these funds, we
cannot operate the Clubhouse anymore. In
order to meet this first target, we need to
raise around $8,000 before then. To meet
this target, we need your help and suggestions.
The way forward is very clear, perhaps more
clear than it has ever been. Our core volunteers are not sufficient to run the Club anymore. We need those who are willing to open
the Clubhouse, and participate and teach in
the programs we can offer. In addition, we
will need some financial assistance to help
us continue. I genuinely feel that our Club is
special - I’ve read past newsletters, I’ve met
many members, and I’ve heard from other
organizations. Furthermore, there’s so much
potential for what we could do.
I suppose now is the time that everybody
(member or ex-member), should consider
what MSBCA means to them. It could be the
place where you had great memories, raised
your kids, or made your friends. Now is the
time to decide the future of MSBCA. If you
would like us to keep the Clubhouse, please
come forward in whatever way you can.
Patrick Teoh
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MAY 2015
Patrick Teoh
[email protected]
VP Malaysia
Jonathan Looi
VP Singapore
Adeline Chan
VP Brunei
Philip Chan
[email protected]
Joyce Yit
[email protected]
Membership Director
Julia Sugityo
[email protected]
General Committee:
[email protected]
Christina Oh Social
Kum Mee Oh Community
Jesse Cheah Casino/Condominium
Affairs/Community Relations/AGLC
Tracey Bong
[email protected]
Tiffany Bong
[email protected]
Message from VP
As many of our members may know, our
association’s committee has held meetings with representatives from the Alberta
Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC)
to discuss ways in which we can enrich
our ethno-cultural programs for the benefit
of members and the public. For the many
years, our partnership with AGLC has been
invaluable to our goals of delivering fun
and successful events and activities for our
community. As we look into the future, we
also look forward to working with AGLC to
create many more programs that will showcase our unique Southeast Asian heritage
and enrich our local culture here in Calgary.
The month of April saw one spectacular
event – MSBCA’s Seafood Night. When I
entered the clubhouse doors and climbed
upstairs, gone was the clubhouse I knew.
For I had entered into a tropical beach resort
restaurant, such as one would encounter on
the shores of Penang (Malaysia), Langkawi
(Malaysia), Sentosa (Singapore), or Muara
Beach (Brunei).
Night, I would like to invite everyone –
members and the public – to purchase tickets
and attend this festive event. Cultural Night
is our biggest annual exhibit to showcase
Malaysian, Singaporean and Brunei culture
and history through music, dance, and other
performances. Our volunteers have been
eagerly preparing for this, and it will be a
long road ahead yet, so I would like to thank
our volunteers thus far for their contribution
and dedication!
There will be a Sunday Lunch in May featuring Assam Laksa. This is my favourite
noodle soup from Malaysia. Many years ago
during a visit to Penang, Malaysia, I spent
a whole afternoon exploring many hillside
villages and eating their rendition of Assam
Laksa. It was an afternoon well spent!
Jonathan (Kian Hock) Looi
Everywhere was decorated beautifully with
seashells, beach pebbles, Oriental lamps,
and other nautical artifacts. An endless procession of dishes – a fine, nine-course meal
prepared by our volunteer chefs – brought to
our senses many rich aromas of crabs, scallops, prawns and fish all prepared in unique
Southeast Asian fashion.
As we are nearing ever-closer to Cultural
MSBCA's Board of Committee for 2014-2015
MSBCA Mailing Address:
#301, 114-3rd Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2P 0E7
NEW Tel/fax: 587-323-6828
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Please contact
[email protected]
to keep your details current!
MAY 2015
Back row (L-R)- Christina Oh, Kum Mee Oh, Joyce Yit, Julia Sugityo
Front row (L-R)- Philip Chan, Jonathan Looi, Patrick Teoh, Adeline Chan
Absent- Jesse Cheah, Tracey Bong, Tiffany Bong
Upcoming Events
May 2015
Community Night 1 , 8 , 15 , 22 , 29
Penang Asam Laksa
Cooks: Crispina Soon and Diana Bird
9th Games Night
10thSandy Aberdeen - Climate
Reality Project
24th Sunday Lunch
MSBCA Clubhouse
12pm to 2pm*
May 24 2015
June 2015
Community Night 5th, 12th 19th, 26th
Member $10
Non-member $11
14th Games Night
20th Cultural Night
29 Mustard Seed Volunteer
Please register by May 17 as we need
to know how much to cook!
July 2015
Community Night 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th
Kathy Teoh 403-818-1823 or
[email protected]
Games Night
*While supplies last only - registration strongly
Proposed 2015 Sunday Lunches
– Volunteers Needed!
Saturday Games Night
May 9, 2015 – 7:00PM
Come join us for a night of games and fun!
Sign-up required so we know who is coming.
If you would like to cook, but these dates don’t
work for you, then please suggest one!
Help us raise funds for our Scholastic Awards.
July 5/15 – Volunteers needed!
Helpers needed – come learn how to make these classic
Southeast Asian dishes!
Contact: Patrick Teoh at [email protected]
Contact Emily Teoh - [email protected]
MAY 2015
MSBCA Cultural Dance
ImaginASIAN 2015
Cultural Expo
MSBCA is invited by the
Asian Heritage Foundation
to participate in:
ImaginASIAN 2015
Cultural Expo
Our club has an active membership who wish to learn
about cultural dances from Malaysia, Singapore &
Brunei or just for fun and fitness.
Every Monday & Thursday:
10:30AM – 12:00PM | 1:30PM – 3:30PM
Every Saturday: 10:00AM – 12:00PM
Please contact Irene Phong at
[email protected] for more information.
Sunday, May 31, 2015
12noon to 4pm
Cultural Centre.
Our MSBCA dancers are performing
traditional dance, come support them
We'll also be selling curry puffs and
nasi lemak, come support or volunteer
to help sell
If you have the desire, please contact
Patrick Teoh (403-816-1898)
or Joyce Yit (403-290-7869) .
MSB Community Night
Feel like hanging out? Come check out Community Night @ the MSBCA Clubhouse.
Here’s how it will work – Volunteer hosts will indicate
on our club calendar
when they are planning to host a Community Night
and the type of activity that will be taking place.
Upcoming Community Night information will not be posted in the newsletterbut will be updated in real-time on our website and Facebook!
Contact – Kathy Teoh at [email protected]
RSVP required so we know you’re coming and can inform you of any changes.
Register at [email protected]
MAY 2015
Cultural Night 2015 Promo
Project lead: Jonathan (Kian Hock) Looi
At Seafood Night, I proudly announced the first tickets for sale
for Cultural Night 2015 – “Maritime Silk Road”. Let me tell you a
To many, the term Silk Road brings to mind the images of Marco
Polo travelling overland from Italy to China. The Maritime Silk
Road brings to my mind another image, one of a different famous
character from a different origin. He is Zheng He, a Muslim
explorer who sailed from China to Southeast Asia, India, South
Asia, East Africa and the Middle East to seek out diverse lands with
diverse peoples and establish trade and relationships.
Zheng He (郑和 or Cheng Ho as commonly known in Malaysia)
did not travel alone – he was the admiral who led a fleet of 300
mighty ships built by China with a crew of almost 27,000 explorers. His crew was very diverse and skilled in various trades
and industries. There were sailors and diplomats from China, traders and translators from India, and ocean navigators and
mathematicians from Arabia. His ships carried a great wealth of knowledge from many cultures across the world in the form of
books and artifacts. And he made seven voyages across the seas. There are many mysteries about his life and the fate of his final voyage. Many stories of Zheng He’s life and acts have not been
written down or have been carried into legend and mythology. A British naval author has claimed that Zheng He arrived in
America before Columbus while many temples in Southeast Asia reverse him as a god. On Sri Lanka, a trilingual stele stands in a present-day museum. This stone tablet tells the arrival of Zheng He to Sri Lanka and
his gifts to the local people and local temple nearly six hundred years ago. It has been carved into stone in Chinese, Persian and
Tamil for all to see. In countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei that are multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual, Zheng He’s voyages
and the cross-cultural relationships they fostered form a part of our unique histories and the shaping of our nations in the past,
present and future. Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei are central to story of the Maritime Silk Road. This year, 2015, will mark
the 610th anniversary of Zheng He’s first voyage to the world. To purchase tickets, please contact [email protected]
For more event info see next page.
MAY 2015
Cultural Night 2015
"Maritime Silk Road"
June 20, 2015
Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre
Celebrating hundreds of years of cultural exchanges
between the peoples of Malaysia, Singapore and
Brunei along ancient trade routes. Come and join
us as we travel back in time, learn about maritime
exploration, and enjoy many delicate cuisines and
performances of the Southeast Asia region.
