Amy LaTour’s body was found in her bedroom last night, as shown, with her pet canary strangled in its cage. Hery Willy and Joe Wonty, her boyfriends; Louis Spanker, a burglar, known to have been in the vincinity; and Celeste, her maid, were questioned by the police. Based on the evidence found at the scene, who killed Amy? DIRECTIONS: Your are investigating the murder of Amy LaTour. Using the picture and the written statement you must determine what may have happened and who may have killed Amy. 1. What do you think happened: How did she die? What was the motive? And what evidence points to this? 2. Find all the evidence you can that indicates what happened to Amy, and who did it. Make a list of all the evidence (even if you think the evidence contradicts your claim). Evidence includes concrete, observable information; personal testimony; written documents; and material objects and their condition or appearance. 3. Next explain how each piece of evidence supports your claim of who murdered Amy. Each explanation will be a generally accepted rule, which may begin with a phrase such as, “As a rule...” 4. Be prepared to explain ​
why your evidence supports your case. 5. Write a report to convince the others in the class that your analysis makes the most sense. Follow the same model that was given for Queenie’s case, and be sure you look at the written suggestions on the write up you did for Queenie. Don’t make the same mistakes here! Evidence​
(concrete, Rule or Warrant observable information; personal testimony; written documents; objects and their condition or appearance) Conclusion Claim: Directions:​
Use the space below to present your evidence and assert your claim. You should use 2 of your best pieces of evidence, and each piece of evidence should have its own paragraph. Be sure to explain ​
each piece of evidence supports your claim. a. Create a checklist of the above prompt: (like we practiced doing in the very beginning of this class) ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ b. Write your response below: