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ABC House - Linn County Child Victim Assessment Center
Target Population: Child victims of abuse and their non-offending family members
Mission: ABC House provides a safe, respectful and healing environment for children who are
victims of abuse. Since 1999, over 4,120 children and families from Linn and Benton Counties
have been served by the ABC House mission.
Phone Number: (541) 926-2203
Address: P.O. Box 68; Albany, OR 97321
Website: www.abchouse.org
What Interns do at this Site: Work with staff in counseling and evidence collection; case
management; data collection and research.
Adelante Mujeres
Target Population: low-income Latino families
Mission: The holistic education and empowerment of low-income Latina women and their
Programs/Services: We have 6 primary activities: 1) a school for adult women and 2) a
preschool for their children; 3) a youth development program providing after-school and
summer activities; 4) a business development program; 5) an organic farm; and 6) we manage
the Forest Grove Farmers Market.
Phone Number: (503) 992-0078
Address: 2420 19th Ave, Forest Grove, OR 97116
Website: http://www.adelantemujeres.org/
What Interns do at this Site: Related to the six programs/services listed above: 1,2) Assist in
classroom, design curriculum and learning materials and track student achievement; 3)
facilitate after-school groups and events for youth; 4) support entrepreneurs; 5) assist with
farm planning and cultivation; 6) assist with market outreach to low-income and minority
Albany Senior Center
Target Population: Older adults Mission: The Albany Senior Center is a multi-purpose
community center operated by the Albany Parks and Recreation as a focal point for older
adults, services, recreation, and learning. Phone Number: (541) 917-7760 Address: 489 Water
Ave. NW; Albany, OR 97321 Website: www.cityofalbany.net/parks/seniorcenter/
What Interns do at this Site: Assist in design, implementation and promotion of a variety of
activities including educational classes, crafts, exercise programs, dances, concerts, Foster
Grandparent program, and seasonal events. Survey target population to analyze needs and
desires to aid in long term planning.
Albany Parks & Recreation
Target Population: All age groups Mission: To provide safe recreational activities and beautiful
parks for the Albany community. Phone Number: (541) 917-7777 Address: 333 Broadalbin SW,
Albany, OR 97321 Website: www.cityofalbany.net/parks/volunteer
What Interns do at this Site: The City of Albany Parks & Recreation Department Intern Program
provides opportunities for students to gain firsthand knowledge and understanding of park and
recreation processes through pre-professional work experience. The Intern Program offers
internships in many areas including summer camps, recreation planning, sports, concerts,
festivals, special events, public relations, marketing, sponsorships, and graphic services.
The Arc of Benton County
Target Population: Teens and adults with developmental disabilities
Mission: The Arc of Benton County is a non-profit organization that focuses on enhancing the
lives of people who experience intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.
Phone Number: (541) 753-1711
Address: 414 NW Fourth Street; Corvallis, Oregon 97330
Website: www.arcbenton.org/
What Interns do at this Site: Help lead a group of individuals with developmental disabilities in
an activities
program during afterschool and weekend hours.
Benton County Adult Parole & Probation
Target Population: Adult criminal offenders on parole or probation
Mission: To enhance public protection and offender rehabilitation by providing a viable
continuum of sanctions and services.
Phone Number: (541) 766-6858
Address: 180 NW 5th St.; Corvallis, OR 97330
Website: www.co.benton.or.us/sheriff/community/parole_probation.php
What Interns do at this Site: Assist at Day Reporting Center and Transition Center.
Benton County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate)
Target Population: Children
Mission: To recruit, train and professionally support court appointed community Volunteers to
advocate for each abused and neglected child in Benton County who is within the legal custody
of the state.
Phone Number: (541) 753-5838
Address: PMB 3004-206 Corvallis, OR 97339-3004
Website: https://casa-vfc.org/
Email: [email protected]
What Interns do at this Site: Attend Board of Directors meetings; work with Board of Directors
to plan fundraising events; promote Benton County CASA program on campus and in the
community; assist director in grant writing; compile statistics about CASA's throughout the
nation; work directly with children and families who are in the court system (with extensive
Benton County Furniture Share
Target Population: Low Income Families
Mission: Diverts furniture from the landfill and redistributes quality used furniture, at no cost to
individuals and families in need to improve family interactions, increase comfort and safety in
homes, the ability to sleep comfortably, eat meals together, and study comfortably to increase
wellness, independence, physical and mental health.
