Hoot May 21st Week 6 T2 - Montmorency South Primary School

TERM 2– Week 6
May 21st 2015
What’s Coming Up?
From the Principal’s Desk
Dear Parents, Students and Friends
Fri 22
Walk to School Day
Sat 23
School Working Bee
Fri 29
Culture and Country Day
Some of the coming activities include our school working bee on Saturday 23
May commencing at 9.30am. At this working bee we are focussing on
providing more play activities in the Junior play area.
Wed 3
Fri 5
Tues 9
Year 4 Camp to Arrabri
Happy Year 4 campers
Curriculum Day
No Students
First Aid and Anaphylaxis
Wed 24
Our Place in the World Expo
Fri 26
Term 2 finishes 2.30pm
Mon 13 Term 3 commences 9.00am
Wed 29 Parent-Student Reporting
Sun 30
Fri 18
Mon 5
Mon 2
Thur 17
Fri 18
We have passed the ‘hump week’ and there are now only 5 more weeks until
the end of term. Of course, there is a fair amount of work to do between now
and then.
School Working Bee
Term 3 finishes
Term 4 commences 9.00am
Report Writing Day
Last day of school year for
Then next Friday 29 May is the Culture and Country Day which has been well
coordinated by Tara De Bondi. Tara has organised a series of activities
commencing at 9.15am with a Welcome to Country Assembly. After the
assembly the students in mixed level groups will participate in such things as
native tree planting (with Jenna & community helpers), learning about
traditional uses of local plant species by the Wurundjeri people, and the
traditional Wurundjeri Culture (including topics such as song lines,
communication, comparing values, land use & sustainability - including looking
at genuine artefacts, even learning to play the didgeridoo and a host of other
It is going to be a fun day and more importantly, a wonderful hands on
learning day for the students.
Thank you to the offers of help for tomorrow and the donations we have
received from those who cannot make it.
Special thank you to Jason Henningsen (Oscar 1M), who is unable to make the
working bee but donated paint towards the playground tyres. We are most
appreciative of his generosity.
If you are intending to join us don’t forget to bring along any of the following:Shovels,
Paint Scrapers
Cordless Drills
Wire Brushes
Any paint brushes
2016 Planning Day for Staff
And of course,
Your Smiles
May 22nd - 29th
Asher Elsen
Milla Hansen
Xena Salerno
Josh Weddle
Archer HopleyThompson
Mya Lyons
Riley Mudge
Audrey Ulehla
Jess Stuart
Alayna Williams
Financial Assistance-Information for Parents
If you hold a valid means-tested .concession card or are a temporary foster parent,
you may be eligible for CSEF. The allowance will be paid to the school to use towards
expenses relating to camps, excursions or sporting activities for the benefit of your
child (refer to the attachment at the end of this newsletter). If applying you should
lodge a CSEF application form at school by 26 June 2015.
MSPS Parents and Friends Fundraising Update
Currently fundraising efforts stand at $9, 619.74. This has been collected from the
following items:
Icy Poles
Easter Raffle
Hot Cross Buns
Hot Cross
Afternoon Tea
Mother’s Day
CBA Banking
Aussie Farmers
$1, 399.10
Don’t forget the pie order forms are due back next Wednesday 27
May. I can highly recommend them –they are delicious pies.
National Reconciliation Week
Each year from 27 May to 3 June, National Reconciliation Week celebrates and builds
on the respectful relationships shared by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
and other Australians. The week-long celebration is an ideal opportunity for all
Australians to explore ways to join the national reconciliation effort.
The Week of Prayer for Reconciliation began in 1993 and was supported by
Australia’s major religious groups. Three years later it evolved into National
Reconciliation Week under the guidance of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation
(now Reconciliation Australia).
