Spring 2015 - Missoula Equestrian Park

Visit: www.MissoulaEquestrianPark.org
Your 2015 Missoula Horsemen’s Council, which
governs the Missoula Equestrian Park and its
policies, has a great team of new Board Members
and many exciting ideas! I hope you’ll join us for our
monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of each
month (please check the Park’s website calendar for
exact location and time). Additionally, we have
formed several committees to help organize new
and fun Equestrian Events and we would love for
members to get involved in whichever areas interest
you (see below for Committee details)! Don’t
hesitate to contact any Board Member for more
2015 MHC Board Members:
President: Lynn Thee: [email protected]
Vice President: Sheila Mealey:
[email protected]
Treasurer: Vacant—this could be you!
Secretary: Joan Scheffer: [email protected]
Events Coordinator: Cindy Arnott:
[email protected]
Membership Coordinator: Rachel Ambrose:
[email protected]
Webmaster: Jennifer Kendall: [email protected]
Vicki Balfour: [email protected]
Ginny Fay: [email protected]
Aneill Fisler: [email protected]
Val Knudsen: [email protected]
Lynn Lee: [email protected]
Kim Stickler: [email protected]
Spring 2015 Newsletter
Membership: Your Missoula Horsemen's Council
values all our members who support the Park each
year. Please remember to display your new Member
ID tag on yourself or your horse when riding at the
Park. And keep an eye on your email for Event
Announcements and Park updates that you won't
want to miss! A membership form is in this
newsletter or can be downloaded:
Our first volunteer work day is scheduled for April
11. Please mark your calendars and come with your
work gloves and smiles to help prepare the Park for
a busy spring and summer of events. For information
please call Sheila Mealy at 406-210-4307 or email
[email protected] Thanks and we look
forward to seeing you there!
On the English riding front, we are happy to
announce the addition of our new flatbed "Jump"
trailer - thanks to a very generous donation from
Missoula Dressage and Combined Training
Association (MDCTA)! Jumps will be stored on the
trailer, making for much easier set-up and tear-down
before and after horse shows. Our first Mini Event is
scheduled for April 25, with a clinic offered the next
day by the dressage judge, Carol Nichols. Forms to
sign up for these are in this newsletter and can be
Photo credit: Rachel Ambrose
Photo credit: Deana Ross, youth rider Lindsey
A Hunter/Jumper MHJA Sanctioned Spring
Schooling Show is on the calendar for May 2, as well
as a Dressage schooling show & clinic with Debra
Spence May 30 & 31. Other dates to mark on your
calendar: June 13 - Mini Event #2 and Sept. 5 - Mini
Event #3, and August 7-9 for MHJA RATED H/J show!
Keep an eye on the MEP website calendar for more
English events and clinics in the coming months!
Cross Country Course: Drue Kerns has been hard at
work securing our new course designer Bert Wood
from CA! Bert (of Rebecca Farms XC course fame)
will be coming in June to give our course a face lift be ready for some new and exciting jumps out there!
And please, as a reminder, if the ground is wet and
muddy this spring, refrain from jumping as it will
damage the footing and is unsafe for you and your
6th and an Omoksee August 15. Watch the MEP
calendar for dates and further information.
The Missoula Horse Council is developing a license
plate. The funds from this plate will be used to
maintain and expand the Missoula Equestrian Park,
providing essential open space and facilities for
Montana's equestrians and non-equestrians alike.
An annual percentage will also be donated to
Montana organizations to advocate for horses, horse
people, and youth riders throughout the state. The
plate should be available beginning July 1, 2015.
2015 MHC Committees
Photo credit: Deana Ross, youth rider Lindsey
Want to help out but don't want to commit to being
a board member? Perhaps you would like to serve
on one of our sub committees. We value your input
and assistance. Contact the committee chair (*) for
more information.
The Western Events Committee has been hard at
work organizing some fun western events. They are
currently in talks with the NBHA about having some
sanctioned events, hopefully in the near future.
There is a time only barrel race scheduled for June
Western Events: Increase number of western
events, outreach to other equine groups, possible
clinics at the park, and create a 5-year plan as well as
a plan for: electricity, arena footing, equipment
purchase, storage and maintenance, and an arena
rental plan.
Board Members: * Kim Stickler, Joan Scheffer, and
Lynn Lee
PR/Marketing/Membership: Website management,
Facebook presence, PayPal, Hats & T-Shirts,
Electronic forms, signature and payment,
sponsorships, fundraising, grants, PR materials,
slogan revamp.