Phone Number: 541-754-9511
Website: www.bfs.peak.org/
Address: P.O. Box 2224; Corvallis, OR 97339, Office located at 155 SE Lilly Avenue, Corvallis, OR
What Interns do at this Site: Assist with organization management, grant writing, research, and
fund raising.
Benton County Juvenile Department
Target Population: Delinquent youth between the ages of 12-17.
Mission: To protect the community through prevention and control of juvenile delinquency.
Phone Number: (541) 766-6064
Address: 4185 SW Research Way, Suite 100; Corvallis, OR 97333
Website: www.co.benton.or.us/juvenile/index.html
Website for interns: www.co.benton.or.us/juvenile/interns.php
What Interns do at this Site: Visit community service work crew one time per quarter; observe
juvenile court counselors; mentor/tutor youth; co-facilitate competency groups with juvenile
court counselors, make field contacts; secure transports (involves restraints)
Benton County Victim Assistance Program
Target Population: Victims of crimes
Mission: To assist child abuse victims and their families.
Phone Number: (541) 766-6815
Address: 120 NW 4th Street; Corvallis, OR 97330
Website: http://www.co.benton.or.us/da/victim_assistance.php (Click on “volunteer
opportunities link)
What Interns do at this Site: Victim notification of rights; victim assistance with case status;
referrals to crime victims for services; assist in determining restitution figures; research and
investigation of cases; assist attorneys in trial preparation.
Benton Plaza – Community Outreach Inc.
Target Population: Elderly and People with Disabilities
Mission: To coordinate services and provide residential care for elderly and disabled with
special needs
Phone Number: 541-753-4411
Address: 408 S.W. Monroe Suite L-140; Corvallis, OR 97333
Website: www.communityoutreachinc.org
What Interns do at this Site: Network with community agencies to coordinate services for the
residents; Schedule, facilitate and/or lead social activities; Create monthly newsletter and
calendar for Benton Plaza residents; Spend time with seniors and disabled residents, engaging
them in discussions & assist as needed; Lead community council meetings and make notes and
encourage participation; Assist with helping the residents plan for healthy meals and snacks.;
Lead exercise class and encourage participation and use of exercise room; Keep tabs on
residents who may be ill or have special problems or declining mental or physical health
Benton Habitat for Humanity
Target Population: Low-income families who need housing
Mission: To eliminate substandard housing and homelessness worldwide and to make
adequate, affordable shelter a matter of conscience and action. To provide affordable housing
to families by having materials donated, and family help with construction by donating their
time and effort.
Phone Number: (541) 752-3354
Address: 104 SW 2nd St.; Corvallis, OR 97333
Website: http://www.bentonhabitat.org/
What Interns do at this Site: Assist with fund-raising, publicity, site-selection, building, owner
family selection, and family nurture.
Boys & Girls Club of Albany
Target Population: Children of all ages
Mission: Our mission is to provide a fun, safe, supervised environment for recreational and educational
activities in which all boys and girls, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, can develop self
esteem and the qualities needed to become caring, responsible citizens.
Phone Number: (541) 926-6666
Address: 1215 Hill St. SE; PO Box 691; Albany, Oregon 97321
Website: http://bgc-albany.org/
What Interns do at this Site: Assist with after school, summer, athletic
programs, and community technology center; coordinate snack and meal program; plan and lead
activities; one-on-one interaction with children; office work
Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis
Target Population: Children in grades K-5 predominately, opportunities to work with 6-12th graders as
Mission: To provide youth with the opportunity to achieve their potential by instilling and promoting a
sense of belonging, competence, usefulness, and influence.
Phone Number: (541) 757-1909
Address: 1112 NW Circle Blvd., Corvallis, OR 97330
Website: http://www.bgccorvallis.org/
What Interns do at this Site: Working for the after school club at any of the nine different elementary
school sites; planning and leading activities; one-on-one interaction with children; mentoring of youth.
Boys & Girls Club of Lebanon
Target Population: Children in 1st grade through 18 years old.
