Blomz Holidays Homework

Let’s learn with fun!!
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Exciting time is here again! It’s time for Summer Vacation and fun
filled activities.
Read Books in English
Have fun reading or telling stories with your child. As
they read, let them point to the pictures and talk about
what is happening to the characters and which character
he or she likes best. Children learn by example. Read along
with your child. Be sure to read with lots of
enthusiasm!!Create a special place for your child to read
that is well lit and comfortable.
2. Set a family “Game Night.”
It's a great way to break up the monotony of the
routines. Family time should be fun. It is fun playing
Board Games.
Board Games- Chinese Checkers, Scrabble, Ludo and
Snakes and Ladders.
3. Watch TV along with your child
Television can be instructive and entertaining for children of all ages, and can
promote positive aspects of social behavior such as sharing, good manners, and
cooperating with others. In addition, quality programming should spur a child's
curiosity and eagerness to learn. You can prescreen videos—and you can even
prescreen TV shows by reviewing them before letting your child watch them.
But you can't properly monitor children's TV programs unless you at least
occasionally watch the same TV shows or videos that your child watches.
4. Go Play Outside!
Kids of all ages can learn a lot about their
connection to the natural world. By exploring what's
around them, kids begin to develop investigative
skills which will help them later when they have to
grasp many different science and math concepts. Hide-and-seek, camouflage,
and blindfold walks are some good traditional games you can play with your kids.
5. Caring for the environment
Set an example to your kid by taking care of plants and animals around you. You
along with your kid can plant a sapling and take good care of it. Keep a bowl of
fresh water every day for birds and animals to quench their thirst in the
scorching heat.
Toddlerhood is an extremely special time for children and parents alike. For
toddlers, everything is new and exciting. They are learning and developing new
skills at a rapid rate as new language and skills seem to appear overnight. It is a
busy time. It is a time for exploration, independence, friendship, and fun.
We have planned few activities which will not only be enjoyable for the child
but for the parents also.
Kindly taKe a photo for each activity and send the same
through mail to the class teacher after the vacation. it
will be fun sharing the pictures with your child’s friends!!
Outing: If you happen to visit a mall, talk to them about going up and coming
down the escalator. If in the Park, talk to the child about going up and down the
slide. If going on a vacation, talk about the mode of transport being used, any
special clothes etc.
Objective: Reinforce the concept of going up and coming down.
Play Games
 Clapping of hands, 1 time, then 2 times can increase to 5
 Stamping of feet
 I spy (hide and seek)
 Look who is there (Knock on the door):Knock, Knock!
Who is there!
It is me!
Me who!
It is ------(Say the name)
Daily routine
We must make a routine for the kids to follow a daily regime for example,
brushing of teeth, washing of hands, taking a bath, clipping of long nails, using a
trash bin for disposing rubbish, eating on the dinning- table, use of please,
sorry,thank you, helping in tidying up toys etc.
Parents can also take little initiative to make the child feel responsible for
their belongings, for example: fold small clothes such as napkins, socks, put
away their crayons, books after reading etc.
Sculpting is great fun no matter what your age,
and great exercise for the fingers, too !
For this give the child some ‘clay dough’ if available or
wheat flour dough while you are making chapattis.
Let the child roll the dough or simply just pat it.
Explain the child about the shape of the Chapatti or
Paratha being made. Preserve it if you can and send it to school, it’ll be great
admiring his/her MASTERPIECE!!!
Activity: 2
Sorting (Helps in development of fine motor muscles, reinforcement of colours,
What is required?
3 Small paper cups or small bowls
Dried Kidney beans
Dried Chickpeas red/white
Dried Black-eyed Beans
What is it to be done?
1. Let the child pick up the bits of food using hands or wooden spoons.
2. Mix and mess the foods together in different bowls. (You might also use
muffin tins and muffin liners as places to sort the items).
3. The child will enjoy the feel of the dried foods and they will love the
different colours they see.
4. Note for Parents: You can give the child variety of materials to sort.
Please ensure that this activity is taken up completely under
Colouring is a wonderful way to explore colours, art, imagination
and shapes, stimulating finger dexterity and
Activity: 3
Finger Tracing (fine motor muscles)
Dip the finger in paint and let the child trace a line with the
finger. To make it a little interesting, a simple picture can be
given so the child can trace over the picture. Appreciate
his/her own creations.
Scribbling/doodling) (fine motor muscles)
Please give jumbo size crayons only as kids of this age
find easier to have a grip on. On an A4 sheet, let the
child scribble on the paper as he/she pleases. He/She
may require little guidance to remain focussed on the