An Inside Look at the Flu

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An Inside Look at the Flu
1. At what speed does a sneeze explode out of one’s mouth? (1pt)
2. Why do viruses and bacteria need to find another human host? (1pt)
3. What is Holly’s first line of defense against the virus? (1pt)
4. What is the name of the virus that infected Holly? (1pt)
5. What cells must the virus hijack in order to wreak havoc on Holly’s body? (1pt)
6. How is it that the virus enters Holly’s cell? (1pt)
7. In just 2 hours, how many of Holly’s cells have been infected by the virus? (1pt)
8. Why does Holly get a fever? (1pt)
9. How does Holly clear debris from her throat? (1pt)
10. Holly beat the Influenza B virus. Does this mean she can never get the flu again? Why? (2pts)
Complete the table below: (I’ve helped you out with a few! ) (1pt each)
Natural Killer Cells
Patrol bodies looking for trouble…spray
poison which destroys viruses, but also
attacks body cells as well!
Dispose of cell debris by gobbling it up!
Release interleukins (“signals”) which
summon reinforcements to the battlefield!
These signals also make Holly feel terrible!
Dendritic Cells
Memory Cells