Mission: Our mission is to provide a fun, safe, supervised environment for recreational and educational
activities where all boys and girls, especially those who need us the most, can develop a sense of
belonging, usefulness, competence and influence. All of these are qualities needed to become caring,
responsible and productive citizens.
Phone Number: (541) 258-7105
Address: 305 S 5th St., Lebanon, OR 97355
Website: http://bgcgreatersantiam.org/
What Interns do at this Site: Assist with after school, summer and athletic programs; implementing and
leading activities; one-on-one interaction with children; office/clerical work; assist in marketing and
Children's Farm Home
Target Population: Children and adolescents (ages 5-18) with psychiatric disturbances
Mission: To provide a comprehensive array of mental health services to children and families.
Phone Number: (541) 757-1852
Address: 4455 NE Highway 20
Corvallis, OR 97330
Website: http://www.trilliumfamily.org/
http://trilliumfamily.org/Careers/JobOpenings.aspx (look up Skills Trainer Intern)
What Interns do at this Site: Assist counselors and children in residential setting (cottages);
work on treatment planning process and observe treatment; assist with group activities.
College Hill High School - Alternative Education
Target Population: Teens who are behind in credits, who have experienced abuse, alcoholism,
poverty and/or homelessness.
Mission: Our purpose is to help each student develop a framework of accountability that
promotes learning and inspires courage to invest in the future. College Hill will empower
students by providing superior learning opportunities in a unique and exceptional environment.
Phone Number: (541)757-4717 or contact Alexis DeLong, Student Engagement Coordinator
(541) 757-4591 or email [email protected]
Address: 510 NW 31st St, Corvallis, OR 97330
Website: http://www.csd509j.net/enus/districtinformation/departmentsservices/alternativeeducation.aspx
What Interns so at this Site: Tutor students in Math, Science, Social Studies and English. They
will also have opportunities to help with electives, learn library management and work closely
with teachers and staff.
Community Outreach, Inc.
Target Population: Low-income and homeless population
Mission: To provide services to help people help themselves to self-sufficiency
Phone Number: (541) 758-3000
Address: 865 NW Reiman Ave.; Corvallis, OR 97330
Website: http://www.communityoutreachinc.org/
What Interns do at this Site: Assist staff with walk-in and phone-on crisis intervention; Provide
information about referral; coordinate emergency social service for individuals and families in
crisis situations; Assist with case management (e.g. assessment, goal setting, action plan
creation, progress monitoring, case documentation); Assistance with administrative duties such
as filling, entering data, editing of procedures, etc. The students may also work at Benton Plaza
assisting with the provision of services to elderly and disabled adult residents.
Community Services Consortium
Target Population: Individuals and families suffering from poverty
Mission: CSC is a three-county nonprofit action agency which provides programs and services
to low-income individuals and families in Linn, Benton, and Lincoln counties. Our 160+ member
staff perform a variety of services and implement a variety of programs ranging from lowincome energy assistance, alternative education, and preschool services to the building of
affordable housing and community facilities
Phone Number: (541) 752-1010 or (541) 928-6335
Address: 545 SW 2nd Street, Suite A; Corvallis, OR 97333 AND 250 SW Broadalbin Suite 2A;
Albany, OR 97321
Website: http://www.csc.gen.or.us/
What Interns do at this Site: Work at the learning center/alternative school; assist with the
independent living program for adolescents who are about to age out of the foster care system;
assist with fundraising activities; work on grant proposals and research projects; assist at the
Foodbank; work with youth in the community youth garden.
Conifer House
Target Population: Senior Citizens in a residential care unit.
Mission: To relieve some of the anxieties and problems encountered as people grow older,
while encouraging a fuller, more productive life in a home-like environment.
Phone Number: (541) 757-2444
Address: 145 NE Conifer Blvd.; Corvallis, OR 97330
Website: http://coniferhouseliving.com/
What Interns do at this Site: Assist with nutritional services, social services, personal services,
and transportation.
Corvallis Caring Place
Target Population: Senior Citizens in an assisted living setting.
Mission: Conifer is a Residential Care Facility providing private apartments, three meals each
day, housekeeping and laundry services, trash removal and assistance with bathing, dressing,
grooming and hygiene, medication management and some assistance with mobility. Their
mission is to provide a caring environment for mature persons, including those with personal
care needs, while fostering independence and personal choice and allowing them to remain in
the same community as their loved ones and friends.
