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Parent Involvement Activities
Level: KG
Yippee!!!!! Summer vacations are here again!
Dear Parent
Summer holidays are here again to give us respite from the scorching heat. We
hope that our kids would enjoy their vacation time and learn through their
surroundings and experiences. As we believe in experiential learning all the
activities have been designed keeping in mind the child’s learning in their immediate
environment. Children love to do things on their own, be it messing up with colours,
creating abstract art on blank sheets, innovating with clay, sand or blocks and we
need to give them an environment congenial for learning. So parents, have fun
doing all the activities with your kiddos and capture some precious moments while
doing these activities and paste the picture in the scrap book and send them to
school for us to cherish those precious moments.
Kindly refer these suggested sites and do age-appropriate activities
Nature walk- Playing in gardens and parks always brings joy to little kids, at the
same time they can prove to be a great learning source i.e. different plants, trees,
flowers , leaves ,their colours etc. Bring your child close to nature and let him/her
learn different concepts through nature.
Bird feeder- Animals and birds are children’s favourite! Let them have a closer
look, a first-hand experience about the same. Help kids get in touch with nature by
involving them in the activities close to nature. Kids will love trying to create
birdfeeders with empty tetra packs, boxes, cans etc. Finally, fill them with
birdseeds and hang outdoors. It can take a couple of days for the birds to find the
feeders and will be happy to munch from them.
Picnic planning: Let your kids take charge of a family picnic. Allow them to plan the
menu and pack everything. For more challenge, let the child count the number of
family members and carry things accordingly. For example-for six family members
pack six cans of juice.
Table Etiquettes- Children must learn to help themselves by placing the dining
table mat, eating with spoon, keeping the things at proper places. Take an
opportunity to inculcate table etiquettes while dining .Help them make their own
laminated table mats. Give your child an A-3 size sheet and let your child pour his
or her creativity on it by drawing and coloring. Get it laminated and let them use it
as a table mat in school.
Rejuvenating the young minds!!-Spend some time with your child by role playing on
dummy phones conducting telephonic conversations to enhance telephone manners
as well as conversational skills.
Speaker 1: Hello! May I speak to Raghav please?
Speaker 2: May I know who is calling?
Speaker1: This is his friend Suraj.
Speaker2: No, he is not at home. Can I take a message?/ Yes sure, please stay on
Speaker 1: Hello! Am I speaking to Nisha.
Speaker 2: Yes you are
Speaker 1: Hi! This is Neha. How are you?
Speaker 2: Hi Neha I am fine. What’s up?
Speaker 1: Will you come to park in the evening?
Speaker 2: Yes, at 6 pm.
Speaker 1: OK then. See you in the evening. Bye!
Speaker 2: Bye. See you later.
Converse with your child in English and develop a habit of speaking proper
sentences. Some sentences such as:
-May I go to the park? May I play with my toys?
-I am feeling hungry; May I have something to eat.
-Please give me a tissue paper /book/pencil./.......
-Excuse me, May I talk to you for a minute.
-Thank you for the wonderful gift.
-I am thirsty; May I have some water
Travel and Explore: When you’re on the road, have your kids study the number
plate on the car in front of you. Make them identify the numerals and letters.
Word search: One of the best ways to help children develop a love of language is
to encourage them to play with words. Start with these word games and activities
that will have kids reading and writing for the fun of it. Enlarge and copy a portion
of the newspaper or magazine. Write four or five words at the top of the paper
and ask your child to search for them in the article, using a highlighter to mark the
Paint the stairs:
It’s time to learn numerals in a creative manner by writing
numbers with paint and brush on all the stairs of the house under the guidance of
the elders to read and write the numbers. You can also help them to make ‘HopScotch’ to recognize and numbers. Numbers on stairs can be used for backward
counting as well as concepts like what comes after/before?
Glass Pyramid: Write the numerals 1-50 on waste disposable glasses with
permanent marker and create a pyramid of glasses. To add fun in the game child
will hit the numbers called by his partner one by one with ball.
Snakes and Ladders: Plan a day for assorted board games with cousins and have
some family fun by playing snakes and ladders. This game will enhance their
numerical skills in a fun way.