Board Members: *Jennifer Kendall, Vicki Balfour
Facilities & Grounds: Signage, payment box, rental
documents, communicate directly with maintenance
director, create a 5-year maintenance plan, events
coordination, set requirements for event deposit
Board Members: *Cindy Arnott, Aneil Fisler. Lynn
English Events: Organize and produce Mini-Events,
coordinate to attract or produce other events,
hunter jumper, dressage and clinics, create a 5-year
plan as well as a plan for storage of jumps, repair
and maintenance of cross country course, outreach
to other equine groups.
Board Members: * Rachel Ambrose, Val Knudsen,
and Jennifer Kendall
Members: Drue Kerns, Carolyn Quinn, Mary
Osellame, Janice Maurer
Member Outreach: Work days, volunteer
coordination, membership BBQ, non- horse related
events (IE Give Local Missoula), parade participation,
outreach to other horse related groups seeking
alliance and participation, member newsletter.
Board Members: *Sheila Mealy, Cindy Arnott
We are working on our website. Please stay tuned
for a much improved experience. In the meantime,
we appreciate your patience with our growing pains.
Please send thoughts and suggestions to our
webmaster, Jennifer Kendall: [email protected]
Friends meet friends at the Missoula Equestrian
Park! We hope to see you there soon!
Finance: Create a 2015 budget, review financial
records, investigate the need for an accountant,
taxes and audits, create 5-year business plan.
Board Members: *Lynn Thee, Ginny Fay
Photo credit: Rachel Ambrose
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June 6
June 13
June 27
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Missoula Equestrian Park
FlYing Colors
2015 Missoula Equestrian Park Member? ! Yes ! No
Your coach or instructor’s name
Please fill out separate entry form(s) for additional horses
Eq. Park Member ID Tag #
Rider Age: Under 18____ or 18 & over_____
2015 Cross-Country Member? ! Yes ! No
Pre-Novice, Novice and Training event entries will ride USEA 2014 Test B for all event
dates. Smurf event entries will ride USDF Introductory Level Test B 2011.
All dressage tests can be found at MissoulaEquestrianPark.org
MINI-EVENT Dressage, Stadium and Cross-Country fees
enter your appropriate level and write in the name of your mount
DRESSAGE TESTS Open or Western Dressage
Please print the test list with tests marked that you plan to ride and include with entry
Judges TBA. See tests on information sheet or at MissoulaEquestrianPark.org
Available Friday prior to each Flying Colors Mini-Event
No charge for 2015 Cross-Country Members, all others must pay fee
Cross-Country $15
Members and non-members must pay fee Stadium
Stalls $20×
50 stalls are available. Tying horses to the bars of stalls is prohibited.
One bag of shavings is included with each stall rental. Straw bedding is not allowed.
Shavings $8×
Hookup $10×
All entries that arrive after Monday prior to the event will be charged a late fee LATE FEE $25
Please make checks payable to Missoula Horsemen’s Council
Entry Number
Check #
Your cleaning deposit will be refunded after inspection and upon conclusion of the event if the stall is stripped
and waste put in the cement bunker on the north side of the stalls. Thank you for helping keep our park beautiful!
Please provide the cleaning deposit in a separate form of payment in order to receive refund. CLEANING DEPOSIT CHECK #
For more information or questions please contact Drue at 406/240-3667
Mail entry form and checks to: Rachel Ambrose 1007 Richard St., Missoula, MT 59802
Entries must be mailed in with Payment / EMAIL entries will not be accepted.
Assumption of Risk Agreement
I, the undersigned, Missoula Equestrian Park Member __________________________________
herein request access and permission to occupy, use, enjoy and/or ride or handle horses on the
premises of the Missoula Equestrian Park, hereinafter referred to as MEP. I understand and agree
that whether I am participating in equine activities within the MEP premises or exposing myself to the
inherent hazards or injuries associated with equine handling and activities on any part of the premises,
I am doing so willingly with the understanding that horses are inherently dangerous.
Further, I understand;; The purpose of MCA through 27-­1-­727 is to assist courts and
juries in defining the circumstances under which persons responsible for equines may be
found liable for damages to persons harmed in the course of equine activities. It is the policy
of the state of Montana that a person is not liable for damages sustained by another solely as
a result of risks inherent in equine activities if those risks are or should be reasonably
obvious, expected, or necessary to persons engaged in equine activities. It is the policy of
the state of Montana that an equine activity sponsor or equine professional who is negligent
and causes foreseeable injury to a participant bears responsibility for that injury in
accordance with other applicable law.
