Grade-2 Final Holidays Homework - MRIS Sector

Manav Rachna International School
Sector-14, Faridabad
Session 2015-16
My cosmic world
Dear Students
Summer Vacations are synonymous with fun, frolic, getting up late in the morning, playing for
longer hours with friends, going for picnics, exploring new places and watching fun filled shows on
television. But dear children, there’s lot more you can do to make your vacations more interesting,
meaningful and full of fun along with doing all your heart desires. Here is a “Journey to the
Cosmos” just for you. It will surely mould you for a better and successful forthcoming year. So
get ready for your treasure hunt.
 Kindly note that maths and Hindi worksheets required for the Holiday Homework are sent
in the folder.
1. Reading Activity
Read books and make summer time a memorable and an enjoyable one. So go ahead and pick up any
two books from the list given below.
Treasure Planet
A Wrinkle In time By Madeleine Leangle
If you decide to go to the moon
Planet Kindergarten
Star Stuff By Stephanie Roth Scission
Cosmic Monsters
In case you do not find the mentioned books, kindly download through e-books or else you can
pick some other book related to the theme.
Write the following information on an A4 size sheet and keep the sheet in your English holiday
homework folder: title of the book
 names of the main characters of the story a few sentences about why you enjoyed reading
the story
 draw and colour two to three pictures related to the story.
 make a bookmark either drawing the favourite character or writing a quotation from the
book. Decorate and get it laminated.
2. Vocabulary usually evolves as our reading grows and serves as a fundamental tool for
communication. Let us acquire new words.
Children will have to make their own dictionary.
They will write down three new words, which they have not heard before, for every letter of the
alphabet for example, words like Asteroid, Black Hole, celestial, Dwarf planet etc
Instructions for creating dictionary
Things you'll need:
• Scrapbook or homemade booklet
• Pencil colours, crayons, markers etc.
• Scissors
• Glue
Take a scrap book to make your dictionary. Try to get paper that will hold up to drawing,
pictures and pasting.
Decide whether you want to draw or paste pictures.
Choose words that are commonly used and that will be easy to draw or find pictures to
Begin drawing or cutting out pictures that correspond to the words you have chosen. One
page can be used for one letter and it corresponding words and their pictures.
Help the children find suitable pictures. Allow children to draw and the one, who are not
confident in their art skills, can find and cut out pictures from magazines.
Do not forget to write the meaning of the words chosen so that it can benefit the other
students too in building their vocabulary.
• Make your cover page interesting. Enjoy the fun!
Imagine that you get a chance to spend a day on Planet Mars, the red planet with your
friends. What will be your preparation and how do you plan to celebrate this wonderful day.
Jot down ten lines about it and make it more interesting by using pictures on a A-3 size
ROLL NO 1-17
 Explore the facts about cosmos and write few facts about any 10 space
objects like comets, planets, sun, moon, stars etc.
ROLL NO 18-34
Imagine life on Mars and create a Project on Thermocol sheet using waste materials
like Pencil shavings, grains, cotton, dry beans, sand etc.
Get as creative as possible....!!!!