Phone Number: (541) 753-2033
Address: 750 NW 23rd St.; Corvallis, OR 97330
Website: www.corvalliscaringplace.org
What Interns do at this Site: Assist with planning and implementation of activities; provide
transportation for residents; one-on-one visits with senior citizens.
Corvallis Manor
Target Population: Senior Citizens in a skilled, rehabilitation or intermediate care unit.
Mission: To provide skilled and intermediate care, discharge planning, resource referral, and
group activities for the residents' enjoyment.
Phone Number: (541) 757-1651
Address: 160 NE Conifer; Corvallis, OR 97330
Website: http://pinnacle-healthcare.com/facilities/corvallis.html
What Interns do at this Site: Learn about psychosocial assessment, advocacy, collaborate with
outside agencies
Corvallis Parks and Recreation
Target Population: All age groups
Mission: To provide safe public parks and recreational activities for the Corvallis community.
Phone Number: (541) 757-6918
Address: 1310 SW Avery Park Dr.; Corvallis, OR 97333
Website: http://www.corvallisoregon.gov/index.aspx?page=56
What Interns do at this Site: Gain work experience in program administration; organizing youth
and adult sports programs, community events; grant writing and special projects; coaching
youth sports; recreation leadership; parks project planning.
Corvallis Chintimini Senior Center
Target Population: Senior Citizens
Mission: To provide fun activities and hobbies to share with others.
Phone Number: (541) 766-6959
Address: 2601 NW Tyler St.; Corvallis, OR 97330
Website: http://www.corvallisoregon.gov/index.aspx?page=257
What Interns do at this Site: Assist with elder-oriented activities and hobbies.
Department of Human Services/Children’s Services
Target Population: Children and families
Mission: To protect Oregon's abused and neglected children and to provide them with safe and
permanent families.
Phone Number: Visit website for listing
Address: Visit website for listing
Website: http://www.oregon.gov/dhs/Pages/index.aspx (Click on volunteer services)
What Interns do at this Site: Assist social workers with case materials; observe court hearings;
participate in home visits; provide transportation as needed; supervise visitation between birth
family and children in foster care; review child abuse reports; special projects as assigned.
F.A.C.T. (Families and Community Together) Health and Social Services Division of the Greater
Albany Public School District
Target Population: Students in the Greater Albany Public School District that are
facing challenges due to: medical/dental/mental health issues, homelessness/housing issues,
teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse and a variety of other concerns.
Mission: To enhance student education by supporting and empowering students and families
to access educational, health and community services.
Phone Number: (541) 924-3720
Address: 701B SE 19th Ave, Albany, OR 97322
Website: http://www.albany.k12.or.us/departments/specialprograms/#
What Interns do at this Site: Assist in organization of available services; gain knowledge
regarding available resources and processes in the community; attend various school and
community meetings; participate in home visits; assist in assessing needs of students/families
and linking them to services/resources; special projects as assigned.
Family Tree Relief Nursery
Target Population: Families with children under the age of 6 years at risk of abuse or neglect.
Mission: To prevent child abuse and neglect and break the cycle of abuse by building healthy
Phone Number: (541) 967-6580
Address: 1005 NW Springhill Drive Albany, OR
Website: http://familytreern.org/
What Interns do at this Site: Assist Teacher/Interventionists in therapeutic classroom program
for infants, toddlers and preschoolers; assist Supervisor with researching community resources
to assist families; assist Director with writing grants, volunteer development/recruitment,
fundraising, public relations.
Friends of the Family Ministries
Target Population: Families, children, couples and individuals in Benton and Linn Counties
Mission: To promote healthy relationships and healthy homes through education and
Phone Number: (541) 757-1761
Address: 505 NW Harrison Blvd.; Corvallis, OR 97330
Website: http://www.fofm.org/. Also find us on Facebook.
What Interns do at this Site: Interns may design internships that fit their professional goals
while including their evangelical Christian values.
Girl Scouts Beyond Bars
Target Population: Girls, ages 5-17 whose mothers reside at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility
in Wilsonville.
