Scrap Heap Challenge - Maharashtra Institute of Technology

MAEER’s Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune
Department of Polymer Engineering
Polymer Student Association Presents
Affinity & Confluence
25th & 26th March
Scrap Heap Challenge
A Useful Product from Waste
Registration Fee – Rs. 200/- per team
a) Three students per team are allowed.
b) Task will be given on the spot.
c) A heap of waste materials i.e. thermocol, etc. will be placed from which
participants will pick-up the material required for their product.
d) Duration of event – two hours.
e) Students will have to produce their identity cards at the time of competition.
f) Performance evaluation:
1. Creativity
2. Mechanical strength
3. Aesthetics
g) Decision of judges shall be final and binding.
Faculty: Prof. A. M. Javali
For any clarifications, please contact
Harsh Ganatra: 9619551440
Abhay Dharanguttikar: 9423283013
Polymer Engg. Dept., MIT Pune
Event Schedule:
26 March 2015, 10:15 a.m.
Register at: