Window Treatments Decorating Tips Choosing Style, Fabric and Color

Decorating Tips
Window Treatments
Choosing Style, Fabric and Color
The right curtains can add enormous personality to your room. But where do you start? Here are three
things to consider:
Style – Are you going for the minimal clean look or elegant sophistication? For a more dressy and formal
feel, use tailored cornices and curtains that just touch the floor. Or try extra-long curtains that pool or
puddle on the floor for a more romantic room. Shorter lengths imply a casual, relaxed, and informal space.
Or add a touch of grace without the expense of a full window treatment by using a simple valance.
Fabric – Fine silks, linens, cottons, polyesters—today’s market offers a seemingly infinite variety of fabrics.
Choose one that suits your room’s character and ambiance. The best advice? Go for quality. If pure silk
with gold thread isn’t in your budget, consider a high-quality cotton or polyester. Polyester can offer a
luxurious sheen that resembles silk yet resists wrinkles, shrinkage, and fading.
Color – Different colors carry different emotions that set a desired mood. Warm colors like red, orange,
and yellow are energetic, warm, and inviting; bright colors lend a room a sense of enthusiasm and
energy. Make a large room cozier with warm tones and richly colored accessories. Cool colors like blues,
greens, and purples are calmer, classic, and authoritative. Make a small room seem larger by using light,
cool tones. Neutral colors like white, taupe, and gray suggests quiet luxury and help provide a classic,
modern background.