commercial blinds & curtains

commercial blinds & curtains
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KWA Blinds is the leading supplier of quality
custom made Blinds and Curtains in the
Commercial Marketplace.
Established since 1994, KWA Blinds is 100% Queensland owned,
and committed solely to the Commercial Market.
One of the principal assets of our company is the ability to be able
to offer numerous products from a wide range of manufacturers.
This allows us to supply the most suitable product for your
requirements, based on quality, budget and product performance.
Our scope of works can range from a single blind, to thousands
of blinds in Multi-Storey Buildings, as found in projects like Santos
Place and 123 Albert Street.
KWA Blinds is Code Compliant to the Building Industry
National Code of Practice and Quality Assured to ISO9001.
We are very conscious of Green Star Building requirements
and the reduction in Greenhouse emissions that can be
provided by Window Coverings.
By Specialising in the Commercial Marketplace
our level of expertise in this field is second to none.
Ken Wilson
Managing Director
KWA Blinds
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KWA Blinds is committed
to reducing the production
of Greenhouse gases and
protecting our environment.
We have affiliations with companies such as
Verosol and Vertilux, who are strongly committed to
manufacturing in a manner that is environmentally
sustainable and have fabrics that have passed the
Oeko-Tex Standard and have been assessed and
approved for inclusion in Ecospecifier.
We are also very conscious of the vital role that
blinds can play in reducing CO2 emissions,
particularly by reducing the strain on air
conditioning and consequent reduction in
electricity. Verosol has a savings calculator to
estimate the electricity savings and reduction in
CO2 emissions by using metal backed fabrics. To
estimate savings simply click on the link of ‘Savings
Calculator’ on
A green building will save money, reduce waste,
increase worker productivity and create healthier
environments for people to live and work. KWA
Blinds has fully trained staff who have attended the
Green Building Council of Australia Professionals
Course, and are able to support clients in the
specification of environmentally friendly products,
and can assist with Green Star Ratings.
➊ Greener Buildings Project: Commercial Building.
Location: 123 Albert Street.
Details: 6 Star Green Star Building.
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roller blinds
roller blinds clean lines & simplicity
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Roller Blinds are the most
popular window treatment due
to their simplicity and clean
A key component of roller blinds is their
environmental adaptability. Whatever the
application, from total privacy to the ability
to appreciate your view, from traditional to
contemporary design, roller blinds complement
window coverings in every situation. Roller blinds
combine subtle elegance, technical innovation
and design flexibility, perfectly complementing
architectural vision.
Different operating systems offer spring assisted
mechanisms to handle larger blinds and provide
longevity of product.
Available with metallised backed fabrics,
sunscreen fabrics, blockout fabrics and
transluscent fabrics.
➊ Roller Blinds Project: Commercial Building.
Location: 400 George St, Brisbane.
Product: Roller Blinds.
➋ Roller Blinds ➌ Roller Blinds Project: Commercial Building.
Project: Commercial Building.
Location: Thiess, Southbank.
Location: SparQ, Newstead.
Product: Roller Blinds.
Product: Roller Blinds.
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roller blinds subtle elegance
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➋ Roller Blinds Project: Commercial Building.
Location: Santos Place, Brisbane.
Product: Roller Blinds.
➊ Roller Blinds ➌ Roller Blinds Project: Commercial Building.
Project: Commercial Building.
Location: Ipswich Courthouse.
Location: Santos Place, Brisbane.
Product: Roller Blinds.
Product: Roller Blinds.
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pleated blinds
pleated blinds always in style
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Pleated blinds provide heat and
glare control and are available in
a wide range of fabrics.
Available in both manual and motorised options,
pleated blinds can be used to accommodate
unusual applications as pictured.
Day/night or twin pleated blinds are available with
combinations of two fabric densities, (transparent,
semi-transparent, non-transparent fabrics
and blockout), in the one blind. This offers the
advantage of views or room darkening to allow for
audiovisual presentations.
➋ Pleated Blinds ➌
Project: Commercial Building.
Location: Brisbane City Council,
Brisbane Square.
Product: Pleated Blinds.
➊ Pleated Blinds ➌ Pleated Blinds Project: Commercial Building.
Project: Commercial Building.
Location: Brisbane City Council,
Location: KWA Blinds Office, Cleveland.
Brisbane Square.
Product: Pleated Blinds.
Product: Pleated Blinds.
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motorisation so easy
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Motorisation is becoming an
increasingly popular mode
of operation, particularly for
boardrooms, training rooms and
reception areas.
With the new Green Star Office requirements, this
is also extending to the general office areas.
KWA Blinds use only premium motors and
controllers which are at the cutting edge of
international technology for motorisation and
automated opening systems. At the touch of
a button or by a hand held remote control you
can adjust any or all of your window coverings.
Motors can be timer controlled, sun and/or wind
controlled and operated through local controllers
or building management systems.
We can motorise roller blinds, venetian blinds,
pleated blinds, roman blinds and curtains.
➊ Motorisation Project: Commercial Building.
Location: Brisbane City Council,
Brisbane Square.
Product: Motorised Roller Blinds.
➋ Motorisation ➌ Motorisation Project: Commercial.
Project: Commercial.
Product: Motorised controllers.
Product: Motorised components.
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façade management total control
| 14
KWA Blinds have been at the
forefront of façade management
in Australia.
We installed the first 2 Somfy Anemio Building
Management systems in Australia and are also
installing the first Somfy KNX system.
Some of the Projects with Façade Management
systems include, Hutchinson Builders, Santos
Place, Sunsuper in Coronation Office Park,
Leighton Builders Head office,123 Albert Street
and QUT Scitech Building.
The service we provide includes detailed wiring
schedules on A1 plans, co-coordinating with
electricians on site and the programming of the
blinds though a lap-top computer.
➋ Façade Management Project: Commercial Building.
Location:123 Albert Street.
Product: Façade management system.
➊ Façade Management ➌ Façade Management Project: Commercial Building.
Project: Commercial Building.
Location: Coronation Office Park -
Product: Anemio Components.
CDOP4, Milton
Product: Façade management system.
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curtains and tracks practical & safe
pleated blinds heat and glare control
| 16
KWA Blinds specialises in
Inherently Fire Retardant fabrics.
We are able to supply a wide range of fabrics in
different colours, designs and basecloths. We are
also able to provide Bedcovers, Pelmets, Shower
Curtains, Cushions and other Soft Furnishings.
KWA Blinds also supply a wide variety of
Commercial curtain track systems. Products
include various Hand Drawn, Cord Drawn and
Motorised Curtain Track Systems, Hospital/
Privacy Tracks and Shower Tracks.
➋ Curtains and Curtain Tracks Project: Commercial Building.
Location: Ipswich Courthouse.
Product: Curtains.
➊ Curtains and Curtain Tracks
➌ Curtains and Curtain Tracks Project: Commercial Building.
Project: Commercial.
Location: Royal Pines Hotel, Gold Coast.
Product: Curtain Tracks.
Product: Curtains.
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Project: Abigroup Brisbane Headquarters
Location: Stanley Street Plaza,
Southbank, Brisbane
Builder: Abigroup
In order to maintain outside vision to the views of the
123 Albert Street has achieved a 6 Star Green Star – Office
Parkland settings and the Brisbane city skyline, Verosol
Design v2 Rating and is designed to achieve a 5 Star
Silverscreen Fabric in Colour Dark Grey was chosen for
NABERS Energy Rating.
the 3 storey Brisbane Headquarters of Abigroup. The
To help achieve the 6 Star Green Star rating, KWA Blinds
Silverscreen fabric was also selected due to its ability to
has installed 2600 Verosol multi-linked motorised roller
substantially reduce heat and glare, increasing occupant
blinds with Enviroscreen 802 fabric. Enviroscreen is a
comfort and reducing air conditioning costs.
metallised fabric that is formaldehyde and PVC free. This
The blinds selected were multi-linked Ambience Roller blinds
100% Trevira CS fabric provides vision out whilst maintaining
- multiple blinds with one chain control mechanism allow for
the comfort of the occupants by substantially reducing
ease of use.
the amount of heat and glare entering the building. The
Project: 123 Albert Street
Location: Albert Street, Brisbane
Architect: Hassell Architects
Builder: Laing O’Rourke
blinds are controlled through a Somfy Animeo Façade
Management system.
| 18
Project: Ecosciences Precinct
Location: Boggo Road Urban Village,
Dutton Park.
Architect: Hassell Architects
Builder: Watpac
Project: Robina Hospital Expansion
Location: Robina, Gold Coast
Architect: BVN Architecture
Builder: Baulderstone
The Ecosciences Precinct is one of Australia’s leading
Robina Hospital has doubled its size to become a 364 bed
scientific research facilities bringing together over 1000
teaching hospital. KWA Blinds supplied the Roller Blinds and
research staff from four state agencies and six CSIRO
Bedscreen and Shower Tracks for the Hospital expansion.
divisions. The main research areas include: Climate Change,
Roller Blinds: KWA Blinds supplied over 550 Verosol
Healthy Environment, Balanced Growth and Sustainable
Ambience, Single and Multi-linked Roller Blinds, and
several Motorised Roller Blinds for the project. The fabric
The precinct as designed by Hassell Architects encourages
selected was Silverscreen due to its robust qualities, while
knowledge exchange and collabration through the use of
still providing vision out and heat reflection. Aspect fabric
shared spaces and resources. As part of the requirement
was utilized in those areas requiring blockout properties.
to reduce the glare in the building, KWA Blinds installed
Bedscreen Tracks: Monotrack Bedscreen tracks and
Verosol Ambience Roller Blinds with Headboxes and
Shower Tracks were supplied and installed throughout
Sunscreen fabric.
the facility.
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Project: Brisbane City Council/
Suncorp Metway
Location: George Street, Brisbane
Architect: Woods Bagot Architects/
Cox Rayner Architects
Project: Hutchinson Builders HQ
Location: Toowong, Queensland
Brisbane City Council
This building was the first in Australia to have a Somfy
1350 Verosol Mode Chain Operated Roller Blinds with Semi-
Animeo Facade Management System installed. The Somfy
Transparent Metallised Fabric, 121 Verosol Twin Motorised
Animeo System is a Building Management System that
Roller Blinds with Semi and Non-Transparent Metallised
utilises a combination of timers, sun tracking devices and
Fabric, 85 Motorised Skylight Pleated Blinds with Metallised
weather sensors, offering zone and individual room control to
Fabric to Angled Slash Windows.
maximise the efficiency of the Verosol Motorised Roller Blinds.
Suncorp Metway
Hutchinson’s Builders were very conscious of the
1350 Verosol Mode Chain Operated Roller Blinds with
Silverscreen Fabric, 31 Verosol Motorised Roller Blinds with
Veropaque and Silverscreen Fabric, 77 Bayliss Roller Blinds
with Oriental RS120 Fabric.
| 20
performance of the Verosol Silverscreen fabric being able
to reduce air conditioning running costs, thus providing a
reduction in CO2 Greenhouse gas emissions. Staff comfort
is maximised through a reduction of heat and glare, whilst
still maintaining vision through the blinds.
Project: Brisbane Magistrates Court
Location: George Street, Brisbane.
Projects: Riparian Plaza
Location: Brisbane
Architect: Geyer Design, Hassel Architects
64 Verosol Venetian Blinds. 570 Mode Roller Blinds - chain
Numerous tenancies including BHP Mitsubishi Alliance,
control. Verosol Metallised Fabric.
Clayton Utz, Wilson HTM and Citigroup to mention a few
Verosol’s metal backed fabric was
with Verosol Mode and Ambience Chain Operated Roller
selected for its heat reflective properties, glare reduction and
Blinds with Veroscreen Fabric.
transparency. The fabric also reduces the building’s energy
Verosol Motorised Roller Blinds with Veroscreen and
consumption and carbon footprint.
Blockout Fabrics.
21 |
Project: 400 George Street
Location: 400 George Street, Brisbane
Architect: Cox Rayner Architects
Project: Ipswich Courthouse
Location: Ipswich, Queensland
Architect: ABM Cox Rayner Architects
Cox Rayner Architects specified Verosol Ambience roller
The Ipswich Courthouse combines an open plan, well lit
blinds to provide tenants with the ability to control heat, light
design with a small environmental footprint. To help achieve
and glare on their own floors. KWA Blinds installed more
the feeling of openness KWA Blinds installed a range of
than 3000 blinds in a variety of colours including bronze,
translucent blinds and curtains.
sable, grey, taupe, ebony and gunmetal. This design detail
390 Verosol Mode Roller Blinds were installed for the offices
added architectural significance to the external appearance
and courtrooms. Dress Curtains and Sheers were installed
of the building as the different coloured blind fabrics spelt
in the conference room.
out 400 George in binary code around the building.
| 22
Project: Santos Place
Location: Turbot St, Brisbane
Architect: Donovan Hill
Project: Energex Building
Location: Breakfast Creek Rd, Newstead
Architect: BVN Architecture
Builder: FKP Property Group
36 Levels of Vertilux Motorised Roller Blinds controlled
The Energex Building is a 6 Star Green Star Building and
through the Building Management System via the innovative
was named the Queensland Development of the Year by the
Somfy Animeo System.
Property Council of Australia
The Santos Building has been awarded a 6 Star Rating by
KWA Blinds installed over 1600 Verosol Ambience roller
the Green Building Council of Australia.
blinds with Ecobalance fabric colour Onyx, throughout the
building. The fabric was selected as it contained no PVC
and is inherently Fire Retardant. Ecobalance fabric also
reduces glare and maintains a consistent appearance from
floor to floor.
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