May 27 and June 3 are important dates in Australia’s history. May 27 marks the
anniversary of the 1967 referendum when Australians voted to remove clauses in the
Australian Constitution that discriminated against Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander peoples. The day before National Reconciliation Week, 26 May, is National
Sorry Day, which was first held in Sydney in 1998 and is now commemorated
Best Birthday Wishes
nationally to remember and honour the Stolen Generations.
to all of the above
June 3 marks the historic 1992 Mabo decision in which the High Court of Australia
recognised native title—the recognition that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
peoples’ rights over their lands did survive British colonisation. 2012 marked the 20th
anniversary of the Mabo decision and the 45th anniversary of the 1967 referendum.
Reconciliation involves building positive, respectful relationships between Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians; enabling us to work together
to close the gaps, and to achieve a shared sense of fairness and justice. The ultimate
goal of reconciliation is to build strong and trusting relationships between Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians, as a foundation for success
and to enhance our national wellbeing.
Closing the Gap describes the actions that schools, governments, businesses and the community can take to help achieve
equality of life expectancy, education and employment for all Australians.
One of the prominent events of Reconciliation Week is the Long Walk to the G.
A number of our families are participating in it and we would love to hear from you about your experience of the whole event.
Pre Service Teachers
We welcome our PST students from La Trobe University and RMIT:
Adriana Bonollo and Stephanie Brindley
Rebecca Payne and Erin Clark
Lacey Rose and Sarah Grieves
Jessica Hall and Saravjeet Saini
Nicholas Kouvelis and Colleen Ottrey
Zoe Webster
Nathan Marks and Greta Mauerhofer
Caitlin McGregor and Michael Tindale
Jade Molinari
Also welcome and thank you to our four work experience students from Montmorency Secondary College.
Amy Ustapetrov, Amy Cavanaugh, Patrick Gardiner and Tom Di Carlo.
Learning Intentions
Previously in the newsletter, I have spoken about our classrooms focussing on the
‘Learning Intention’ for each session. We believe that when the learning intention
is articulated and written for each session, the students are more engaged and feel
more secure in their learning.
We were all thrilled this week to see that not only have they become so much a
part of our classrooms that one of the Prep students wrote his very own.
Well done Gabriel!
MSPS Achievers
Congratulations to Emma Kearsey, Georgia Pepper, Mia Maywald and Amelia
Clarke who between them all managed 1st and 3rd placings and two Honourable
Mentions in a recent Dance competition –‘Follow Your Dreams’.
Well done also to Harry Curtis, Laura Brearley, Sarah Hulme and Amelia Morgan for the
confident manner with which they led the school in singing the National Anthem at assembly
on Wednesday.
Leanne Sheean
Getting to Know Our Year 5 Team
Hi my name is Nerinda Hodgson and I have been teaching at Monty South since 2010. I
am very proud to be part of the Monty South community. I love teaching all year levels
but have really enjoyed coming back into the Senior part of the school. I have a fantastic
bunch of kids who always put a smile on my face and make me laugh and one of the best
things about moving into the Senior school is that I get to take part in the SAKG Program!
I grew up in Bentleigh and moved to this side of town when I married my wonderful husband
Darren. Together we have 2 daughters, Tegan started high school this year and Marissa is
in year 5. My girls and I love Calisthenics and up until this year all 3 of us were competing,
sadly I decided to retire and go back to coaching. We also love the footy and are BIG
Carlton fans, although we are not having a very good season so far, but at least we can
only go up the ladder for here. I love spending time with my family. We love going to the
movies, camping and taking day trips. I love being part of the Monty South community
and look forward to being part of it for many more years to come.
