A European Vacation

A European Vacation
You and your teammates are to plan a 10 day European vacation. You will create a PowerPoint showing
the places that you visited, where you stayed and food that you ate. You will also create an itinerary
showing what you visited each day. Below are the criteria for the PowerPoint and the trip. Part of your
grade will be a presentation.
Group tasks: You will have a maximum of 3 people on your trip. You will all work together to present,
create the itinerary, and create the PowerPoint
 You should visit 3 countries in Europe but they must be near one another. [no “flying” all over
Europe, must be realistic]
 You must visit one UNESCO World Heritage site
 You must visit one visit one famous landmark or monument. [a famous landmark may also be a
World Heritage site but you can’t count the same place for both]
 You must have pictures of one ethnic meal that you ate
 You must show a picture of one youth hostel that you stayed in including the price
 You must visit one museum
 Your itinerary must include at least two places you visited each day
 Minimum of 10 slides, maximum of 15
 Each slide has a picture and an explanation of what the picture is about or what you did that day
 One slide may be of the airport on the first or last day
 In the PowerPoint there must be pictures and explanations of the World Heritage Site, the
landmark, the food, a youth hostel, and a museum
Group members:
Countries visited:
Day One
Airport where you arrived:
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Day Six
Day Seven
Day Eight
Day Nine
Day Ten
Airport you departed from: