Forensic Issues - Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Forensic Issues
Tavistock Centre, London
21 April 2015
Fee £80
Overview This is the fifth in a new series of evening seminars delivered by Dr Patricia Crittenden at
the Tavistock Clinic, regarding issues of family adaptation, including both mental health
and child maltreatment.
Seminar outline
This workshop addresses providing courts with evidence about:
1. Parents’ self‐protective and child‐protective strategies, psychological traumas (that
might elicit protective action) and personal needs (to promote children’s well‐being and
reduce adults’ maladaptive behaviour
2. Children’s self‐protective strategies and, for older children, psychological traumas
3. The systemic functioning of the family
The approaches offered are suitable for child protection, family court (e.g., custody and
visitation) and criminal applications.
The discussion will address the need for evidence (as opposed to clinical opinion),
validated sources of evidence and qualifying experts for the assessment and writing
reports. Three levels of reports will be described, each with differing degrees of
expertise. Examples of each will be provided during the workshop. Access to
downloaded materials for reports will also be provided.
Patricia McKinsey Crittenden, PhD
Patricia M. Crittenden has many years experience as an academic and practitioner in the
fields of child abuse, attachment theory and family therapy. After her training with Mary
Ainsworth, she served on the Faculties of Psychology at the Universities of Virginia and
Miami. She has held visiting positions at the Universities of Helsinki and Bologna, as well
as the Clark Institute of Psychiatry (Canada), San Diego State University (USA) and
Edith Cowan University (Australia).
She is well known for having developed the Dynamic-Maturational Model (DMM) of
attachment and adaptation and one of the founders of the International Association for
the Study of Attachment (IASA).
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