EvenPleat Pleated Shades – 1” Options Cornices & Valances

EvenPleat® Pleated Shades – 1” Options
Cornices & Valances
4" Curved Wood Valance
Gently curved contours bring a fresh look to either casual or elegant décors.
4" Classic Wood Valance
The simple profile is perfect for any décor style.
Regal Cornice
The magnificent Regal Wood Cornice is available in a 5 1/2" and 7 1/2" size, and in both
stained and painted finishes. It will crown your blinds or shades with style and
Noble Cornice
The stately design of the Noble Wood Cornice is available in a 5 1/2" and 7 1/2" size, and
in both stained and painted finishes. It lends an impressive appearance to larger windows.
Create a unique look by overlaying sheer fabric on another fabric on all or part of the
EvenPleat® unique design keeps every pleat crisp and uniformly spaced from top to
bottom - the fabric will not sag or stretch over time, ensuring more consistent color and
light control.
Increased Privacy & Light Control
Privacy Liner & Blackout Liner
Choose between privacy liner and blackout liner. Privacy liner increases privacy while
blackout liner creates total privacy. Both have a neutral streetside appearance and are
available on select fabrics.
Liner-only Shade
Liner-only shades provide privacy and can be used as an under treatment option.
Operating Systems & Controls
Standard Cord Lift System
The color-coordinated standard cord includes a cordlock, which holds the cord securely
in place at any position.
Cordless Lift System
Cordless blinds and shades are a safe solution, ideal for homes with children or pets. Plus,
the elimination of the lift cord presents a clean, attractive appearance.
Continuous Loop Lift System
The Continuous Loop Lift System makes it easy to raise large shades while maintaining a
constant cord length.
Motorization System
Motorization makes the operation of heavy or hard-to-reach shades easy. Raise or lower
multiple shades with a hand-held control or wall switch. An automatic timer operates the
shades for security when you're away, and a cordless design eliminates safety hazards.
Ideal for those with special needs and homes with children or pets.
Bottom Up/Top Down Corded
The Bottom Up/Top Down option allows you to lower the shades from the top or raise
them from the bottom. This allows you to maintain privacy or screen an unwanted view
while letting natural light come in.
Sun Up/Sun Down for Pleated
Get two shades in one by combining fabrics of different styles, colors or privacy levels.
For example, combine light-filtering and blackout fabrics to gently diffuse light through
the day and have absolute privacy when you need it.
SkyTrack™ Skylight
This feature is ideal for skylights, protecting furnishings from damaging sunlight and
reducing heat gain and loss, and it is easily operated with a handle mounted to a moving
rail, or with an optional telescoping pole. May also be used on regular window
applications, eliminating all light gaps on the sides of the shades.
Wide Windows & Specialty Shapes
Angled Shade for Angled Windows
Graber Pleated Shades can accommodate windows with an angle top and straight bottom.
A variety of arch shapes are available to meet the requirements of your specially shaped
Bay or Corner Windows
Window treatments can be customized to fit bay or corner windows.
Multiple Shades or Blinds on One Headrail
Two or three independently operable shades or blinds can be installed on a single headrail
to provide a cleaner appearance. This is ideal for large windows or patio doors.