Mission: Lessen the impact of parent-child separation. Foster positive personal and social
development of girls and their families
Phone Number: (800) 875-2451
Address: 1922 McGilchrist Street SE, Salem, OR 97302
Website: http://www.girlscoutsosw.org
What Interns do at this Site: Assist the troop leader with troop meetings at the correctional
facility. Assist with girl-only troop meetings and council-sponsored events. Assist with on-site
enrichment activities for the incarcerated participants.
Grace Center for Adult Day Services
Target Population: Disabled and senior citizens with special needs, ranging from ages 18-100
Mission: To improve participants' functional abilities and bolster their mental well-being.
Phone Number: (541) 754-8417
Address: 980 NW Spruce; Corvallis, OR 97330
Website: http://gracecenter-corvallis.org/
What Interns do at this Site: Gain knowledge about how an adult day care center operates, as
well as acquire knowledge about the needs of adults who have Alzheimer's Disease or have had
strokes; assist with family participant counseling; assist with activity planning and
implementation; assist with daily exercise program.
Head Start Prekindergarten Program Family Services
Target Population: Families with low-income who have pre-school age children (3 and 4 year
Mission: To discover and disseminate knowledge that contributes to the optimal development
and well-being of young children and their families.
Phone Number: (541) 737-2209
Address: OSU Child Development Center, 104 Bates Hall
Contact Person: Wendy McKenna, Family Services Coordinator
Website: http://www.hhs.oregonstate.edu/hdfs/osu-child-development-center
What interns do at this site: Head Start works to promote school readiness by enhancing the
social and cognitive development of low income children, through the provision of health,
educational, nutritional, social and other services that are determined, based on family needs
assessments, to be necessary. Interns will work with the Family Advocates to implement a
comprehensive social services program that assists families to identify their strengths and
needs, and to meet their goals.
Independent Living Program
Target Population: Youth, ages 14-21, that are aging out of the foster care system
Mission: To teach life skills, including job search and job retention, and to provide support to
foster care youth who are or have been in foster care
Phone Number: (541) 704-7818
Address: 536 SW 2nd Street, Corvallis, OR 97333
Website: http://communityservices.us/education/independent-living-program/
What Interns do at this Site: Mentor teens who are transitioning from foster child to
independent adulthood; Teach independent living skills to teenagers; Work with ILP team on
each case; Write case notes; Maintain case management; Help train other interns; Co-faciliate
group meetings with youth, observe meetings with staff, visit detention centers.
Jackson Street Youth Shelter, Inc.
Target Population: Homeless/runaway youth, ages 10-17
Mission: To fill a gap in local support services for housing homeless youth.
Phone Number: (541) 754-2404
Address: 555 NW Jackson; Corvallis, OR 97330
Website: http://www.jsysi.org/
What Interns do at this Site: Assist with daily activities of residents at the shelter; assist with
counseling and information referral, mentor youth.
KIDCO Head Start
Target Population: Preschool children and their families
Mission: Kidco Head Start’s mission is to provide a comprehensive preschool program that
enhances children’s development and supports families. KIDCO Head Start serves families in
Linn, Benton, and Marion Counties.
Phone Number: (541) 451-1581
Address: 300 Market St., Suite 200, Lebanon, OR 97355
Website: http://www.kidcoheadstart.org/index.html
What interns do at this site: Work with children in small or large groups; plan activities; meet
with teaching team on a weekly basis; participate in a home visit; learn more about nutrition.
Target Population: Children, ages 5-13
Mission: Year-round youth programming in a fun and safe environment. Program goals include:
increased confidence and self-esteem, friendship skills, and life skills.
Phone Number: (541) 737-5437
Address: 125 Langton Hall; Corvallis OR 97331
Website: http://kidspirit.oregonstate.edu/
What Interns do at this Site: The internship opportunities range from leading specific projects to
supervisory positions. Interns participate in the design and implementation of programs and activities
focusing on fitness, movement, and physical education
Linn-Benton Housing Authority
Target Population: Individuals and families seeking low-income housing
Mission: To help low-income individuals and families find suitable housing
Phone Number: (541) 926-4497 x213
Address: 1250 SE Queen Ave; Albany, OR 97322
Website: http://www.l-bha.org/
What Interns do at this Site: Assist counselors as they help low-income families find affordable
housing; Help with self-sufficiency programs for low-income families
Linn County Child and Family Mental Health: New Solutions
Target Population: Children under 18 with intensive mental health needs.