Hi my name is Tom Norris and I’m lucky to be a Year 5 teacher at Monty South. I discovered
my love of education while teaching English in Taiwan where I lived for three years. I then
moved to Beijing where I worked as an Academic Manager for two years. My last year was
with Disney English (part of The Walt Disney Company), so I have officially worked for a
mouse. Living overseas was wonderful, I learned so much, met many wonderful people and
ate some incredible food. In 2012 I relocated to Melbourne to study my Master of Teaching
the University of Melbourne and in 2014 I taught my ‘first year’ in Deer Park. My experience
has made me passionate about evidence-based teaching, student wellbeing and technology
My name is Lee Nelson and I began teaching in the Senior School at Monty South in 2013. I
first came to this school when I was a Pre-Service Teacher in 2010 and fell in love with the
place then. I was so excited when I got the opportunity to actually teach in this wonderful
community when I finished my studies. I was also excited to work closely with Dale Weston,
because he was a Western Bulldogs supporter too!
Other than teaching, my passions are my family, basketball and music. I have a very
beautiful and busy family and often my children, Maddie and David, can be seen around
MSPS helping out whenever they can because they just love it here too. My family has two
crazy poodles, Alfie and Murphy who constantly make me laugh. I play seven instruments
and I have coached more than 20 basketball teams over the last 10 years. I am particularly
proud to say that last year I was awarded a Coach of the Year Award for the Eltham Wildcats
at the representative basketball level.
I am so proud to have been a teacher of MSPS. It is simply an amazing place, full of amazing people. I wish
EVERYONE a happy and fantastic 2015!
Hi, my name is Amanda Doherty. I have 10 years teaching experience in Australia and the UK,
across all primary grade levels. I moved to the area 8 years ago and for the past 5 years I have
been emergency teaching at various local schools. I live in Montmorency with my 12 year old
son Liam, 10 year old daughter Keely and our pet turtle; Yurtle. We are a social family, involved
in our local football, basketball and tennis clubs, and I now look forward to being part of the
Monty South family! I have been keeping busy lately having almost completed a Diploma of
Counselling and Psychology with an interest in children’s learning and behaviour. I enjoy playing
tennis, catching up with friends and watching my children grow. I have received a very warm
welcome from everyone at Monty South and look forward to getting to know you all.
Duncan and Jade collect the
weekly Sports Award for Strix.
Student of the Week
Kate Hamilton
Amelia Clarke
Will Modra
Ben Aksoyoglu
Leah Fernandez
Nina Linnestad
Gabriel Tran
Maddison Wright
Hayden Lloyd
Jake Zappulla
Patrick Killen
Jowa Saunders
Daniel Carter
Imogen McIntosh
Sienna Fernandez
Finn Lewis
Jesse Hutchinson
Chanel Rochford
Felix Winfield
Alex Parry
Pixie Ferguson
Joshua Allison
Kallen Walsh
Ava Nicolson
Ashley White
Harry Doody
Amelia Little
For always trying her hardest and working well in class.
For supporting her friends when they perform.
For being a kind and caring friend.
For helping classmates.
For her kind, inclusive nature and looking after her friends - what a beautiful heart!
For her improved focus and work ethic in class enabling her to complete set tasks quicker.
For his enthusiastic participation at the Quantum excursion.
For the compassion and friendship that she demonstrates to all her peers.
For his excellent ANZAC acrostic poem. Well done!
For his enthusiasm with the Minibeast Webquest.
For his enthusiasm with the Minibeast Webquest.
For doing his personal best while writing his narrative
For his concentration and effort on his writing
For always giving her personal best in the class.
For supporting her friend when she needed it
For his exceptional kindness and always offering to help in the classroom.
For excellent home reading and HUGE improvement in reading levels - you are a star, Jesse!
For her attentive listening and sharing her ideas with the grade at the Quantum excursion.
For the enthusiastic way he participated in the Quantum excursion.
For her great contribution to our discussions on our excursion to Quantum.
For her fantastic effort with her writing and reading this week.
For Showing hope in the face of failure when doing Lego Robotics.
For working hard to complete a wonderful mini beast habitat.
For concentrating hard in class and helping friends.
For being respectful and helpful class member.
For playing fairly and completing tasks thoroughly in class.
For fantastic improvement in writing.
