Dellwood Recovery Center Family/Concerned Persons Program Substance Abuse

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Dellwood Recovery Center
Substance Abuse
Treatment Programs
Persons Program
The effects of substance abuse extend beyond
the person who is chemically dependent.
Dellwood offers a comprehensive and confidential
program to support family and friends. The
Family/Concerned Persons program includes
group sessions, educational materials and private
conferences with the patient and their family/
concerned persons, combined patient and family/
concerned persons group, and referral for family
therapy to address family and relationship issues.
Continued Intensive
Outpatient Groups
Counselor-facilitated outpatient groups are
available for adults that have completed any
Dellwood primary program or who have completed
a program at another care facility and need further
Admission and Assessment
The admission and assessment process involves
the completion of a client questionnaire and a
private informational assessment interview with
a counselor. In addition, the counselor will also
interview a family and/or concerned person of
the applicant.
To schedule an appointment for a substance abuse
assessment or to apply for admission to Dellwood
Recovery Center call 763-688-7723 and select
option 2.
Dellwood Recovery Center
701 South Dellwood
Cambridge, MN 55008
763-688-7723 (Option 2)
Adult Treatment Programs
Dellwood Recovery Center is a recognized
leader in helping individuals recover from
substance abuse. For over 25 years, our staff
has helped thousands recover their sobriety
and establish happier more productive
lifestyles, free from the influence of alcohol
or other drugs.
A wide range of treatment programs are available to help
adults and adolescents. Outpatient programs are available
for both adults and adolescents and inpatient/residential
care is available for adults. A program is also offered to
support families and concerned persons. All programs are
based on the concepts and philosophies of Alcoholics
Anonymous (AA) and the Twelve Steps®.
Our professional staff includes licensed alcohol and drug
counselors, physicians, psychologists, family therapists,
and registered nurses.
A complete continuum of care is available for adults
with substance and dependence issues. Both inpatient
and outpatient programs are available and include heath
assessments, educational presentations, peer group
therapy, individual counseling, anger management,
relapse prevention, mental health and substance abuse
groups, and family education and counseling.
Inpatient/Residential Care
Inpatient care is provided at Cambridge Medical Center
in a secure unit for patient safety and privacy. Admitted
patients typically are those who require medical
stabilization for withdrawal symptoms. Nursing care is
provided around the clock. Individualized treatment
plans are created for each patient to help them transition
from inpatient to outpatient care.
Outpatient Care
Outpatient programs are offered at different times of day
and at multiple locations to meet the needs of a wide
range of clients. A six-hour intensive day program is
available on the Cambridge Medical Center campus.
Three-hour morning and evening programs are offered
at satellite sites in Cambridge and in Mora.
‘Insight’ Self Assessment Class
Insight is a class for people who have not been diagnosed
as chemically dependent but whose chemical use has
caused problems or concerns. The class provides an
opportunity for participants to conduct their own self
assessment of the severity of their alcohol or drug use.
Participants look at how their use of chemicals affects
their lives and then consider what actions they wish
to take. This one-day, eight hour class is taught by a
licensed alcohol and drug counselor.
Adolescent Treatment
Outpatient Care
Dellwood’s outpatient program is designed to help
adolescents recover from substance abuse and provide
them with long-term support while keeping them
connected to their schools and communities. The
program uses evidence-based best practice models to
connect teens with their counselors for longer periods
of time, resulting in extra support for the challenges
adolescents face.
The majority of treatment is conducted through
group therapy sessions led by a licensed alcohol and
drug counselor and individual counseling sessions
to address the adolescent’s needs and develop life
changing treatment goals.
This is a three phase program that meets after school.
In Phase 1, patients meet four days a week for 4-6
weeks. In Phase 2, patients attend two to three times a
week for up to 6 weeks. In Phase 3, patients meet once
a week for up to 20 weeks.
Teen Intervene
Teen Intervene is a non-confrontational program that
provides education and support for teens that have
experienced mild to moderate chemical use. The goal
is to educate teens about chemical use, create doubt
regarding continued use, and set goals to reduce and
quite chemical use. The program consists of three
90-minute one-on-one sessions with a licensed alcohol
and drug counselor and uses a series of questions and
activities that have successfully helped teens evaluate
their chemical use and consider the consequences
verses the benefits of continued use.