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March 2 - 6
From Mr. Smith
To the Parents
Way to go students and parents!
* Wow!
Our class
raised over $1,200 for Pennies for Patients! I am really
proud of all of you. Pizza and Ice Cream party will be
Wednesday. Way to go!
* Missing Assignments – Students are able to go online
to see their missing assignments. Students will have
until Tuesday, March 10 to turn in missing work.
* Mr. Smith will be at trainings and District meetings
and will have a sub on the following days: March 5, 6,
9, 19, 20, and the 24th. I expect students to be
awesome and treat our guests with respect. I hate
being gone from the class and I try to minimize my
time out of the class. However, I leave very clear plans
and trust the subs to complete all instructions.
Monday: History Print Partner 5.6.2
Tuesday: MPB 185-186
Wednesday: MPB 187-188
Thursday: Work on Current Event, POW,
and study for tests
Other: Current Event Due Friday (See
Google Classroom), Problem of the Week
Due Friday
Coming Events
This Week’s Tests
Early Out (2:05) / Pizza Party
Celebrity Reader
Cell Project Due
Book Report Due
Friday: Reading Test (SOTB End of Book Test) /
Spelling Test (SOTB Wk 3) / Math Quiz /
History Quiz (Unit 6, Lessons 1 & 2)
Curriculum Connection
“Sign of the Beaver Wk 3”
geology geometry geography
geologist action enact
transport import portable bicycle
cyclone encyclopedia
autograph automobile automatic
autobiography telegraph
This week we start Chapter 10,
Converting Units of Measure.
Students will need to know
Length, Capacity, Weight, and
Time. Converting units means
changing pounds to ounces, etc.
Students will need to memorize
our customary units of measure
AND will be learning the Metric
Reading: All words for
Week 3 SOTB
Science: Words for
Chapter 2, Lessons 1 & 2
BW= incomprehensible
Surfing The Web
The website has been updated. Please visit the Math link as there is new
information for the students and for the parents. Students are able to access
their math books online, along with watch video tutorials covering each lesson
and each skill. Further, FrontRow and Khan Academy are available for students
to work and practice independently.
Phone: 664 - 7009
Email: [email protected]