Adult $20 with 10 complimentary food coupons,
Senior (65+) $15 with 10 coupons,
Child (6-16) $15 with 8 coupons
$25 with 10 coupons
All children 5 & under are free
Janette Choo (403) 256-8468
Kathy Teoh (403)-818-1823
Paula Lim (403)-249-4054
Adeline Chan (403)-383-1689
MAY 2015
Membership Notice
Memberships* are valid from January to December; prompt payment is appreciated to take advantage of member benefits. Members who paid for 2015 membership in April 2015 (listed alphabetically by last name): Jack Tan and Sally Guia Panlilo Jade Tarbet If you have paid and your name is not on this list please email [email protected] and it will be reflected on the next newsletter and on our membership records. 2015 Fee Schedule Single $15.00 Family $25.00† †Family membership is considered 1 spouse and may include dependent children (no age limit) in same household. Not yet a member? Join us! Fill out the online membership form at Be sure to send it along with cheque payment to: MSBCA, Membership Director #301, 114-­‐3 Ave SW Calgary, AB T2P 0E7 §
Renewing members only need to remit cheque payment without the membership form. §
Each newsletter will list all members who have paid or renewed in the last few months up to the newsletter publication month in lieu of paper receipts. §
If your name is missing from the newsletter's member paid list, please contact Julia Sugityo at [email protected] ASAP with your name, date of payment (or upcoming major MSBCA event), total amount of payment, and method (cash or cheque). Please do not postal mail cash with your membership as we cannot be responsible for cash lost in the postal system. *MSBCA Membership is open to all residents of Alberta 18 years of age and over. Memberships must be paid in full no later than February of each year (except Lifetime members). Membership application will be subject to approval by the MSBCA Board of Directors. All members are expected to comply with the MSBCA Bylaws found on the membership webpage. The MSBCA Facility will now be
open Monday through Friday
during lunch from 12PM – 1PM
We welcome anybody who wants to drop in for a
lunch gathering, food bank drop-off, or consult the
immigrants centre for information. We are also
pleased to have any donations of books or other
sources of information about our community and
The Committee will be keeping a logbook for
anyone who uses MSBCA facility. It will be placed
on the counter for recording. Kindly print all information clearly.
For more information, please contact:
Kum Mee Oh - (587) 351-3227
(Community Coordinator).
MSBCA Educational Series:
MSBCA is made up of a member base with many
talents. We are pleased to announce educational
workshops and talks for the Calgary community, provided by our very own members or other
approved guest speakers. We hope these sessions
will benefit the community and provide a platform
for skill development and dialog. RSVP requested
so we know whether there is sufficient attendance,
and to let you know if there are changes in time.
2PM - 3PM, Sunday, May 10
Climate Reality Project
Sandy Aberdeen will be discussing the realities of facing one
of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced - including
the changes needed and what a sustainable future means for
our community.
MAY 2015
Information Sharing Session on
MSBCA AGLC Audit 2015
Dear Membership,
As you may know from previous addresses, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (“AGLC”) had
selected MSBCA for a forensic audit and eligibility review for the period covering the past few years. We are now
nearing the completion of the process, and it has been an educational experience for all involved. For many years,
MSBCA has been privileged to receive gaming funds from the AGLC. This has allowed us to purchase our facility
and keep the lights on. In return, and with countless hours of dedication from our volunteers, we have shared our
culture with Calgary, engaged in charitable pursuits, and made new friends.
The conclusion is as follows - we need gaming funds in order to continue maintaining our facility. If we want to
remain eligible for these gaming funds, we need to make some fundamental changes in how we operate the Association. Because of the dedication and hard work of your committee, we have been afforded an opportunity to work
with AGLC to keep our license. We have prepared a new vision for our Association, and these are the main points
that it emphasizes:
1. Our facility is there to provide a place for all Albertans to learn about Malaysian, Singaporean,
and Bruneian culture and heritage;
2. We will offer programs including dance, language, and other cultural activities related to our
countries - they are available to anyone who wishes to participate (public or member);
3. Our facility will be open to all members of the public - we will have regular hours of operation
on most days.
Our Association also has to consider that we cannot use only gaming funds to pay to keep our facility’s lights on like any non-profit organization, we need fundraising and donations. Over the next few years, we’ll need to use these
efforts to reimburse our gaming bank account for operating expenses in the past.
As proud MSBCA members, I hope you will continue to support your Association. Additionally, with all the new
programs in place, we believe that your membership will be more valuable than ever. And of course, when the opportunities arise, we seek your support to donate and fund raise for your Association - it is not an option for us anymore,
it needs to be done. Any type of support you can offer, is much appreciated.
