Grade-6 Final Holidays Homework - MRIS Sector

Manav Rachna International School
Sector-14, Faridabad
Session 2015-16
It's summer time,
School vacation has
Time for children to play,
And have fun in the sun.
Now the children
Are out of school,
There are trees to climb,
Swimming in the pool.
Time to spend, with
special friends.
Dear Student,
Enjoy the Summer Vacation from May 18 to June 30, 2015. The school would reopen on 1st July,
Summer Vacation is the best and the most fruitful time for exploring new things and
nurturing creativity. Keeping this objective in mind we have planned diverse and exciting
activities that will enhance your knowledge and boost your creativity.
“Knowledge is Power”. Therefore read lots and lots of books to cultivate the reading habit
and develop your vocabulary, language skills, increase your attention span and improve your
“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”. So go out and play the sport of your choice. It will
help to instill discipline, generate sporting spirits and channelize your energies
Get up early in the morning and see the rising sun. Go for a nature walk and feel the fresh
air. Try to spend quality time with your elders and share your thoughts and ideas with
Eat healthy food and drink lots of water and health drinks during summer.
Revise all the work done in the class. Revise tables 2 to 20.
Integrating curriculum helps students deepen their understanding of the subject matter
and comprehend relationship between different areas of study. This year’s holiday
homework has been designed keeping this interdisciplinary aspect in mind. Being
responsible citizens it becomes our duty to create awareness about environmental issues
and create your own magazine on the theme “THE UNIVERSE-BEYOND PLANETS AND
Just follow the simple instructions given below to complete and present your
Write an editorial for your magazine related to the theme.
Organize and number your work under the heading of ‘Table of Contents’.
Be the authors, turn your friend into guest columnists and fascinate, educate and amaze
your readers with nail biting articles and features on all aspects of space and space travel
in a style that is engrossing and fun to read.
Use A4 size pastel/simple ruled sheets to present your work. All homework should be
handwritten. Pictures can be printed.
Note: Try to do as creative as possible as possible and present your magazine (10-15 pages)
with an innovative name and an attractive cover page.
Imagine that you happen to meet the
person who has opted to volunteer for
the mission Mars. Interview him/her and
share that interview with your readers.
Read the book ‘Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ by
‘Mark Twain’ and write its book review in your
magazine. Which character do you like the
most in the book? Justify it in a short
esjh dYiuk
 ^esjh dYiuk esa czãaM*
bl fo"k; ij vius fopkjksa dks fyf[k,A
¼100&120 ’kCnksa esa½
The Art Masters
Make a comic strip to present a conversation between
Sun and the other planets.
(You may take help from the link:
How big are our planets?
One way to find out the size of a planet is by knowing its
radius. Find out the radius of all the planets of our Solar
System. Use the divisibility tests to determine whether
their size is divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11 or not.
Record your finding in a tabular form and present it in your
Le the readers learn to make a pinhole camera.
Enumerate the steps for making the camera.
You can supplement the steps by suitable drawings
to make it more interesting. You may refer to the following
Lunar phases of the moon look different depending on
which half of the world you are looking at it from. If
you are viewing the moon from the southern
hemisphere, the moon would be illuminated from the
other side from the southern hemisphere (i.e. the
waning moon would be illuminated on the Right). Based
on this fact draw the phases of the moon as seen on
the northern hemisphere and the southern
Mankind has always wondered about the origin of the universe.
Similarly your readers too must have the same kind of question. One
popular theory is that the universe originated because of the ‘Big
Bang’. So, collect the information on the “Big Bang” and answer
thefollowing questions for your readers:a. What is the universe made up of?
b. Where in the universe did the Big Bang happen?
c. What is dark matter?
d. Can you name a few things that contradict the ‘Big Bang” theory?
Make a healthy dish using natural ingredients and
share its recipe with your readers.
Solve these questions and let your reader learn the tricks
to Mathematics.
Problem 1 - The radius of the Moon is 1,737 kilometers,
and the radius of Earth is 6,378 kilometers. What is the
ratio of Earth's radius to the Moon's?
Problem 2 - To the nearest whole number, about how
many times bigger than the Moon is Earth?
Problem 3 –We all know that our weight reduces by one
sixth when we go on the moon. Keeping this in mind
calculate the weight on moon of a man whose weight on
earth is 89 Kg. By how much does his weight reduce on
the moon?
Share with your readers the pictures, facts and history
of the Hubble Telescope? Is there a new telescope that
can replace the Hubble Telescope? If yes, then name it
and also state that how is it better than the Hubble
That little poet in all of us, eager to write that one
masterpiece, that poem of our feelings
expressions in our mother tongue Hindi.
^czãaM gS bZ’oj dh vuks[kh jpuk]
tgk¡&rgk¡ gS fNik vn~Hkqr [ktkuk*
vkb, ge bu iafDr;ksa ds lkFk viuh dfork dh 'kq#vkr
djrs gq, 8&10 iafDr;k¡ vkSj fy[krs gq, ,d [kwclwjr
dfork dh jpuk djsaA
1. I'm the planet that everyone calls “Red,”
But really my soil is rust-coloured instead.
Look up and you may spot me in the sky,
I'm the orange-coloured dot, way up high.
Which planet am I? _________________
2. With over 63 moons, you might say I have a lot.
Look with a telescope to see my big, red spot.
The spot is a wind storm, swirling around.
High in the night sky is where I can be found.
Which planet am I? _________________
3. I'm blue and green and a little brown.
I'm a small planet with life all around.
They call me the third rock from the sun.
I don't have many moons - just one.
Which planet am I? _________________
4. No matter how hard you look, you'll never find me,
Unless you have a telescope to help you see.
I was once called a planet, but not anymore.
Now I'm just a “Dwarf Planet,” but too important to ignore.
Which planet am I? _______________
Fun Stuff
You can add colour to your magazine
by adding puzzles/riddles/facts/’do
you know’/informative Ads etc.