Cleanse the hair TWICE with KeraGreen Keratin & Protein Hair System Clarifying Shampoo. This will help to remove residue and
open the hair’s cuticle for a better absorption of the Keratin Treatment. Rough dry the hair (75-80%) enough so the water will
not displace the product, but the hair is still slightly damp. This can best be accomplished with a blow dryer. After the rough dry,
you will be able to see where the hair appears most unruly and frizzy.
Application Methods:
Spray Bottle: Do Not Dilute the Product! The product is thick and might not mist; but you do not want a direct stream either.
Spray in a downward motion approximetley 10 inches away from the hair. You may store unused product in spray bottle and use
on the next client, as it has not been contaminated.
Bowl and Brush or Applicator Bottle: Start with 1 to 1 ½ oz. of the Keragreen Keratin Treatment. Add more product if needed in
½ oz. increments to avoid waste. Remember you MUST discard any unused product with this method.
Tip: Wear gloves during application so that product is absorbed by the hair and not your hands.
Divide the head into 4 sections. Begin application where the hair appears most unmanageable, frizzy, and or coarse. The subsections should be about 1/16” thick (similar to a credit card). Apply the Keragreen Keratin Treatment using your preferred
method. Use a fine tooth tail comb to pass through the hair to ensure even coverage. There should be very little, to no excess
product residue coming off onto the comb. It is important in either application method to ensure even coverage, and not to over
or under saturate the hair; this will hinder optimal results. Part the hair how client likes it, comb hair straight down. Do not twist
or clip up.
Tip: Oversaturation of the Protein Treatment may make the final result feel sticky and hard.
Leaving the hair straight down, cover with a plastic cap and place the client under a hooded dryer on high heat. Let the Keragreen
Keratin Treatment process in the hair for 20 to 30 minutes depending on texture. Do not wash or rinse out the product.
Tip: Do not use bouffant plastic caps that have elastic. They tend to slide back, removing product from the hairline. Tear away
processing caps can be found at (
Using thin sections and a round brush, blow dry the hair straight using med-high heat until the hair is completely (100%) dry.
Tip: Use a concentrator nozzle attachment on the blow dryer to best direct air flow over the brush. Point the dryer in a
downward direction at the section of hair you are drying, sealing the cuticle for smoothest results. Blow drying correctly is
equally as important as proper flat ironing.
Use a professional, ceramic flat iron that is temperature controlled and heats up to 450° F.
Any temperatures lower than the following guidelines will not seal the Keratin properly, and the hair will appear dull.
For Fragile, Damaged or Fine Hair: Iron temp should be 400°- 420° F. Flat Iron over the hair no more than three times.
For Chemically Treated Hair in Good Condition: Iron temp should be 430° F. Flat Iron over the hair four times.
For Virgin or Thick, Coarse Hair: Iron temp should be 450° F. Flat Iron over the hair five to six times.
Tip: If the ends of the hair are severely damaged or split, go over them fewer times to prevent further damage. Use appropriate
flat iron width for hair length (1½” max.). The ½” flat iron works great for roots and around the hairline.
Starting at the nape, using 1/8” sections, move the iron slowly from scalp to hair ends using the appropriate number of times
listed above. Take your time, it must be done properly. This is what seals the Keratin into the cuticle.
After Care:
Wait 3 days Minimum - 4 days Optimal before washing with the Keragreen Keratin and Protein Shampoo and Conditioner.
Prior to the first shampooing: Do not wet the hair. Do not use styling products. Do not clip or tie back hair. Keep the hair dry
and straight. If the hair does get wet or damp from rain, perspiration, etc.., blow dry and flat iron immediately. Clients may also
touch up any kinks or curls with a flat iron and/or blow dryer as often as necessary before and after first shampooing. This will
only help to seal the cuticle and expose soft, manageable, frizz-free hair with shine.
For the best results, it is important that the clients use the Keragreen Keratin and Protein Shampoo and Conditioner at home.
This will continually enhance the Keratin Treatment, where other shampoos might strip the product from the hair.
Tip: The Keragreen Keratin and Protein Maintenance Treatment is an optional follow-up service that can be performed at the
salon in between Keratin Treatments to extend the life of the service.
Eco-Friendly Green Tip: Be Environmentally Responsible! Purchase Keragreen Keratin and Protein Shampoo and Conditioner
Gallons to Refill your clients at home product bottles. This will reduce waste and ensure client loyalty!
Business Tip: Don’t forget to rebook your clients for their next service. Try offering Keragreen Keratin Treatments in Packages of
three. This will ensure they will see the maximum benefits of the product.
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