For the benefit of our membership, we would like to invite all members to an information meeting. Details are below:
Date: Saturday, May 9th, 2015
Time: 12 - 2PM
Location: MSBCA Clubhouse
At this meeting, we’ll explain the details of the result, as well as the plan going forward. We listen to your questions,
as well as your great and innovative new ideas. See you there.
One last note, we are looking for regular volunteers to help us open the Clubhouse, teach cooking, provide translation
services, host Carom sessions, and come have fun. Email me - [email protected] for more information.
On behalf of the MSBCA Committee,
Patrick Teoh
MAY 2015
Join us for Tea on the Mountain Top?
Lake Agnes Tea House, Saturday ,July 18, 2015
Welcome to the heart of the Canadian Rockies in Banff National Park. Situated near Lake
Louise, an altitude of 2,135m or 7005ft, Lake Agnes Tea House lies in a lovely hanging
valley on the shores of Lake Agnes.
Along the way to Lake Agnes Tea House
Victoria Glacier, Lake Louise and Mirror Lake, overlooking Big BeeHive
At the top
Lake Agnes Tea House – homemade soup, sandwiches, freshly baked bread, varieties of
delicious tea and hot chocolate. And breathtaking views of Lake Agnes
Meeting point and time will be announced soon.
Carpool can be arranged.
Contact Joyce Yit: [email protected] or 403-473-8812
Info about the hike
Start of Climb Begins at Chateau Lake Louise
1.5hrs to 2hrs one way
7km return
DifficultyModerate, short paved trail uphill towards the
forest, hiking poles are recommended
FootwearComfortable running or trainer shoes recommended
Mountain weather, bring light sweater
Resource & Library
The Association is open 7 days a week
as a resource centre for Members and
non-Members to learn about the culture
of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.
For more information,
please contact:
Kum Mee Oh - (587) 351-3227
(Community Coordinator).
MAY 2015
Seafood Night Highlights April 2015
Photos by Peter Chai
Story by Kum Kee
My friends who have attended this event in
the past reassured me that I should go and
give it a try. So I went to experience the
event for myself.
Next was Deep Fried Chinese Doughnut
{prawn and squid} with a twist, ie. the
doughnuts was stuffed with prawns and
squids. It was awesome. I could have eaten
the whole lot.
gapore Chili Crab. I was told there is a big
difference between the Singaporean and the
Malaysian version of the dish. No matter.
We all had our portions and I noticed that
one of our members had his plate more than
half covered with crab shells. He confessed
that he liked the crab the best.
There was nothing left of the Seafood Kway
Teow after we were done with it. Sad to say I
had to leave at 10pm. There were still 2 deserts to follow Pumpkin Delight With Sago
and Fresh Oranges. I would have loved to
stay for the Sago, but it was getting late. I arrived at MSBCA clubhouse around 6pm.
Many people were there already. I noticed
the walls and ceiling were decorated with
pictures of sea creatures, there was even
a fishing net slung across the ceiling half
way down the room giving it a feeling that
you are entering a seaside restaurant. I was
seated at table eight with six other fellow
By 7pm, 85 percent of the guests had arrived
and the remaining 15 percent were on
Malaysian time. The first dish came streaming out on time. It was the Fish Maw Soup,
consisting of clear soup with bits of fish and
sea stuff floating in it. We gulped it down
in no time and agreed that it was tasty and
MAY 2015
Baked Spicy Salmon was next. The salmon
was cooked just right, juicy and soft, resting on a piece of banana leaf. There was a
thick layer of rich spicy chilly sauce on top
of the salmon; it tasted so good, out of this
world. This was followed by the Scallop and
Greens, which brought us down to earth.
Appreciation and Kudos must go to the
organizers, the clever chefs and the hard
working volunteers. On a personal level I
was very impressed with the two fine young
volunteers who came by frequently to fill up
our cups with hot Chinese tea, and who did
double duty entertaining us with the “ Erhu”
a chinese musical instrument.
Count me in if MSBCA holds another seafood event next year.
The Sambal Prawns with thick, spicy hot
gravy was a dish to die for… much anticipated and enjoyed. The leftover gravy was
put into a plastic container for one of us to
take home… it would go well with noodles
the next day... nothing that good should
be wasted. By this time we were pretty
full. Mussels and Black beans followed in
quick succession.
The highlight dish of the night was the Sin-
Photo of the month
Photo by Patrick Teoh. Our dancers preparing a classical Chinese dance for Cultural Night.
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MAY 2015