Volunteers Needed for Country and Culture Day
On Friday 29th of May we will be holding a ‘Country and Culture’ Day which will provide
exciting opportunities for our students to engage with and learn directly from
Indigenous educators. The day will start with a ‘Welcome to Country’ by Wurundjeri
elder Bill Nicholson and will be followed by class rotations around a variety of activities
including dance, language, arts, music and tree planting.
We would love some extra family/community volunteers to help out on this day so if
anyone is interested and available to help out any time between 9am -2:30pm, please
contact Tara at [email protected] or on 0429 478 261. We will be especially
grateful for any extra hands to help out with the prep-2 classes!
Reconciliation Week
May 27- June 3 is National Reconciliation Week. This is an important time to celebrate
and build on the respectful relationships shared by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
peoples and other Australians. There are 3 significant dates during this time that are
important for us to be aware of. These are:
May 26th- National Sorry Day- a national commemoration to remember and honour the
Stolen Generations.
May 27th- Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum- which saw over ninety percent of
Australians vote to remove clauses in the Australian Constitution that discriminated
against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
June 3rd- Anniversary of the historic Mabo decision- in which the High Court of Australia
recognised native title- the recognition that Australia was never terra nullius.
There will be many community events to celebrate Reconciliation Week taking place all
over Australia. Please visit www.reconciliation.org.au for more information.
There will also be a free concert and activities for the whole family at Federation Square
on Saturday May 30th, followed by a community Walk for Reconciliation to the MCG.
Please visit http://www.thelongwalk.com.au for more information. This is a wonderful
free event for the whole family!
Sports Colours Fundraiser
for the Royal Children's Hospital
Just to let you know that we will be having a Sports Colours Say. So come
dressed in your favourite team colours, which can be any sport. It will be held on
Thursday the 18th of June. We decided to raise money for Liam Hall and children
like him. We will be fundraising for the Royal Children's Hospital so please bring
a gold coin donation which will be a big help for the children in need. If you would
like to, please click the link below to make a donation. Soon there will be posters
around the school advertising the Sports Colours Say.
By Brianna Johnstone, Kate Hamilton, Nicholas Makridis
If you are having any difficulty with your Compass login please contact the office on 9439 6201.
Ruby proudly shows the owls that her grandmother made
YEAR 1 Classroom Clippings
Classroom Clippings - Year One
This week the Year Ones have been publishing narratives. We have been reading lots of narratives and
discussing their features and structure. The students have been working hard to plan, compose, record,
revise and edit their work and now they are ready to be made into picture books - complete with
illustrations, a front cover and a blurb. We are very proud of our results!
YEAR 2 Classroom Clippings
The students in 2W had to convince Legend Larissa that munch and crunch is worthwhile and should
remain at Monty South. Here are some opinions from 2W:Dear Larissa,
You are a good teacher except that you might go and see Leanne about munch and crunch. I will make a
list to try and get you not to go to the principal.
1. It will keep us healthy.
2. It keeps us fit.
3. Munch and crunch gets our brain moving.
4. We will be very good and better than the best grade in the school. Isn’t that right 2W? They say yes.
5. We will be very smart and listen to what you are saying.
Dear Larissa,
We really do like munch and crunch. Remember you said that we are the best grade. Well eating munch
and crunch is what makes us the best grade. I also think we should have munch and crunch because it
gets our brains started. As I said eating munch and crunch makes us the best grade. Munch and crunch is
really healthy. Please can we have munch and crunch?
YEAR 3 Classroom Clippings
My Mice Visit School.
I have three mice and their names are Melissa, Jet Pack and
Caramel. Caramel and Melissa are caramel in colour and Jet Pack is
black. They don't jump out of the cage or run away but my old
mouse, Tommy, ran away! Sadly, we don't know where he is. The
cage is safe now.
My mice don't bite, except for their food. Hehe! They sleep in the
nests they make. The mice cost $2 each and they live for one to two
years. They are very, very, very cute!
