Bulletin - Mountains Shadows Chapel

Prayer Requests
Anna Bishop
Barbara’s 2 Sisters & 2 Brothers
Betty Jo Allen
Bill & Hazel Dodson
Benton Family(House Fire)
Bob & Rebecca Lawson
Bobby Garrett
Charlene Cheatwood
Charles Hicks
Dan/Brenda Harrison
Shirey Harrison
Darlene Taylor
Daryl Bishop
Danny Peters
Dave and Cathy Miller
David Olson
Debbie Chandler
Deborah Crawford
Deborah Hare
Don and Shirley Blalock
Doris & James Morris
Doug and Joann Moriarita
Elizabeth Ferguson
Freeda & Ron Trail
Fred Austin
Gary & Patricia Fankhauser
Glenda Ley
Homer/Louise Bailey
Imogene Robbins
James Harmer
Jan Banks
Jane Mills
Janelle Murphy
Jerry Whitley
Joe/Barbara Hicks
Joe Freeman(Lung Cancer)
Ken/Judy Leonard
Jordan Pugh
Josh Thomas
June Hamilton
Karyn & Aaron
Unsaved / lost Family & Friends
United States of America
Kathy and Nelson Miller
Kathy Miller’s sister - Linda
Kelly Reno
Kelly Stephens
Lillian Justice’s Father
Linda Besley
Linda Karon
Lindsay Gary
LeAnn Lecroy
Lonnie Graham Jackson
Mandy Reindo
Martha Stanley
Mary Gooch
Maureen Conti
Masey Smith(Stage 4 Cancer)
Megan Suprlof
Michael Cipola (Glacoma)
Mike (Glacoma)
Mike Owen & Family
Misty Delong
Morse Family
Owens Family
Pat McLaughlin (eye)
Pat Norris
Reece Dodson (Brain Tumor 8 yrs old)
Robby Roe
Robert Bracewell & Family
Royce Pierce
Sandy Caswell (Brain Cancer)
Sarah Cantrell
Sherry Culberson
Shirley Odom
Shirley & Bobby Dyer
Sylvia Beauchamp
Teresa Stone
Tommy Leach
Tyler Campagnone (Down syndrome)
Viola Jaworski
Watts Family
Wendy Casey
Whitworth Family
Nursing Home Ministry
All our Military & their families
We try to keep the prayer list updated as accurately as possible. If you notice a name
has been deleted in error, please let us know and we will correct immediately
Mountain Shadows Chapel
“Learning and Living the Truth of God’s
Sunday – April 26th, 2015
9:00 AM – Worship Service
Mountain Shadows Chapel
692 Mountain Shadows Drive
Unit 26
Cleveland, GA 30528
Chapel Website:
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Celebration of Worship and Praise
Time of Giving
Time in the Word
If you are visiting with us, we want you to know how blessed we
are to have you with us today. Thank you so much for
worshipping with us and make yourself at home.
Please make sure to sign the guest book in the entryway and
include your email address. We will let you know in advance of
special events so you can mark your calendars to attend!
If you would like to be included in/or have changes to the
Mountain Shadows Chapel Directory, please email your request
to [email protected]
(Now available on the Chapel Website)
Pastor Michael Parker
[email protected]
Home: (706) 778-8118 Cell: (706) 499-7847
Chapel Board Members
Your Chapel Board members are here to serve you – please contact us with needs that
arise or for your prayer requests.
Johnny Brown – President
(770) 654-8977 Ann Helms – Secretary
(404) 259-1532
Robert Smith – Vice President (706) 865-3191 Ace Wilson – Outreach (706) 865-9228
Dan Harrison – Co Treasurer (478) 747-4091 Dan Risener – Outreach (810) 577-2969
Carolyn Jones – Co Treasurer (229) 815-0133 Susan Davis – Outreach (229) 347-1414
Fellowship & Refreshments
After this morning’s service, we want to encourage you to join us
in the Members Lodge (adjacent to the Country Store) for coffee
and donuts…and of course some great fellowship!
Bible Study
Please join us on Tuesday Evenings for Bible Study @ 6:00PM in
the Civic Room of the Clubhouse
Chapel Ministries
The Bears that you see throughout the chapel are for you to take
as the Lord would lead you. If you (or someone you know) are
going through a difficult time or the service is extra special to
you, please take one as a reminder of God’s love and remember
that Mountain Shadows Chapel loves you!
Nursing Home
We would like to encourage you to become active in ministering
to your community. One area in need is local nursing homes
where often times these people are forgotten. Contact Ann
Helms today @ (404) 259-1532 and see how you may become a
blessing to those in this community!
The Chapel is selling coffee mugs for $10 – of which $5 goes to help
support Children in the park battling Cancer. Please help support this
ministry and purchase one today!
Men’s Breakfast
Our Next Men’s Breakfast will be each Saturday, at the Western
Sizzlin’ off Hwy 75 at 8.15am. Meet at the clubhouse at 8.00am to
carpool or meet us there!