Science 104-05 Solar System poster project

Science 104-05
Solar System poster project
Choose a partner ​
(be sure to pick someone you can work well
You will randomly draw a planet in our solar system, and you
will need to research the planet during the time in the computer room.
Research the following:
Who discovered the planet and when?
What does the name of the planet mean?
Distance the planet is from the sun. (in KM)
Diameter of the planet.
Surface temperature.
Number and names of moons (Satellites)
Does it have an atmosphere (if so, made of what?)
Any other cool facts about your planet. (minimum 1, max 5)
Using the paper given to you in class, you now need to make a poster
board that includes all the facts you researched. You must also DRAW a
large picture of your planet.
You will get one (1) class to research in the computer room and two (2)
classes to create your poster board. You must bring in ALL materials to
decorate and make your poster board (except for the paper). Example:
crayons, coloured pencils, markers, etc.
Due Date:​
Thursday February 26th
In class on Thursday we will do quick 3 minute presentations in front of
the class where you will read out the facts from your poster and show it to
the class.