Marlborough Primary School Newsletter

Marlborough Primary School
Newsletter - 24th April 2015
Equality within diversity Inclusive and enabling
Creative and curious Resilient lifelong learners
learning to be, learning to know,
learning to live, learning to learn
Dear Parents,
Welcome to the summer term! I hope you all enjoyed the
break and the change of routine. The children seem very
happy to be back at school and this week have been
enjoying the sunshine at playtime.
This term the whole school are following the same learning
theme: Marlborough– Past, Present and
Future. Each class is learning about a different decade in
each half term. We are also planning to create some legacy
items such as a quilt, a book of memories, a photo
exhibition we will be creating an exhibition of photos in the
ground floor hall at the end of term.
We look forward to seeing you in school soon and working
with you so we can support your children together to
ensure achievement for all.
Jessica Finer
Y5 go to Devon!
On Monday 27th April Y5 will be spending 5 days in Devon
at Knapp House on school journey. They will be taking part
in a number of very exciting outdoor
activities including: canoeing, abseiling, climbing, ringo
riding and crabbing! We wish Y5 a fantastic week away and
look forward to hearing all about your trip and following you
on Twitter!
Recommended Book of the Month
‘The Astounding Broccoli Boy’ - What
would you do if your skin suddenly turned
a bright, broccoli shade of green? Join
multi-award winning author Frank Cottrell
Boyce as he introduces the colourful cast
of characters in his fantastic new book,
The Astounding Broccoli Boy. Frank is a
successful scriptwriter who, along with
Danny Boyle, devised the opening
ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic
Games. Super-powers, suspicious
vegetables and penguin sidekicks all play
a part in this not-to-be missed event. Recommended for
The new website
Hopefully you will all have had a look at the new
website by now. It has a calendar with key dates for
parents so nobody should miss the first day of term
because they don’t know when school opens!
The teachers are learning how to upload photos and
text from their class news. It is envisaged that each
class will probably post something at least every
other week. For example, in Y3 one week Mr
Mottershead will post something and then in the
following week Mr O’Connor will.
We now have Twitter and Facebook accounts so do
follow us and like us on these sites.
Parents/carers are
reminded that it is
against the law for
children under 13
years of age to have
Facebook accounts.
The school is aware
that many children
have accounts and in
order to open an
account must have lied about their age. Please
ensure that your child does not have a Facebook
account, and if they do, ensure that this is closed
Play centre update
Parents who use play centre will be aware that the
provision is changing in the autumn term. The
process of changing provider is still being worked
through by the Local Authority. The latest news is
that the new provider would take over on 1st
October 2015. The school’s priority is that parents
will have access to childcare from 3.30pm to 6pm
each day during term time. The provision may not
look exactly the same are it does now due to the
available space in the interim school and the fact
that there is no dedicated space for after school
provision that is separate from the main school. The
school will keep you updated on any further news.
New temporary Facilities Manager
On Monday 27th April we welcome Sean Nixon, as our temporary Facilities Manager. Sean will be assisting with
many aspects of running the site and will be aiding us with our move to the interim school.
Mrs Read Running the London Marathon
Mrs Read is running the London Marathon on Sunday! She is running for a charity called “A Mile in her Shoes”, which
supports women who have been affected by homelessness to begin running as a way of improving confidence and
self-esteem. If you would like to sponsor her, go to and search for Lucy Rigg. We
wish her luck!
After School Clubs
Letters were sent home this week offering after school
clubs. Places are firstly allocated to those who have
not previously taken part in the particular club. If
there are spaces left, Mrs Howell will choose the
remaining children by picking names out of a hat. If
your child does not get a place their name will be put
on a waiting list and you will be informed if, and
when, a space becomes available. If your child has not
been offered an after school club please ensure that
you pick up your child at 3:30pm.
Y3&Y4 Football with Martin (places have been
Y5&Y6 Football with Davey
Y3-Y6 Choir with Katrine
Y1&Y2 Multi-sports with Davey
Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
Safe Open Day
On Saturday 9th May 2015 Chelsea &
Westminster Hospital will be holding an open day.
Everyone is welcome and there will be live music,
wellness talks, tours, the teddy bear hospital for the
children and much more!
Visit for more
Morning Drop Off
Parents/carers please ensure that you see your child into the
school in the morning unless they are in Y5 and Y6. Do not
allow children to cross the road on their own.
Healthy School Partnership Award
Congratulations! We have been awarded a
bronze Healthy School Partnership Award.
Having received this award we have also
been awarded a Healthy Schools London
Award as well! Thank you to Mrs Howell and
Lynn Greenland for all their hard work which
has ensured we achieved this award.
Reception Stay & Learn
On Wednesday the Reception Classes had
their Stay and Learn session which was really
well supported by
the parents. During these sessions parents get
the chance to see
what the children
learn and take
part in activities that the children do on a daily basis as part
6th Y3SOC
20th Y2KH
Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
369 Fulham Road
SW10 9NH
Last term our attendance was up to
94.79%. Our target for the end of the
year is over 95%. We need a
concerted effort this term in order to
achieve this target. Please note there
will be no authorised for any absences
at end of term and any sickness
absences will require a doctors note.
Friday afternoon KS2 clubs for the summer term
Pupils in KS2 choose a club to attend for the term (10
sessions) on a Friday afternoon from 2.30 to 3.30pm.
The clubs are of varying sizes and include children
from all classes in KS2. This term
pupils in KS2 will be able to choose from the following
clubs on offer:
Sports, arts and crafts, sketch, gardening and cookery,
fitness, programming, tennis, steel pan & science.
Children select the three clubs they are interested in
doing, in order of preference. They cannot put the
club they did last term as their first choice. We try to
give children one of their preferred clubs. Clubs begin
on Friday 1st May.
Y6 Prefects
The Y6 Prefects for
this term are:
9th Y1LR
17th RBB
24th Nursery
Diary dates
27th-1st May
Y5 School Journey
Primary School Games (Y5)
Y3/Y4 Mini Tennis Festival
Y6 Kwik Cricket Festival