MRKH Connect Sponsorship Form

Event: Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital – Saturday 16th May 2015
Support Group
MRKH Connect aims to help
women with MRKH attend
support groups and hospital
To apply for this sponsorship you will need to fill out the application form
below. It will be carried out on a fair basis system dependent on the need and
amount of applications. The criteria to consider before applying is:
We have created this
sponsorship to allow women
who may not have had the
chance before, to finally
MRKH Connect will help to
cover some of the costs for
travel and/or accommodation
to attend this event.
Have you ever attended a support group before?
Have you ever met anyone with MRKH before?
How much financial support do you need to attend this meeting?
Why do you want to attend this meeting?
MRKH Connect is a registered charity in the UK. As all of our funding is from
donations, unfortunately we will not be able to help everyone at once. We ask
that you take this into consideration when applying and only request the
amount required, as not everyone is guaranteed to be accepted due to
funding. This will help us to provide support to a higher number of
Q: How do you decide who receives the sponsorship?
A: MRKH Connect has a guideline for reviewing and evaluating each
application. We will take into consideration the above points, and anything
you think will help your application.
Q: When will you decide who receives the sponsorship?
A: We ask that all applications are submitted as soon as possible before the
event date. This gives MRKH Connect the time to read each application and
provides you with enough time to book accommodation or transport if you
have been selected.
“Meeting other women with MRKH has been
life changing. If you ever get the chance, do not
pass it up!”
To apply for the MRKH Connect Sponsorship, then please fill out the
application form below. We ask that all applications are submitted by Friday
24th April 2015 at the latest, so we can assess each one in detail.
Once you have completed the form, please email it to: [email protected]
The recipient/s of the sponsorship will be announced on Sunday 26th April 2015. If you need any help with the booking
of transport or accommodation, then please add this in the “comments” section at the bottom of your application and we
will assist you as best we can.
Have you ever attended an MRKH Support group in the past? – If so, when was the last time?
Do you have a good support network, and does this include anyone with MRKH ?
How much financial support are you looking to receive? – Please give a rough estimate for travel/
Why would attending this particular MRKH Support group mean so much to you? – 200 words or less
Any other comments?
If you have any questions about
the sponsorship or MRKH
Connect, then please get in touch
using the details below:
If you would like to return your
application by post, please email
[email protected] , and we
will send you the address.
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Please email your application to: [email protected]