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April Competition Results
Name these fish:
a) Haddock, b) Cod c) Coalfish, Coley or Saithe d) Pollack
Target Fish for May
Gilthead Bream – Sparus aurata
A very deep bodied, powerful fish
with spiked dorsal and anal fins
and a prominent forked tail. It has
a slightly larger mouth than its
black cousin. The main
identification is the shiny gold
(gilt) bar between the eyes.
Minimum size: 1.134 kg (2.8lb) Specimen size: 2.268kg (5.0lb)
Paul’s Pointers
Paul Robinson suggests a very simple running ledger for targeting gilthead bream;
you can use an American snap swivel or a zip slider, a small weight (1oz) so as not
to spook the fish and a strong size 1 hook.
Junior Newsletter
May 2015 edition No 211
Junior Leader: John Brooks, 3 Link Close, Falmouth TR11 4AB
07966 757322 or 01326 211919 [email protected]
Results April Competition on Newlyn Pier
1 = David Massimino-Jenkins –15 points
2 = Ellie & Billy Williams – 5 points
April Meeting
Jamel Robinson, Michael Stevens-Osmond, Billy Williams, Ellie Williams,
Matt Simons - 10 points each
David Massimino- Jenkins, Jenson Hewitt, Holly Illston = 5 points each
Sunday 17
May Competition – Species Hunt
May from 15.00–18.00 meet at ASDA Hayle car park.
May Meeting
Monday 25 May 19.00 – 20.30 in the Watersports Centre on the
Albert Pier, Penzance. Bring your reels if you need free new line.
Baits that gilthead bream go for include: rag and lug worm, razor fish, peeler and
hard back crabs and prawns. Remember these fish put up a good fight so have
your clutch adjusted so they can take line if necessary.
Remember you get 5 points for attending a meeting or fishing a junior
competition or sending in Quiz Answers.
Thanks to Newtown Angling Centre, Mermaid Tackle Shop &
West Cornwall Angling Centre
for their continuing support of competitions.
Specimen Fish Competition
Jordan Bishop still leading with a three bearded rockling of 93.75%
Life Boat Trip
This will be on Sunday 7 June leaving Newlyn Harbour leaving at 10.00
(weather permitting). Please text or email me if you want to go as you
will need a special consent form.
Who is Kevin Williams?
Kevin is Billy and Ellie’s dad. He has been fishing on
and off since he was a teenager with limited success.
However, since Billy joined MBAS three years ago the
family catch rate has greatly improved, thanks mainly
to Mark Willey and Paul Robinson passing on their
knowledge and tips. He now wants to help other
people to be more successful and for their catch
rates to improve.
Label the Fixed Spool Reel
Five points when you email or text me your answers.
May Competition
This will be held at Hayle from 15.00-18.00 on Sunday 17th May, meet
in ASDA Car Park at 14.45. We will be targeting mullet, gilthead bream
and wrasse.
Scoring will be 5 points for a fish below minimum, 10 points if it is
above minimum and 15 points if it is a specimen. Remember you only
enter the best fish of each species you catch.
Future Competitions
Sunday 14 June 14.00-17.00 at Penberth Cove
Saturday 11th July 11.00-15.00 at Cudden Point
Sunday 26th July Junior Cornishman Competition – Rover Competition
Weigh-In at Bath Inn 19.00-19.30
Sunday 2 August 15.00-19.00 on Newlyn Pier
Shore Knock Out Competition
The first round ends at midnight on Sunday 24th May. Any fish above
minimum weight can be weighed in with a fish recorder and it can be
caught anywhere in Cornwall. You do NOT have to fish with your
opponent. Angler 1 fishes against angler 2, 3 against 4, 5 against 6 and
so on. If neither person catches a fish above minimum size, then the
second angler goes through for the draw for the second round which
will be on Monday 25th May.
Shore League
April Results
1st David Massimino-Jenkins with 8pts; 2nd = Billy and Ellie 2pts each
1st David Massimino-Jenkins 16pts
2nd Jamel Robinson. 15pts
3rd = Billy and Ellie Williams. 12pts
5th Matt Symons. 8pts
6th Dylan Pulley. 6pts
7th Max Wardle. 3pts
8th Jenson Hewitt. 2pts
9th = James Collenso and Michael Stevens-Osmand 1pt