Newsletter No 9 16th April

16th April 2015
Newsletter no: 9
School Vision
Inspiring a passion for learning and personal
excellence, whilst preparing students to
become globally responsible citizens.
PO Box 689
Vale Street
Phone: 5976 5500
Fax: 5975 8219
Term Break
Production Meeting 3.45 in
Staff Room
Welcome back everyone. I trust you all had an
enjoyable Easter Break.
Friday 17th
School disco
(Parent Helpers Needed)
Juniors: 4.30-5.30pm
Seniors 5.45—7.00pm
Mod 3 Camp Golden Valley
Once again the term promises to be an engaging and
exciting one with ‘events; such as camps, NAPLAN,
School Production, Sports events, reports and
Education Week, including the Michael Ymer Maths
Forum for Parents. There is much to look forward to!
Thursday 16th
Tuesday 28th
Parents & Friends Meeting 7pm
Wednesday 29th
House Athletics Ballam Park
Friday 8th
Mother’s Day Stall
Monday 11th
School Council Meeting 5.30pm
Thursday 28th May
MICHAEL YMER is back by popular
Maths Forum Night for Parents not to
be missed!
Booking slips will be sent out to
families next week.
School Production
Monday 22nd June and
Tuesday 23rd June 2015
Playground Culture
Each year, all students participate in a range of class
activities to develop a positive classroom and
playground culture.
This assists students in understanding the ways they
contribute to the ‘social climate’ of their classrooms and
their playground, as well as expectations relating to
their behaviour, both in the classroom and beyond.
Monitoring and managing behavior in the playground is
an important aspect of this expectation.
So how do we work towards creating a positive
playground culture and manage issues as they arise in
the playground?
Firstly, we emphasise the importance of our ‘school
values’. This is done regularly through many
processes including Citizen of the Term; playground
awards at assembly; Positive Classroom Culture and
through the IB Learner Profile and Attitudes. Of course
positive attitudes and behaviours are constantly being
reinforced through acknowledging appropriate
behaviours and ensuring there are appropriate
consequences for those behaviours that don’t reflect
our school values.
Email address: [email protected]
Further to this, with have developed and implemented
social skills programs that teach children appropriate
behaviours, both generally and in the playground
context. Cath Sheridan, Student Wellbeing, also works
with children on a regular basis to assist them in
developing appropriate behaviours.
In the playground, three teachers, as well as
numerous teacher aides, monitor the playground at
recess and lunchtimes.
These teachers wear a ‘fluro vest’, to make them easy
for children to spot. They carry a basic first aid pack
and a folder that includes a ‘behaviour record’ sheet.
As well as distributing ‘raffle tickets’ to students who
demonstrate positive behaviours, the teachers on
playground duty record the names of any students
who misbehave in the playground. This includes
details of the incident and the appropriate
Most behaviours are dealt with by the teacher on
duty. Some are referred to the student’s class teacher
for further follow-up, whilst a few may end up being
investigated by myself or Assistant Principals, Tina
Vallance and Susan Mattingley. All incidents from the
playground folder are then recorded in an Excel
On a weekly basis, this information is emailed to our
Mod Leaders for discussion at the weekly Mod
Planning Meetings, attended by our teachers.
The purpose of this is to monitor the behavior of
students generally, as well as focusing on any
students who may be regularly causing difficulties in
the playground and examine possible courses of
action to assist the student in choosing more
appropriate behaviors. This may include intervention
from either the Mod Leaders, Assistant Principals or
myself as needed.
Our purpose here is not one of punishment, but of
supporting students in making the right choices when
interacting with others. Consequences may involve a
recess or lunchtime detention or missing an activity.
Students will often write letters of apology; behavior
reflections and/or be involved in restorative circles—
designed to assist students in reflecting on how their
behaviour impacts on others.
Consequences are applied based on a ‘staged
response’ approach that takes into account the nature
of the indiscretion and past behaviours of the student.
The ‘comprehensive’ processes we are implementing
to develop a positive social/learning environment, and
monitor playground behaviours, are complex and
difficult to fully articulate within the limited scope of a
newsletter article. The systems we have in place work
very well—most of the time. This means that
inappropriate behaviours are dealt with in a
systematic manner that is likely to reduce difficulties
in the playground.
Silvio Vitale
Mornington Primary School is
A great place to educate!
Disco tomorrow night!
