European Union-Turkey relations: past and present

Lecture Series The European Union as a Global International Actor
European Union-Turkey relations: past and present
Pr Marc Maresceau ¦ University of Ghent
One of the oldest bilateral agreements
concluded by the European Community (now
European Union) and still in force today is the
1963 Association Agreement with Turkey. This
agreement, which has a clear pre-accession
dimension, has had considerable political and
legal effects : a customs union has been
established and Turkish nationals, falling within
the scope of the Agreement, have received a
privileged status compared to other non-EU
nationals. In 1999, the Helsinki European
Council qualified Turkey as "a candidate State
destined to join the Union", but after the opening
of accession negotiations in 2005, very little
progress has been made on the road to EU
accession. For this state of affairs, a variety of
explanations can be provided which will be
examined in the lecture.
Monday 8 June 2015
6.30 pm – 8.30 pm
University of Luxembourg
Campus Limpertsberg
Bâtiment des Sciences
Conférence room BSC 001
162a, avenue de la Faïencerie
L-1511 Luxembourg
- Free lecture
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Séverine Mariani
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Lecture Series supported by the Fonds National de la Recherche,
Luxembourg (8819182) and the Jean Monnet Chair
Marc Maresceau teaches EU law at the University of Ghent and is visiting professor at the College of Europe at Bruges
and Natolin. His specialisation is EU external relations with a strong emphasis on the EU neighbourhood relations. His
recent publications include, besides various aspects of EU-Turkey relations, studies on bilateral agreements in the
recent case-law of the Court of Justice, "integration agreements", the relations EU-Switzerland, EU-micro-States, EU
Lecture Series “The European Union as a Global International Actor”
Organised by Prof. Eleftheria Neframi, University of Luxembourg, Jean Monnet Chair
The conference of Pr. Marc Maresceau is part of the Lecture Series on the theme The European Union as a Global
International Actor, supported by the FNR (RESCOM Scientific Events). The objective of the Lecture Series is to involve
a wide-ranging audience in interactive lectures delivered by renowned scholars in legal or political economy disciplines.
The lectures cover various aspects of the external action of the European Union and aim at critically assessing its role
in tackling challenges in a context of global governance.6 conferences are to be held from March to July 2015 covering
highly topical subjects and liable to offer an expert account of the theoretical and practical issues of the study of the
European Union as an international actor. 15 conferences have been organised from March to December 2014.
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