Class of 2015 Graduation Newsletter_4.29.15

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April 2015
Important Dates for the Class of 2015:
Graduation Contracts Due by 3:00 p.m.!
Senior Check-Out Form available in Infinite Campus
Yearbook Distribution
5/13 & 5/14 Wednesday / Thursday
Senior Finals
7:35 a.m.—2:50 p.m.
Block Days
Senior Check-Out
All day
Counseling Office
Taste of Vista
During Lunches
Front Lot / Commons
COMPLETED Check-out Forms due
NO LATER THAN 3:00 p.m. Counseling Office
Senior Class Picture
9:50 a.m.
Moving Up Ceremony
10:14 a.m.
Senior BBQ
11:00—12:20 p.m.
Upper Field
Senior Video & Graduation Expectations
12:30—1:15 p.m.
Cap / Gown Pick-up
1:15—2:15 p.m.
Outside Auditorium
Senior Cording Ceremony * by invitation only
5:30 p.m.
Main Gym
Senior Awards *by invitation only
7:00 p.m.
9:00 a.m.
Red Rocks
Diploma Pick-up
9:00-11:00 a.m. only
Counseling Office
Important Information:
Seniors must successfully complete all of the academic requirements, including correspondence and other out-of-school course
work, no later than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the graduation
The name printed on the diploma will be the graduate’s legal name, as
it appears on his / her birth certificate.
Seniors are required to ride the bus from MVHS to Red Rocks, on
graduation morning May 20, 2015. Departure time is at 7:00 a.m.
Meet in the MVHS upper main hall. If a student requires return transportation, please contact Heidi Schuster at 303-387-1519 no later than
May 8th. There is no bus service returning to MVHS after the
Tickets will only be required at Red Rocks Amphitheatre for elderly /
disabled seating.
Reminder: Unofficial Transcripts for personal use or proof of insurance purposes may be printed from the Parent / Student Portal only
until June 30, 2015. Final official transcripts will be sent to the college
of choice as indicated in your senior’s check-out survey in Naviance.
Will you or your guests need a sign language interpreter? Please
call Susie Durdy at 303-387-1504 by May 8th to make arrangements.
Inside this issue:
Page 1—Senior Calendar of Events
—Important Information
Page 2—Senior Finals Schedule
Page 3—DCSD Board Policy
—Graduation Dress / Behavior
—Senior Deadlines
Page 4—Graduation Contingency Plan
Page 5—Red Rocks Parking and Elderly /
Disabled Seating requests
Page 6—Red Rocks Parking Information,
Directions, and Map
Page 7—Senior Graduation Contract
Page 8 –Graduation Live Streaming
Page 9—Graduation Portrait Information
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Page 3
In order to participate in graduation exercises, a student must demonstrate behavior, deemed by the building
principal, to be compatible with the district’s behavioral expectations.
A student may be denied the privilege of participating in the high school’s formal graduation ceremony, if,
during the semester prior to his / her graduation, he/she has been suspended from school for conduct which:
Disrupts / threatens to disrupt the operation of the school;
Interferes in any way with the rights and privileges of other students / citizens; or
Endangers the health, safety, or welfare of any person.
Graduation Behavior
Mountain Vista High School’s 2015 graduation promises to be a very special occasion. MVHS staff, parents, family members
and friends look forward to a dignified and respectful ceremony. Please help make graduation a positive memory for all in
Student Attire for Graduation
We suggest that ladies wear dresses or dress slacks and low heeled shoes and gentlemen wear a collared shirt, dress slacks
and dress shoes. Parents, please do not allow your graduate to wear inappropriate clothing, such as tennis shoes, flip-flops,
shorts, muscle shirts, tee-shirts, etc. Appropriate clothing is an important factor in maintaining the dignity of the graduation
ceremony. We do encourage our graduates and their guests to dress for the weather conditions on the day of graduation.
Community Service:
All seniors must have a minimum of 20 hours of documented community service during grades 9 through 12. All documentation must be
turned into the Ms. Kathy Reed, in the copy room. The community service forms can be located on the MVHS website, click on Counseling.
Ms. Reed also has forms available in the copy room. You will not be able to walk at graduation until this requirement for graduation is complete.
Deadline: Friday, May 1, 2015, 2:30 p.m.
Senior Scholarships & Awards:
Has your senior been awarded a scholarship, award or grant? The counseling office would like to document this information. Please have
your senior bring a hard copy of this information to Ms. Lori Cagle in the Counseling Office or email it to [email protected]
Deadline: Monday, May 4, 2015, 3:00 p.m.