If you are in After Care and would like to go to the
Junior Disco (4.30-5.30pm) bring in some cloths and
your money and let Janet and Sue know. We can take
you over then your parents can pick you up from the
Each year Parents and Friends provide a Mother’s
Day stall for our students to buy a carefully chosen
item for that special person on Mother’s Day. We are
currently seeking donations for this stall. If you are
able to help out please leave your donation at the
school office.
Easter Bunny here, thank you for inviting me to
M.P.S. parade. My friends Elsa, Emmett, Minecraft
and Ironman had a great time. Elsa loved that you all
sang her song to farewell her. I look forward to
coming back next year and bringing along some more
special friends. Thank you for having us.
The Easter raffle was an outstanding success raising
over $3,700. Thank you to everyone for all your
Email address: [email protected]
Could we please have all unsold raffle ticket books
returned so that we can check them off, and reuse
a relaxing, albeit noisy, time. We look forward to
seeing you all there.
The Parents and Friends Team
It’s Nearly Time – Get those dancing shoes on!
Friday 17th April
Junior Disco– 4.30 to 5.30pm
(Stars, Preps, Grade 1 and 2s)
Senior Disco 5.45 to 7.00pm
(Grades 3, 4, 5 & 6)
4pm until sold out:
BBQ (sausages & onions, hamburgers, coleslaw &
onions), soft drinks, water, choc tops, tea, coffee,
juice, milk, nibbles and glow products. Make sure you
arrive nice and early as no food or drink (other than
water) can be consumed in the hall. The bbq will not
be open after the senior disco but hot and cold drinks,
ice creams, nibbles and glow products will still be
Entry to M.P.S school disco is $5 per student.
Younger siblings and mums and dads will be admitted
free during the Junior Disco. This is a school event
and as such is only open to M.P.S. students. Whilst in
the hall students will be under the supervision of their
teachers and must be collected from the hall at the
end of each disco by an adult. The roster for the disco
night is now available on the window at the school
office or you can text Anne Garlick on 0409181770
with your availability. We still need help to run a
successful evening with at least 14 people for the
two shifts: 4pm to 5.30pm and 5.30 to 7pm or if
you have a spare hour to begin the set up or
collection of food 2.30 to 3.30pm. Many hands
make light work!
M.P.S. is once again participating in the Victorian
Premiers Reading Challenge. This week every
student will have received a letter from the Premier of
Victoria inviting them to take up the reading
challenge. Students from Prep, Grades 1 & 2, will
need to participate in 30 books, i.e. teacher, or mum
and dad, brother or sister can read a book to you.
Students in grades 3, 4, 5 & 6 need to read 15 books,
made up of 10 challenge and 5 choice. Any books
read since the beginning of the school year can also
be included. Teachers have the passwords to enable
students to enter their books read on line. For all
reading challenge enquiries please see Anne Garlick.
This is a terrific social night not just for the students
but for their families to come along have a bite to eat
and catch up with friends, meet new families and have
After a very successful promotion last year Parents
and Friends will once again be promoting the
Entertainment Book for 2015. You can purchase a
book by either buying one directly from the school
office or ordering on line and then collecting from the
school office OR by downloading the app direct to
your phone. Books will be available shortly. Please
make sure you choose M.P.S. as your nominated
charity when registering your card please.
Piano, keyboard, guitar, drums,
ukulele, vocals, banjo, flute,
saxophone, clarinet, bass guitar
Contact the school office for
more information!
Email address: [email protected]
The students in Mod 3 and Mod 4 have been working
on developing their ability to write persuasive texts.
At the end of last term we read a great picture book
about a pack of crayons who go on strike and each one
writes a letter to their owner outlining their individual
and collective complaints. The students then composed
similar letters of protestation from the point of view of a
disgruntled coloured pencil. Below is a sample written
by Nell Russell in STF.
Dear Hazel,
It’s Amber here, Amber Derwent; or at least I USED to be
Amber until you muddied me with Coal pencil!
To begin with I was very happy with the way you have used
me this past year. Those glittering, orange jewels you used
me to colour in one Friday turned out beautifully don’t you
think? So why would you completely RUIN my gorgeous
colour by smushing my delicate, soft tip with that shady coal
pencil? Now I am a hideous, pooey BROWN, who you only
use to colour in…well, you know what.
What’s more, now that I have been put out of action,
VERMILLION pencil thinks that her tedious red colour could
replace my beautiful amber and now that you have started
using her instead of me, everything that’s supposed to be
orange is severely lacking style, and don’t even get me
started on your fruit bowl picture last Tuesday, I mean
seriously, RED oranges - what were you thinking?
