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MStep review questions
U.4.1.1 –
1. What were the major issues Washington warned the country against?
2. In comparing the issues Washington addressed to later periods, including our own, did we
listen to his advice?
1. Briefly summarize Jay’s treaty, Pinckney’s treaty, The French Revolution, the War of 1812, the
Transcontinental Treaty, and the Monroe Doctrine.
2. In what ways was the French Revolution similar and different from our own revolution?
1. Who was in favor of the national bank?
2. How did the national bank impact the future of the country?
1. Briefly summarize Marbury vs Madison and McCulloch vs Maryland.
2. In what ways, do you feel, did Marbury vs Madison impact the decisions that the Supreme
Court makes today?
1. Compare and contrast the North and the South on how they did things.
2. How did the improvement of industry impact the consumer during this time period.
1. Briefly describe the reasons for slavery
2. Find an alternative to slavery that would have kept costs low and profits high.
1. Explain Manifest Destiny and tell me if you agree with it.
2. The Louisiana Purchase was a massive amount of land, but what was the crown jewel?
1. What were some of the consequences of the westward expansion of the US (who and what
was affected, both positively and negatively)
1. What did Horace Mann do?
2. What are some of your ideas to improve education in America?
1. Who was Harriet Tubman and what did she do?
2. Do you think abolitionists should have focused on peaceful resistance or violent resistance?
1. How are the Seneca Falls Resolution and the US Constitution similar and different?
2. Who were the two main leaders of the womens’ rights movement?
U.4.3.4 and U.4.3.5
1. How did temperance and the religious movement affect the forward movement of the
1. One major issue in this country right now is the presence of military overseas . Write a
persuasive essay explaining why we should or should not continue this practice. For the purposes of this
exercise, you can invent monetary figures to back up your argument.
1. What is one issue you are concerned about at school or i n your community?
2. How would you get the word out/advertise to the public to get your ideas out there?
P.4.2.2 and P.4.2.3
1. Is there any physical changes (new desks, cleaner floors, better lunch tables, etc.) that you
would make at this school? How would you go about achieving that goal (meaning you can’t just tell the
principal it needs to be fixed and it magically happens… you will need to do work or get help from the