Lake Harriet Upper Campus

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Site Cell: 612-919-2004 Site Office: 612-668-3327
Main Office: 612-668-3890 Fax: 612-668-3895
Morning: Anita, Angelique, Carl G, Eve, John
Afternoon: Anita, Terry, Eve, Karl E
Parent Advisory Council Rep: Danette Kittleson (Ben’s mom)
Lake Harriet Upper Campus
April 2015
An accredited program by the MN Afterschool Accreditation Program
School Year Registration Opens
Registration for 2015—2016 opens Monday, April 20 for current families and May
4 for new families. We have kids in
grades 4—7 here and hope all our friends
continue with us next year!
If you have younger ones at Lower Campus, I recommend completing their contracts first and then doing the
Upper Campus contract.
Parent Rep Needed
As you think ahead to next year, please
consider volunteering to be our PAC rep.
The Parent Advisory Council is comprised
of a parent representative from each Mpls Kids site. Their
goal is to support and guide the continuous development
and improvement of the program. They meet about 5
times during the school year at the Davis Center. The
meetings are held on Thursday evenings 6:00—7:30pm
with dinner served 5:30—6:00. Childcare is provided.
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Please let Anita know if you are interested. Thanks!
Kids Welcome:
Summer Registration
Registration for Summer 2015
opened March 16. Enrollment is open
to kids entering grades 1—7. We will
join the younger kids at Lower Campus. A calendar of activities is posted
on our website to help with your
planning. The program will be open
Thursday, June 11—Friday, August 14.
Please note, we are closed Monday, June 8—Wednesday,
June 10 for summer prep and staff training.
Accreditation Update
We continue to improve our program through the MAAP
accreditation process. We discovered a few spots that
need clarification from MAAP before we have our official
validator visit. Therefore we are opting to postpone our
final visit from this spring to next school year.
Before School 6:30—9:30am
After School 4:10—6pm
Non-School Days at LC 6:30am—6pm
Happy April Birthdays!
1—Lilly B
14—Ameya P
4—Angelique 19—Eve
6—Sophie B 20—Quinn W
10—Samantha F
Spring Break at Lower Campus
Mon—Fri, March 30—April 3
Monday, May 25
Last Day of School:
Friday, June5
Projects—It’s a good day whenever we
bring out the tracks and marbles to make
rollercoasters. Tracks were all over the
cafeteria including down the railing.
The finger looms are a big hit with both
boys and girls making backpack tags and
bracelets. The NCAA basketball tourney is
all the rage at this time of year too. After
examining all the various team stats, predictions were made in pen on official
bracket sheets. Then each day the results
Afternoon Families
If your child will NOT be attending after school as
scheduled, please give us a call at 612-919-2004 or send
an email to Anita by 3pm. It saves us a phone call to
you. Thanks!
Snack—Our snack is provided by the district Nutrition
Center and there is a 2 week rotation. We choose to
add extra fruit & veggies every day which the kids love.
Kids may have 1 each of the official snack & extra fruits
or veggies as desired. The current menu:
Week 1
Week 2
are analyzed. Lots of fun for our basketball fans!
Thanks to 5th graders Marin T & Sophia S
for creating and leading the pom pom
animals project. All loved how cute the
animals turned out. They did a great job!
We welcome others who want to lead.
Gym—Baseball and softball season has
arrived so that means limited gym time
for us. We will take advantage of any
open time in the gym and the hallways
and atrium for modified games when the
teams are practicing.
In our accreditation kid survey, more than half of the
kids didn’t like what was offered. The snack menu is set
for this year, so we decided to poll the kids for their
suggestions and send them to the Nutrition Center for
consideration for next year’s menu. They had lots of
ideas and we grouped them into categories:
Chips/Crackers—chips (15), popcorn (5), Cheez-its (3),
goldfish (3), Doritos (2), Sun Chips
Protein/Dairy—chicken legs (5), pizza (2), turkey jerky,
nuts (2), cheese, yogurt, pudding cups, sherbet
Pretzels, apple juice Zac Attack bar, apple juice
Fruits & Veggies—raspberries (2), strawberries, kiwi,
mango, pickles
Carrots & ranch dip, Apple slices & sunbutter,
cheese stick, water cheese stick, water
Beverages—mimosas (juice and sparkle water),
smoothies, chocolate milk
Cliff Bar, vanilla milk Cookie, vanilla milk
Dried fruit—fruit snacks, Motts fruit snacks, Fruit Roll
Ups, Fruit by the Foot, Gushers
Sun Chips, fruit punch
Banana loaf, chocolate
Cereal, white milk
Treats—candy (5), cupcakes/cake (5), Oreos, cookies
(3), donuts, junk food (7), muffins, Fun Dip, gummy
bears (2)
Spring Break at Lower Campus
Non-School Day Families
Reminders for Non-School Days:
 All kids MUST be pre-registered. Sorry, no drop-ins are allowed.
 We are at LOWER Campus
 Please use Door #3 on Drew Ave.
 Bring a lunch + drink every day. Make it disposable for FT days.
 Send outdoor gear—coat, snow pants, boots, hat & mittens
 Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure time for field trips
 Contact the main office with scheduling questions
 Detailed Activity Calendar—on our website
Mon, Mar 30 Pepitos and Movie
10:30—3:30p lunch included
Tues, Mar 31 National Board Game Final Four
Wed, Apr 1 Good Times Park
Gr 2+ 9:30—1:00 and Gr K-2 12:00—3:30
Tennis shoes required
Thurs, Apr 2 Goin’ on a Bear Hunt
Fri, Apr 3 Science Museum 10:15—3:45
Bring a disposable lunch.
Our Mission: To provide high quality school age child care for families. We offer a safe,
nurturing, educational and recreational experience where children are encouraged to
pursue interests and develop friendships, independence, and confidence.
Thurs Bug Bites, fruit
punch juice
Morning Families