My third and final complaint is that this whole predicament
could be solved if you had just bothered to sharpen me and
scrape this icky muck off my tip! Did you spare me a second
thought? NO YOU DID NOT!
Instead I am isolated from the other pencils in the DOG’S
BOWL of all places! The dog’s bowl!
I understand that you may not have a sharpener but you
could just buy one for 50 cents! Or is that just too much of a
So, let’s conclude: First you selfishly ruin my colour, then you
replace me with a dunce and finally you punish ME for your
own crimes! ALL the other pencils agree that no colour,
especially one as exclusive as mine, should have to suffer
the horrors I’ve been put through. I suggest you rectify the
situation IMMEDIATELY or else you’re just going to have to
find yourself another Amber!
Amber Derwent
Thank you for your donations. We are still in need
of old white sheets or large pieces of white fabric
for costumes. Any donations can be left at the
1. Search for tiqbiz and download the
free app on your device(s): phone,
tablet, computer.
2. Open tiqbiz and register
3. Find our school by clicking on the
‘Find’ icon and typing our school
name. You will see our school boxes.
4. Click on the grey ‘tick’ icon beside our
school box and any other boxes that
apply to you: Mod 1 or Mod 2 etc.
5. Click on the inbox icon. This is where
you will receive messages,
newsletters, notices etc.
You are now ready to receive!
All school volunteers in 2015 will require a Working
With Children Check, which can be filled out online.
Upon receipt of your Card please present this to
the office so they can copy it for their records.
Email address: [email protected]
Kate Gibson will be at the school Mondays and
Tuesdays while completing her practical requirements
for admission as a clinical psychologist. Kate has
significant experience in counselling, has completed 6
years of study in psychology, and is a mother of two.
Kate is available to work with parents and children in
the assessment and treatment of a range of difficulties
Emotional problems such as anxiety/worries,
fears, depression, tantrums, anger, and stress
Behavioural problems such as home or school
discipline problems or oppositional behaviours
Relationship problems such as poor peer
relationships, parent-child conflict, or anger
Habit or self-care problems such as sleeping
difficulties and toileting problems.
Adjustment difficulties such as coping with
major life events (for example, divorce or grief)
Kate is also available for Intellectual and Educational
To provide information about a young person’s
strengths and weaknesses, and
recommendations to assist with development,
learning, or classroom behavior.
To assess and assist with high intellectual
potential, developmental issues, or learning
If you would like to talk to Kate about your child please
contact the school office for an appointment.
Mt Martha Basketball Club
Grade 2 Boys Basketball Team
Needs You
Mt Martha Basketball Club is looking for 4 extra
players to join this team.
Games are played on Wednesday nights between
4.15 and 5.45pm
Contact Samantha Browne 0422 007 016 or
[email protected]
PTK : Emiko Mathwin for being a thinker and for
being knowledgeable by applying herself fully to
everything she does in class.
PTC : Faith Tilney for being principled by following
our class vision of being caring and helpful and
always trying her best.
PTF : Will Warner for being balanced and caring by
helping others whenever he can and working hard on
his learning tasks.
PTM : Olivia Brand for being principled and caring by
showing great resilience and a positive attitude
toward school and also showing humour and
kindness to others.
JTF : Ysabella Mendoza for being principled by
being an excellent role model to her peers. Keep it
up Ysabella.
JTH : Hanna Santoreneos for being a communicator
by contributing positively to class discussions.
JTM : Connor Hinge for being principled and a
thinker by concentrating on his Maths and creating a
graph about houses in Mornington.
JTP : Josh Pearce for being a risk taker by standing
up and sharing his thoughts with Mod 2 during
Writer’s Workshop.
MTM : Erin Bryant-Herbertson for being principled
and balanced by showing great enthusiasm and
persistence with her learning.
MTR : Angus Baker for being reflective by thinking
about his learning and having a great attitude.
MTS : Annabelle Bowyer-Smyth for being balanced
and principled by always working so hard and being
so committed to her learning. Well done.
STB : Matthew Robinson for being a risk taker by
extending his leadership qualities, assisting his peers
and showing a positive attitude.
STB : Brody Collins for being caring and balanced by
being an exemplary member of our community and
setting an excellent example to others.
STF : Helena Haase for being principled by always
working meticulously with all tasks each day.
STS : Thomas Bradley for being open minded and
caring by going out of his way to include other during
a buddy session.
Email address: [email protected]
Email address: [email protected]