April 2015 Staff Report - Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission

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Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission Membership
Ed Siegmund, Director
April 22, 2015
Staff Report - April 2015/ Work Program Highlights
Economic and Community Development
EDA Planning Partnership/Work Program- Annual work program funded in part with EDA
planning partnership grant award. Program includes providing technical assistance to member
communities for possible funding support from EDA for projects. . Mid-MO RPC is also
responsible for having an approved and updated “Comprehensive Economic Development
Strategy”. EDA has invited the RPC to apply for funding for the next 3 fiscal years- Federal Funds
total $180,000. Planning Partnership application materials submitted.
EDA Public Works Grant- Discovery Ridge- Recent activities include technical support for EDA
public works grant for infrastructure improvements with Discovery Ridge Research Park for
University of Missouri/City of Columbia. Discovery Ridge is a University of Missouri Research
Park Supporting New-Tech Economic Development for Mid-Missouri. Grant Award of $613,905
announced 03-24-2015. Project involves construction of a 1,000 linear feet extension of
Discovery Drive, including paving, curbs, sidewalk, lighting, telecommunications, and
Grant Administration
 Glasgow Sludge Removal. Sludge Removal is complete and CDBG
monitoring was conducted January 13. Project close-out process is underway.
Working with the city to ensure all monitoring findings are addressed, close-out
public meeting is held and the close-out packet is completed and signed.
Holts Summit Wastewater. Two rounds of income survey mailings are
complete. The city is currently knocking on doors to get the remaining surveys
filled out.- as of March 24 - only 29 more surveys need to be returned to
qualify survey. LMI Survey Complete. Awaiting DED-CDBG decision to
invite grant application.
New Franklin Wastewater. Bids opened and contract awarded to C.L.
Richardson Construction. Construction Underway.
Boone County- Manchester Heights. Bids opened January 14, 2015.
Sterling Excavation and Erection selected as contractor. Pre-construction
meeting held April 14 .
St. Thomas Demolition. Environmental Review complete. Title search
complete. Demolition expected to take place – Summer, 2015.
Bunceton Wastewater. Two rounds of income survey mailings are complete.
The city is knocking on doors soon to get the remaining surveys filled out. LMI
Survey Complete 04-17-2015. Mid-MO RPC selected as administrator if project
invited to apply for CDBG funds.
Technical Assistance
 Environmental Review Report - Holts Summit Wastewater project. ERR
Ashland Planning Services - Ongoing technical assistance support to
City of Ashland on community development issues includes staff
support to the Planning Commission.
Armstrong – Technical assistance for complying with MoDNR
wastewater treatment concerns, as well as, assisting community in
seeking funds to address these identified concerns. Mid-MO assisted
community in submitting a pre-application for CDBG funding support under the
general Infrastructure competition. Project was not selected for an invitation
to submit application for grant funding support.
Regional Studies
 Broadband- FirstNet. Planning effort for public safety broadband- includes
collecting information about how a network could best serve first responders in
protecting Missouri citizens.-MO RPC is providing staff support to set the
meeting schedule, invite prospective stakeholders, and publicize the meeting
dates, times and locations. The information gathered from these meetings will
help Missouri create a specific proposal for consideration to the Office of
Homeland Security. Meetings ongoing.
Transportation Planning- MoDOT Work Program - Annual planning work program with
MoDOT. Responsibilities include the development and updates of our Regional Transportation
Plan, developing prioritization process for identified transportation projects in the Mid-MO
Region, technical assistance support for Transportation Alternative Grant projects, technical
support to member communities on transportation planning issues.
 Ashland Transportation Plan. RPC under contract to update
transportation plan section of city’s comprehensive plan. Planning group
advisory committee formed, with meetings held March 19, April 9, April 14, and
schedule d for April 23. Draft plan to be completed by April 30, 2015.
 Development Disabilities Coordinated Transportation Plan. Phase 1 of
an anticipated 2 phase project is complete. Phase 1 activities include the
development of the “MoDDC/Mid-MO RPC Transportation Coordination
Implementation Plan 2014”. The project also linked transportation planning
partners such as – OATS, Mo Transit, Columbia MPO- CATSO, Jefferson City
MPO- CAMPO, University Hospital, Central MO. Community Action etc.
Applications for funding support for Phase 2 submitted to MoDOT on Feb. 20
under the Federal 5310 program. Second phase funding approved – Total
Project Cost- $195,400.
Area F Regional Homeland Security Oversight Committee- Regionalization Work
Program – Mid-MO RPC staff provides administrative and procurement services for the Region
F Regional Homeland Security Oversight Committee. Includes program compliance coordination
with Missouri Department of Homeland Security, meeting coordination etc. Procurement
activities underway for FY13 and FY14 grant awards.
 Supplemental Allocation FY14 funds. Area F RHSOC Special Meeting held on
March 17. $67,333 allocated for projects.
 Other Studies:
 Boone County Hazard Mitigation Plan – Multi-jurisdictional plan that
includes nine communities, six school districts, 2 colleges and 1 university. The
Plan includes profile of ten 10 hazards- i.e. flooding, severe winter weather,
tornadoes. Overall mitigation strategy developed for County. Planning process
underway with four committee work sessions completed.
Developing Activities:
 Cole County Hazard Mitigation Plan. Plan contract has been received from
SEMA. Staff will meet with Cole County Commission to discuss planning
process, and match requirements. Plan deadline- November 2016.
 MoDNR Initiatives: MACOG (the Missouri statewide associations of
RPCs/COGs) has been in discussion with MoDNR regarding providing planning
support on the following initiatives: (1) Clean Water Onsite RLF septic tank
repair), (2) the Our Missouri Waters Initiative (watershed planning support,
and community services assistance), and (3) assisting with public meetings for
the update of the Statewide Outdoor Recreation Plan SCORP).
 City of Bunceton. Responding to RFP Proposal for CDBG grant
application preparation, environmental review, and grant administrative
services for proposed community wastewater treatment improvements.
 CDBG Application-Demolition. Developing possible demolition grant
applications for Holts Summit, Centralia, Fayette, and Armstrong. Grant
applications due May 01.
 CDBG- Industrial Infrastructure. Possible technical assistance for funding
assistance for Callaway County to develop infrastructure (rood improvements)
for a major employer in the County.
 Disaster Resiliency – CDBG Disaster Funds. MACOG Initiative to increase
Disaster Resiliency throughout the State. The potential project has 3
components- completion of an inventory of deployable resources, the
development of a disaster resiliency planning template and planning processes,
implementation of processes within the region- i.e. GIS mapping assistance,
community signage of safe room locations etc.
Meeting Announcements:
May 27, 2015.
May 27, 2015.
Transportation Advisory Committee. 3:30 pm.
Mid-MO Executive Committee Meeting. Work Program and Budget