resume - Mohammed Ridwan

Mohammed R.
3A B.ASc Electrical Engineering. IEEE Member.
(+1) 226 988 3682
[email protected]
More details:
"Mohammed is one of the best student I have had in the almost 20 years of having co-op students.”
── Dr. Bev Christian, Director, Materials Interconnect Lab, BlackBerry
"Mohammed has exhibited outstanding qualities. His aptitude for research far exceeds anyone that I have mentored in my group
amongst his peers. He independently proposed an architecture for water heating that showed high interest in the subject and
strong innovative characteristic."
── Omar M. Ramahi, Professor, ECE Department, University Of Waterloo
Blackberry Ltd. | Jan – April 2015
Materials Interconnect Lab co-op, currently UW Campus Ambassador.
Java ● C# ● COMSOL Multiphysics ●
Soldering ● Arduino dev. ● Transient Network
Analyzer ● Signal analyzers ● Product dev.
Researched on quantifying creep corrosion on bare copper PCB
boards in a sulfur environment.
- Designed a new test frame setup for the experiments
which reduced the standard deviation by 60%.
Individually investigated the effect of salt solutions on PCB boards
with an in house automated resistance measuring equipment.
Carried out 48 failure analysis/solder-ability lab jobs using 2/3D
X-Rays, solder/reflow machines, cross-sectioning, 3D printers etc.
Differential Scanning Calorimetry study of super cooled metals &
investigated the heat capacity of different solder compounds.
University of Waterloo, Electrical Eng. Dept | May – Sept 2014
Undergraduate Researcher
Individually proposed an architecture for microfluidic water
heating using Microwaves & Metamaterials to carry out
efficient heating.
Carried out research on efficiency of dielectric heating using FEA
analysis, COMSOL Multiphysics simulations.
Individually wrote a 70+ page guide to COMSOL for beginners.
WMS Metal Industries | Jan – April 2013
Product developer/Market research assistant.
Developed a new & innovative smart recycling bin that has
received newspaper coverage for innovation. Encourages
consumers to recycle, provides big data to municipalities & helps
save transportation costs.
TELUS Health Solution | Jan – April 2013
Junior Software Developer
Integrated a medical device hardware w/ Medical Record
software using SQL, Node.js & JavaScript. Rated best UX by client
Integrated an on-demand spell checker feature w/ software suite
using Java.
Matlab ● Pro Engineer ● Node.js ● NI
Multisim ● Android Dev. ● Assembly
Honors, B.A.Sc. Electrical Engineering,
University of Waterloo, 3A Term
Recently ranked #8 in class with an
average of 88.8% (3.80 GPA).
Voted Electrical Engineering class
representative for 2 consecutive
Engineering student scholarship for
outstanding high school
Advanced Level Certificate of Secondary
Education, Cambridge International School
Crest award for being topper in
institute for Advanced Level Physics.
Electronic and Electrical Properties of
Signals and Systems
Algorithms and Data Structures