Mission: Integrating family voice to design individualized services for children and families.
Work to develop informal supports to help provide for individuals and families on a long term
Phone Number: (541) 967-3866 x 2690
Address: PO Box 100, Albany, OR 97321
Website: http://www.co.linn.or.us/Health/mental_health/mh.htm
What Interns do at this Site: Work with staff in Child and Family Team Meetings, assist in
coordinating services, data entry of Wrap-Around and Crisis Plans, Functional Assessments, and
Strength's Discovery documents, some program development and organization, ie. filing,
compiling informational brochures, etc., Group Supervision attendance, and community
integration opportunities.
Linn County Department of Health Services
Target Population: Individuals and families of all age groups
Mission: To protect, preserve, and promote the health of all county residents.
Phone Number: (541) 967-3888
Address: 315 SW 4th; Albany, OR 97321
Website: http://www.co.linn.or.us/Health/
What Interns do at this Site: Assist with the Alcohol and Drug Program, Developmental
Disabilities, Mental Health, Environmental Health, or Public Health Programs
Linn County Juvenile Department
Target Population: Delinquent youth between the ages of 12-17.
Mission: To protect the community through prevention and control of juvenile delinquency.
Phone Number: (541) 967-3853
Address: 104 4th SW
Old Armory Building, Room 200
P.O. Box 100
Albany, OR 97321
Website: http://www.co.linn.or.us/juvenile/
What Interns do at this Site: Interns are assigned to a probation officer and assist in the
performance of their duties. They may assist in transportation of juveniles; case management;
and data collection and research.
Marquis Companies
Target Population: Senior citizens in Post-Acute Rehab setting.
Mission: To promote the vitality within each of our clients and staff members.
Phone Number: (971) 206-2026 or (800) 891-7575
Website: www.marquiescompanies.com
Email: [email protected] Andrea Parks, Recruiter
What Interns do at this Site: Participate in comprehensive internship opportunity, working with
various departments within the facility, including social services. Please see internship
instructor for detailed description.
Mennonite Village
Target Population: Senior citizens in residential care
Mission: Mennonite Village is a faith-based, not‐for‐profit Continuing Care Retirement
Community (CCRC) in Albany, Oregon that provides life-enriching services to people of all faiths
and beliefs.
Phone Number: (541) 928-7232
Address: 5353 Columbus Street, SE; Albany, OR 97321
Website: http://www.mennonitevillage.org/
What Interns do at this Site: Work directly with residents in various assisted living situations;
create, facilitate and evaluate a recreation program for various residential groups.
Milestones Family Recovery
Target Population: In-patient women with children, pregnant women; group home and
outpatient services for male and female adolescents.
Mission: To provide comprehensive, effective chemical dependency treatment in a family
oriented environment.
Phone Number: (541) 738-6832
Address: 518 SW 3rd Street, Corvallis, OR 97333
Website: www.milestonesrecovery.com
What Interns do at this Site: Care for clients children while they are in therapy sessions;
document activities; work reception area.
Old Mill Center for Children and Families
Target Population: Children with special needs and their families
Mission: Old Mill Center for Children and Families is a community-based, family-oriented center
helping children of diverse backgrounds maximize their potential through specially designed
education and therapy programs.
Phone Number: (541) 757-8068
Address: 1650 SW 45th Place, Corvallis, OR 97333
Website: http://www.omill.org/
What Interns do at this Site: Assist staff in locating resources to help parents and childcare
professionals with challenges they encounter in parenting and teaching; assist in the
observation and identification of at-risk children ages 2-6 years of age; assist in coordinating
services and making referrals to existing programs to obtain services for children and families;
assist in providing training and technical assistance to homecare and center providers to help
them better meet the needs of referred children.
Oregon Youth Authority - Oak Creek Youth Correctional Facility (Young Women’s Transition
Target Population: 15-21 year old girls suffering from juvenile delinquency, mental health
issues, and emotional problems.
