File - Mr. Chung`s Class

Dear Students and Parents,
We would like to welcome you to our Carver Phoenix Sun Run Team. We will continue our traditionally registered
Semester 2 PE students, Linear PE classes, alumni, friends, staff, parents, and even students not taking PE to
participate in the Sun Run. I would definitely say that we win the School Team Challenge in terms of the ratio of
participants to members of the school. It is also very nice to see some students continue to enjoy the Sun Run as
part of their healthy lifestyle and camaraderie with their friends while enjoying His creation and what He has
provided for us. As part of our P.E. program, we are excited to take part in this year’s Vancouver Sun Run. Just a
reminder, the run takes place Sunday, April 19th, 2015 at 9:00am.
We have all heard of the tragedy in Boston. May Christ be prevalent in the lives of the people in Boston and that He
will shine through and provide in their time of need. This is what the evil one wants for us to feel, scared. We will
not let evil detour us from reigning through the streets of Vancouver. We set forth our task and will persevere toward
the goal as we would in our spiritual journey with our Saviour.
Continuing with previous years, our team will be meeting at the Vancouver Art Gallery on the corner of Hornby and
Georgia at 8:00am so that we have time to do attendance, have devotions together, and take a team photo before
the race begins.
Once this letter has been signed and returned, it will indicate that you have read and understood that your child will
be going to this event. This event does count for participation and their fees are covered. If you child does not
participate, then they will make up their 10km run at school. If you or others would also like to participate, please
go to Mr. Chung’s blog, under the Physical Education tab, for instructions. If you have any further questions please
email us at: [email protected], or [email protected]
In His service,
Henry Chung & Wes Liu
Physical Education Department
, have read and understand that my son/daughter,
______, in PE Class
, will be participating at the annual
Sun Run on Sunday, April 19, 2015.
RETURN BY THURSDAY, February 12, 2015.