Surfacing Equity, Culturally and Linguistically Relevant Teaching

Surfacing Equity, Culturally and Linguistically Relevant
Teaching and Student Voices in New Teacher Orientation,
Mentoring and Induction Programs
April 28, 2015
Our Vision
Common Learning
Five Priority Areas
Coherent Instruction
• New policies adopted to better support our focus on teaching and learning
as a district, including:
• Behavior Education Plan that focuses on teaching positive behaviors and
learning from mistakes as opposed to punishment that impedes learning
• Talented and Gifted policy to ensure advanced learners receive support
to excel
• English Language Learner policy to ensure access to high-quality services
across the system
Personalized Pathways
• High school reform collaborative
Family Engagement and Community Partnerships
• Family engagement standards completed, defining expectations around
engaging families
• Agreed to monitoring and outcome measurements for 15 major community
Five Priority Areas
Thriving Workforce
• Launched cutting-edge partnership with UW-Madison to support new
educators and grow the diversity of our workforce
• Began a new, more rigorous principal selection process to find the
best leaders at every school
• Zero-based budget process completed, reallocating $2 million and 26
staff from central office out to schools
• Every central office department completed measures of
performance to set goals and priorities for work to support schools
How is this gap closing work?
• Our entire strategic framework is aimed at
raising student achievement and closing
– Disciplined way of working
– Building capacity to teach all students
– Removing institutional barriers
• And we’re providing an extra boost to
accelerate growth targeted at students
who need it most.
– School support system
What it Takes
Schools at the Center
Sustained Focus
Excellence and Equity
Schools at the Center
We believe that teachers, principals
and their communities must be the
driving force of change because they
know their students best and they
have the will and skill to be successful.
Central office exists to provide
differentiated support to our schools
to ensure their success.
Sustained Focus
We have built a strong foundation that is
already showing promising results in
raising achievement and closing gaps.
Sustained focus with an emphasis on
excellent execution will ensure that we
can accelerate
performance for all.
Excellence and Equity
We believe that every child deserves to be
challenged through great, culturally
relevant teaching and every educator will
thrive in a culture of excellence. Students
and educators, when uniquely supported,
will meet the challenge.
Great Teaching
• At the center of
Great Teaching are
Culturally Responsive
• Plan, Teach, Reflect
& Adjust represents
the instructional
Culturally & Linguistically
Responsive Practices
These practices guide our beliefs and values
throughout the Great Teaching Cycle:
Plan, Teach, Reflect & Adjust
Video: CLRP Compilation Video
 Set high expectations
for all students
 Acknowledge all
 Develop students’
 Connect to
students’ lives
 Apply Academic
 Address racial and
cultural identity
Educator Induction Model
• How can we
incorporate our
CLRP strategies in
our New Educator
Induction Model?