Mission: Corvallis House transitions girls into society, teaching them life skills, as well as
offering high school and some college classes. There is a heavy emphasis on mental health and
gender specific treatment.
Phone Number: (541) 791-5900
Address: 4400 Lochner Rd. SE Albany, OR 97322
Website: http://www.oregon.gov/OYA/facilities/oakcreek.shtml
What Interns do at this Site: Serve as role models and mentors; teach girls art, language,
nutrition, exercise, etc.
OSU Extension Service: Family & Community Development
Target Population: Families across the lifespan.
Mission: To provide educational programming regarding the healthy development of families
and communities.
Phone Number: (541) 737-1020
Address: 161 Milam Hall; Oregon State University; Corvallis, OR 97330
Website: http://oregonstate.edu/dept/ehe/
What Interns do at this Site: A number of internship opportunities are available throughout the
state. Interns assist with program design; assess effectiveness of educational and outreach
programs; create research reports; collect data.
Parent Enhancement Program-PEP
Target Population: Adolescent parents and their infants
Mission: To build self-confidence, enhance parenting skills, establish healthy families, and
expand opportunities for teen parents.
Phone Number: (541) 758-8292
Address: 421 NW 4th St. Suite A; Corvallis, OR. 97330
Website: http://pep.peak.org
What Interns do at this Site: Assist PEP staff with a variety of office tasks including phone calls,
reading, filing, errand running, and many others; Visit clients in order to get initial intake
information, update forms, and assess the needs of young families; Be a positive role model to
the teens and represent PEP in the community; Participate in meetings with other community
agencies to coordinate services and share information; Provide safe structured childcare during
PEP classes and events so teen parents benefit from the event and receive respite from taking
care of their child; Provide transportation for young families and are reimbursed for mileage;
Storage Maintenance;
Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) – Community Services Consortium
Target Population: Adults 55 years of age and older who wish to volunteer in the community
Mission: To enable older Americans to contribute to their communities through volunteer
service, to enhance the lives of the volunteers and those whom they serve, and to provide
communities with valuable services.
Phone Number: 541-812-0849
Address: 250 Broadalbin SW, #2A, Albany, OR 97321
Website: http://csc.visualpeople.com/jobs/rsvp-volunteer/
What Interns do at this Site: Research, writing, website updating, data collection, phone
interaction, program development, and marketing.
Room at the Inn: A Cold Weather Night Shelter for Women
Target Population: Adult women without permanent housing
Mission: Room at the Inn provides a safe and secure emergency home for single women in
Corvallis and Benton County from November 1 to March 31. We want our guests to feel
welcome, valued and respected within an atmosphere where they take responsibility for the
needs of all and find personal support.
Phone Number: (541) 231-6772 Contact: Sara G Power
Address: 1166 NW Jackson; Corvallis, OR 97330
Website: http://www.corvallisfumc.org/content/room-inn-womens-shelter
What Interns do at this Site: We will have many possibilities for interaction with our guests,
and with professionals who work with this population. We expect all interns to volunteer in
each role (evening supervisor, overnight volunteer, and weekly coordinator - i.e. learn how to
staff a shelter working with volunteers), provide referrals for individual women, serve as a
liaison with student volunteers and groups, visit other sites that work with this population
(Partner’s Place, the Corvallis Homeless Coalition, Corvallis Daytime Drop-in Center). Interns
may also opt to conduct informational interviews with professionals in this field, shadow one of
our guests to see what their life is like or help a guest to record their life history or work up a
complete case study. Also, the intern may want to interview our graduate grant writing and
evaluation team to find out more about graduate studies in HDFS and/or Public Health.
Senior and Disability Services of Linn, Benton, & Lincoln Counties (Area Agency on Aging)
Target Population: Senior citizens
Mission: They provide a wide variety of financial, medical and long term care services for clients and
their families.
Phone Number: (541) 967-8630
Address: 1400 Queen Ave. Suite 206; Albany, OR 97321
Website: http://www.ocwcog.org/
What Interns do at this Site: Assist with staffing the project's advisory committee; attend
community coalition meetings; make contacts and presentations to local agencies, businesses,
and service organizations; evaluate project effectiveness or other tasks decided upon by site
Social Security Administration
Target Population: All age groups.