Check-Out and Fees:
Check-Out sheets need to be filled out, signed, surveys completed, and ALL fees need to be paid in order for the bookkeeper to sign off for
graduation. COMPLETED Check-Out forms will then be turned in to Counseling and your respective counselor, ONE DAY ONLY on Thursday, May 14. No appointment is necessary. Participation in our graduation ceremony is contingent on turning in this Check-Out form and paying ALL outstanding fees.
Deadline: Thursday, May 14, 2015, 3:00 p.m., Counseling office
Page 4
Graduation Contingency Plan
Page 5
Red Rocks Amphitheatre Parking
The gates at Red Rocks will be open at 8:00 a.m. Please arrive early to avoid traffic. The ceremony will begin promptly at 9:00
a.m. General parking is in the Upper North Lot, Lower North Lot, Lower South Lot 1 and the Lower South Lot 2.
Handicapped Parking is available at the top of the park, in the Upper South Lot, for those with official state issued handicapped
parking tags/plates. We have made arrangements for shuttle buses to pick up elderly/disabled guests in the parking lot across
from the Upper South Parking Lot. (Please consult the map for its location.) The shuttle bus will run from this lot to the backstage
entrance of the Amphitheatre. From that point, it is a relatively short, gentle walk to the reserved section. There will be faculty
available to offer any assistance to this reserved section. We have established a wheelchair brigade, consisting of MVHS staff
members, who will happily transport those in need of assistance via wheelchairs to this reserved seating section. The elderly/
disabled person may be accompanied by one family member in this reserved section. Remember, entire families cannot be accommodated in these few rows. Please be respectful so we can adequately accommodate those who truly need to be seated in
the reserved section. After dropping off guests that need shuttle services, you may then proceed to one of the general admission
parking lots.
After the ceremony, staff assistance and shuttle buses will be available to pick up elderly/disabled guests at the backstage entrance and return them to the Upper South Parking Lot. You may retrieve your car and pick up your passengers at the Upper
South Lot.
The City and County of Denver has a general admission parking fee of $10.00 per car.
Please see the parking map included in the newsletter. Questions? Please call Ms. Deanne McLendon at 303-387-1512.
1. Visitor Center Drive Entrance (W. Alameda Parkway)
1. Upper North Lot
2. Red Rocks Park Road East Entrance
2. Upper South Lot-Handicapped
3. Red Rocks Park Road South Entrance
3. Lower North Lot
4. (Not Available) Titans Road
4. Lower South Lot 1
5. Lower South Lot 2
Mountain Vista High School — Graduation Tickets and Preferred Seating
The first few rows at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre have been set aside as preferred seating for our elderly / disabled guests.
We are not able to accommodate entire families within these first few rows. One family member may accompany a special
needs guest. General seating for additional guest / family members will begin above the faculty section.
A ticket is required for elderly / disabled seating. Tickets will not be available at the door. Please indicate below the number of elderly / disabled tickets your family requires. The tickets will be distributed to seniors on Friday, May 15th, when they
pick-up their caps and gowns.
Student Name:___________________________________________________________________________________
Number of guests requiring preferred seating for elderly / disabled:_________
Accompanying family member: 1
Total number of tickets:___________
*Return this form to Ms. McLendon, in the main office, by Friday, May 8th.*
Page 6
There will be reserved seating in front for guests who have trouble with stairs. In order to accommodate
everyone, we request that companions be limited to only 1 (please see Preferred Seating Ticket Information on page 5).
VERY IMPORTANT: To access the front section of the Amphitheatre, guests with valid Handicap Parking tags should park in the UPPER SOUTH LOT. An accessible shuttle will take you up the backstage
road to a ramp leading to Row 1. If you need this assistance but do not have handicap parking tags,
you may be dropped off at the entrance to the handicap parking in the Upper South Lot.
All park entrances can access all parking lots, although entrances 2 & 3 have the most direct access to
the Upper South Lot. Entrance 4 will not be available to access the Upper South Lot. Guests should
arrive as early as possible to ensure space availability and to reach their seats prior to the start time.
Once inside the Amphitheatre you will need to climb stairs to reach all rows above Row 1. Only Row 1
is accessible to wheelchairs.
Accessible restrooms are available at the south Amphitheatre entrance, new North Concession Stand,
and at the top of the Amphitheatre.
If you are coming to Red Rocks from the South Metro area, you usually take the Morrison Exit. Sometimes the traffic on C-470 can get very backed up. Here’s an alternate route to get you to the Amphitheatre: From C-470 exit to Highway 285 South, the Fairplay exit. Travel 1 1/2 miles up Highway 285 to
your first exit which reads Highway 8 – Morrison, Evergreen. Follow Highway 8 to Morrison and make a
left to Red Rocks Entrance 3.
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Graduation Live Streaming
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