iz01- xn~;ka’k dks i<+dj uhps fn, x, iz’uksa ds mRrj nhft, &
vkvks cPpksa! vkt ge lkSje.My ds ckjs esa i<s+xsa o muds fo"k; esa euksjatd ckrsa tkusaxsA
D;k vkidks irk gS fd gekjs lkSjeaMy esa vkB xzg gSa tks bl izdkj gS%a
1- cq/k
2- 'kqØ
3- i`Foh
4- eaxy
5- c`gLifr
6- 'kfu
7- ;wjsul ¼v#.k½ 8- usIV~;wu ¼o#.k½
;s lHkh xzg lw;Z ds pkjksa vksj ?kwers gSaA buesa ls izFke pkj xzg lkSj eaMy ds vanj dh
rjQ ?kwers gSa vkSj ;s iFkjhys gksrs gSa o ckn ds pkj xzg ckgj dh rjQ ?kwers gSaA ;s xSlh;
gksrs gSaA vkb,] ,d ckr vkSj tkusa fd tc /kjrh lwjt ds pkjksa rjQ ?kwerh gSa rc ekSle
esa cnyko gksrk gS tSls xjeh ls ljnh vkfnA nwljh ckr /kjrh dk /kwjh ij pDdj yxkuk
fnu o jkr esa cnyko ds dkj.k gSA
iz01¼d½ mu pkj xzgksa ds uke fy[ksa tks lkSj eaMy esa vanj dh rjQ ?kwers gSaA
1- -------------------2- -------------------3- --------------------4- -------------------¼[k½ ekSle esa cnyko dk D;k dkj.k gS\
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------iz02- fjDr LFkku Hkjks &
1- ckgj dh rjQ ?kweus okys xzg ------------- gksrs gSaA
2- /kjrh --------------- ds pkjksa rjQ pDdj yxkrh gSA
iz03¼d½ Åij fn, x, xn~;ka’k ds vk/kkj ij fdUgha nks foykse 'kCnksa ds tksMs+ <w¡<+dj fy[ksa&
1- ----------------2- -----------------¼[k½ fdUgha nks laKk 'kCnksa dks <w¡<dj fy[ksa &
1- ---------------------2- ----------------------
iz02- cPpksa! vkb, dYiuk djsa fd vki MkWjsekWu ds cSEcw dSIVj dks ysdj vkdk’k esa ?kwe jgs gSa]
tgk¡ ij pank ekek vkSj rkjs] cknyksa ds lkFk vkidk Lokxr dj jgs gSaA vc blh dYiuk
ds vk/kkj ij buls lacaf/kr ,d dfork A-4sheet ij fyf[k, o mls ltkb,A
Sector-14, Faridabad
Dear Parent
The holidays homework is being sent through mail.We are sending the worksheets that are the part of
the holidays homework. Kindly make your child do it and send them along with the other assingments.
Q1. Find the number of moons each planet has and write the names of the planets in descending
order according to the number of moons they have:
______________ , ______________ , ________________ , ______________
______________ , ______________ , ________________ , ______________
Q2 Write the names of the planets in increasing order of their size:
______________ , ______________ , ________________ , ______________
______________ , ______________ , ________________ , _____________
Q3. Count the number of stars in each identified group of stars (
a Add the total number of stars in Aries and Virgo.
b Add the number of stars in two group starting with letter “C”.
) in the given
Art and Craft
1. Create a table mat of A-3 size
Draw and colour or paint/tear and paste/Picture collage of any of your
favourite thing (cartoon characters, maths tables, crossword puzzles, picture
Label it on the other side and get it laminated.
2. Be artistic
Draw and colour using oil pastels in your homework art file.
 Space rocket
 Alien in space
3. Hands on crafts
The child has to make the project according to his/her roll number. The
instructions for the craft work is mentioned below.
 Roll No.1 to 16 (Mobile hanger for the Solar system)
Things You'll Need
3 long pieces of string (of equal lengths)
10 medium-length pieces of string (of equal lengths)
Large sheet of cardboard
Cut out a large circle from a sheet of cardboard. Find the center of the circle and make a small dot with a
pencil. This dot will represent the position of the sun on your mobile.
Draw eight circles (the orbit of the planets) around the center dot using a compass. Draw the first four
relatively close to the center dot to represent the four planets that orbit closest to the sun. Leave a gap
between the first four orbits and the next four to represent the space filled with asteroids between the
orbits of planets four and five.
Draw the remaining four orbits using the compass.
Punch a hole through the center dot using the tip of a pair of scissors. Punch one hole at a random point of
each orbit ring radiating outward from the center dot. These holes will hold the strings from which you will
hang your planets.
Cut out smaller cardboard circles to represent all eight planets and one for the sun. Make the circle for the
sun the biggest, followed by the biggest planets, Jupiter and Saturn. Approximately size the other circles to
represent the rest of the planets. Search the Internet for a visual representation of each planet's size and
cut your circles accordingly. Write the name of the planet on each cardboard circle.
Tape a piece of string to each of the planet cardboard circles. Loop the string through the hole for the
appropriate orbit circle and affix it to the large cardboard circle.
Tape three longer pieces of string to the top of the largest cardboard circle. Affix the ends of the string to
a metal coat hanger. Hang the completed mobile.
Roll No. 17 to 33 (Rocket & Roll)