Mission: To Deliver Social Security services that meet the changing needs of the public.
Phone Number: (877) 840-0538 ext. 28900
Address: 1390 Waverly DR. SE STE 110
Website: www.ssa.gov
What interns do at this site: Work with staff on evidence collection; case management; data
collection and research. Assist disabled /elderly members of the public with applications for
Social Security Disability, Retirement and/or Supplemental Security Income and special projects
as assigned.
Strengthening Rural Families
Mission: To support healthy family development through education, workshops, family
activities and community connection to families in rural Benton County.
Phone Number: (541) 929-2535
Address: 1229 Main Street, Suite 101 Philomath, OR 97370
Website: www.ruralfamilies.org
What Interns do at this Site: Fundraising/community event assistance, community research
assistance, marketing assistance, volunteer coordinator and community outreach assistance,
grant-writing/finding funds, and other special projects or events.
Timberview Care Center
Target Population: Senior citizens in residential/rehabilitative care
Mission: To help a person care for himself to the best of his ability.
Phone Number: (541) 926-8664
Address: 1023 West 6th; Albany, OR 97321
Website: http://www.prestigecare.com/skilled.php?id=14
What Interns do at this Site: Assist with social services within the facility such as developing a
social history for new residents, developing a social assessment and care plan, orientation of
new residents, and patient discharge.
Timberhill Place
Target Population: Adults ages 55 and older in an assisted living setting
Mission: To keep you living as independently as possible, for as long as possible.
Phone Number: (541) 753-1488
Address: 989 NW Spruce Ave.; Corvallis, OR 97330
Website: http://www.timberhillplace.com/
What Interns do at this Site: Office Assistant/Marketing-assist with data base management of
marketing program. Activities-sponsor an ongoing program on a quarter/month/weekly basis.
Literary club, bridge, crossword puzzles, sing-a-longs, fitness class, music/art appreciation are
only a few examples. Food Service-kitchen assistant, assisting the chef with food prep, assessing
resident’s needs, and sponsoring special food activities. Data Base Development and
Management-assist in the development of data base for management of residents records.
Development of in-service training packets and patient education materials.
White Bird Clinic
Target Population: Individuals living in Lane County with a focus on traditionally underserved
populations with minimal financial resources and no insurance, including low-income,
unemployed, disabled, and homeless individuals.
Mission: White Bird is a collective environment organized to enable people to gain control of
their social, emotional, and physical well-being through direct service, education, and
Phone Number: Main Office Line: 541 342 8255
Address: Main Building: 541 E. 12th Ave. Eugene, Oregon 97401
Website: http://whitebirdclinic.org/
Interns: White Bird Clinic offers a variety of opportunities for individuals wishing to serve in the
human service field. We offer in depth training and experience in client centered care, crisis
triage, basic crisis intervention, drug and alcohol out-patient treatment, information and
referral, non-profit administration, and basic administrative support.
Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services
Target Population: Local neighborhoods needing rehabilitation
Mission: Their mission is to improve lives and strengthen communities through quality
affordable housing, homeownership, economic opportunity, and community partnerships. We
believe that a commitment to diversity, economic justice, and opportunity is key to a vital
Phone Number: (541) 752-7220 or (800) 403-0957
Address: 2797 NW 9th Street; Corvallis, OR 97330
Website: www.w-nhs.org
What Interns do at this Site: Appropriate for anyone interested in grass-roots community
planning - facilitate communication among the various committees; research and share
information; work with public relations committee.
Work Unlimited – Work Unlimited Supported Living Program
Target Population: Low income mentally ill, developmentally disabled, frail, and/or elderly
Mission: To provide vocational training and residential services to individuals with
developmental disabilities
Phone Number: 541-738-8552 or 541-231-1852
Address: 408 SW Monroe Ave, Corvallis, OR 97333
Website: http://www.workunlimited.org/
What Interns do at this Site: Assists the program manager in assessing, planning, and
implementing and evaluating programs for client social activities which are multi-faceted, meet
functional needs, and reflect interests of clients. Functions may include: conducting intake of
persons seeking assistance: performing an assessment of needs; completing data entry, forms,
vouchers, and reports; rendering services based upon need and availability of resources;
performing basic clerical functions; and developing social activities or leading groups