Savannah Risstrom 3R
YEAR 5 Classroom Clippings
Hi we are some of the Year 5 students and we are here to tell you about what has happened in the past
two weeks in our year level.
All the year fives have been working on our inquiry unit, past present and future. Some of the projects for
unit, are things like fashion, transport, food, nurses and many other cool things. All the unit work will be
shown at the expo in the last week of term. We are really enjoying creating our projects.
Quantum was an excellent excursion! Year 5's subject was lego robotics. We got a MacBook Pro a Lego
NXT computer wired up to some motors and lego bits. We got to program what we wanted our robots to
do on the MacBook Pro and the NXT would download it and when you pressed a button on the NXT it
would do what it's told. We got to play around with sensors and defensive mechanisms eventually we put
our robots in a wooden ring and battled it out for robot supremacy the last robot standing won! And that
raps up our day at Quantum!
So that raps it up about all the things the Year five students have been doing in the past two weeks.
By Cait, Abileine & Morgan
YEAR 6 Classroom Clippings
This week Montmorency South went on a quantum excursion
The Grade 6's did Lego robotics, in Lego robotics you got a nxt mindstorm robot and then you
got to program it as well there was 3 challenges they were the moving challenge, the go green
challenge and the blocktagon challenge.
The moving challenge was in 3 parts - part 1 was to get your robot from one green line to the
other green line, part 2 was to get to the green x and do a 360 and then make your robot
go to the green line and then the last part of challenge one was to make your robot do a
180 and then a 360 and then the robot has to get to the green line.
The go green challenge was a challenge of speed, power and mobility because you had to
get a windmill running, you had to make sure you didn't hurt a Lego character and you
had to fix a dam.
The blocktagon challenge was when we put our robots to the tests and made them battle
to the death by making them fall over or losing a Lego part.
Library News
It was a very busy week last week with the Vipa Book Fair. Thank you to all the families that supported
us. I hope you found some great, fun books to read. We sold $2,686.49 worth of books so therefore
because of your generosity we will be able to purchase new books to the value of $672.00 which is very
exciting. We could not have had a Book Fair if it wasn’t for a fantastic group of parents and staff who
helped me.
A HUGE thank you to Fiona Robinson, Narelle Brilliant, Judith Walsh, Mel McMurtrie, Lisa Cutler, Jess
Fortuna, Sarah Johnson, Sheree Tomlin, Cathryn Hulme, Michelle Motschall, Snez Pezzin, Sally Flather,
our library captain Emily Flather and some of our staff Amy Duckworth, Dale Weston, Kate Little, Sharon
Shaw and Chris Simpson. A special thank you to Chris, who came to help on her day off. Thank you so
much to everyone.
I would also like to thank the Brilliant family (Xavier and Amy) and the Ardaghi family (Nika) for
purchasing 2 brand new copies each of the new Tom Gates book, ‘Tom Gates Yes! Np, (maybe)’ and also
one new copy of ‘Big Nate in the Zone’. The students were so excited as was I. We love Tom Gates and
can’t wait to read them as well as Big Nate which is so popular.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend sitting in front of the fire or ducted heating, blankie on your legs
and reading a great book that takes you on new adventures.
Reading is cool!
Clare Bear
Have you forgotten to order your paver?
Don’t panic – the Parents and Friends Group are still accepting orders.
The pavers are not only a great way to acknowledge your presence at the school but they will make our
boat area look absolutely FANTASTIC.
We have organised with TONY’S PIES OF ESSENDON to conduct a Pie Drive.
Tony’s Pies will supply us with a range of their freshly baked pies, pasties, quiches and sausage rolls on Tuesday, 2nd
of June
All the products will be freshly baked and will be suitable to go straight into the freezer if you wish.
So order up BIG. Remember, the more you order the more we make. All orders and payment to be returned by
Wednesday, 27th of May.
We need the support of everyone to make this fundraising a success.