MSCS Board Minutes - Mountain Sun Community School

Mountain Sun Community School
Board Meeting Minutes
Open Session
Overlook Building
November 1, 2014
Members present: Dilshad, Sebring, Margaret, Tom, Julie, Becky, Wendy,
Harvest, Jennifer
The meeting was chaired by Dilshad and minutes recorded by Jennifer.
Minutes approval
The minutes from October 4, 2014, were approved.
Treasurer report
Tom gave his final report as treasurer.
 October ended with a cash balance of $11,876.
 65% of revenue came from gifts, events or grants
 With average monthly tuition at $13,000-$15,000, the school needs at
least $12,000 in fundraising gifts and loans per month to cover basic
 Money needed to meet P-note obligations through June 2015 is a total of
Finding a new Executive Director
 The search committee will consist of: Dilshad, Harvest, Becky L, Joy
Baron, and another staff member.
 The job description will be completed soon and posted by the first of
December. Resumes will be due by January 15, and a new director
chosen by March 1.
 Seyl is setting up an email address to receive employment inquiries.
Community Meeting
 Wendy has been working on a plan to use stickies for parents to write
comments on.
 The meeting will focus more on socializing and feature a potluck dinner.
 The meeting will be from 5:00-7:00pm on November 18.
 Location will likely be the cafeteria at Keystone but some heated
locations are being considered also.
MSCS Board Minutes, 11-1-2014
Long Range Plan
 Margaret will update parents about the plan at the community meeting.
Relocation Committee
 The committee consists of Terri Trimble, Julie Holt, and Jim Fox.
 The committee has identified some alternative options to ask for with
lease agreements, including perhaps an agreement with reduced lease
payment in exchange for tax deduction for the landlord, or a ballooning
lease payment over the years as enrollment increases.
 Key features include: room for potential expansion, location in or near
Brevard or Pisgah Forest, and sufficient outdoor space and natural
 Six potential sites are currently being considered.
Advisory Board
 The board decided to go ahead with creating an advisory board consisting
of individuals with an interest in and/or history with MSCS. These
individuals will be listed on the website and can be called upon for
advice. They may be invited to yearly gatherings.
 Dilshad and Julie will contact the following individuals and invite them to
join: Michael Brown, Tom Warth, Theresa Webber, Danna Smith, and
John Shackleton. Julie is also talking to a contact regarding this.
The meeting was closed.
MSCS Board Minutes, 11-1-2014