Further, the undersigned, acknowledges that I have had the opportunity to inspect the premises and
surrounding conditions for inherent hazards associated with the nature of the premises (including icy
winter conditions) each time I occupy said premises as a member, participant, spectator or invitee
and therefore wish to make this acknowledgment and agreement perpetually binding from the date
herein signed.
________________________________ ______________________________ ______________
Print Name (Clearly) Signature Date
Address ___________________________________________________________________________
Phone_____________________ Cell_____________________ Email__________________________
Emergency contact names and numbers (require at least one):
_____________________________________________ Tel No. ____________________________
Name of Contact Person
_____________________________________________ Tel No. ____________________________
Name of Contact Person
Supervising a minor: The below signed herein certifies I am a parent or legal guardian having full authority
and acknowledge that the minor above named, understands and accepts that they are assuming inherent risks
associated with equine activities they are involved in on the premises above named.
Signature of legal guardian _____________________________ Date _________ Age of minor _____
FlYing Colors
We encourage members who enter the Park from South Ave. to use 31st (just east of Big Sky High School)
instead of 35th. This will decrease traffic for our neighbors on 35th.
Please remember to include and sign an assumption of risk form for every horse/rider team for
every show. We are required to have a new one on file for each event. Thank you!
Ride times will be posted the Friday before the event at the Missoula Equestrian Park show office.
Our show staff will do their best to call you with your ride time by the Friday before the event,
however, if you need your ride time before that please feel free to call Drue at 406/240-3667 and
she will give you the block of time your division will be riding. Rides times will also be on the
website by Friday evening.
Judges: TBA will be posted on the website as they confirm for each of the three dates
Entry Fees are $15/test for MEP members or $20/test for non-members.
2011 USDF Intro Level A
2011 USDF Intro Level B
2014 USEA Pre-Novice Test A
2014 USEA Pre-Novice Test B
2014 USEA Novice Test A
2014 USEA Novice Test B
2014 USEA Training Test A
2014 USEA Training Test B
2014 USEA Preliminary Test A
2014 USEA Preliminary Test B
2014 USEA Intermediate A
2014 USEA Intermediate B
Open Dressage
2011 USEF Training Level 1
2011 USEF Training Level 2
2011 USEF Training Level 3
2011 USEF First Level 1
2011 USEF First Level 2
2011 USEF First Level 3
2011 USEF Second Level 1
2011 USEF Second Level 2
2011 USEF Second Level 3
Western Dressage
WDDA Intro Test 1
WDDA Basic Test 1
WDDA Basic Test 3
WDDA Level 1 Test 2
WDDA Freestyle Level 1
Other Tests on request only
Carol Nichols Clinic
After the April Flying Colors Mini-Event, take advantage of a
great opportunity to ride with
Dressage Judge & Eventing Trainer Carol Nichols!
When: April 26, 2015
Where: Missoula Equestrian Park
Dressage or XC Jumping
About Carol: After graduating with a BA in Sociology, Carol directed and taught several
college equestrian programs in the eastern United States throughout her twenties and thirties.
She competed successfully through Intermediate Level in Eventing, took opportunities to learn
from Olympic riders and traveled to England and Germany for intensive riding and teaching
courses. Carol worked extensively with Sally Swift in Centered Riding and with Cindy Sydnor
and Cathy Connelly in dressage. Later, Carol managed her own horse ranch in New Mexico
and created a local chapter of Pony Club while she continued to teach privately. For more
information, go to:
NOTE: Because of limited space, you must first contact Rachel Ambrose at
406-544-8779 if you are interested in riding in the Carol Nichols Clinic.
Carol Nichols Clinic Entry Form
Clinic limited to 8 Riders. Cost is $65 for a 45 minute private lesson (plus daily fee
for non-MEP members).
Rider Name: _____________________________________________________
Discipline / level you wish to ride: ___________________________________
Phone: ______________ Email: _____________________________________
MEP Member Tag ID # _____________________________________________
Clinic Cost
MEP Member
Discipline: Dressage or Cross Country
MEP Member without XC Pass
Discipline: Cross Country
Non-MEP Member
Discipline: Dressage
Non-MEP Member
Discipline: Cross Country
MEP Daily
Pass Fee*
Use Fee*
• Please make checks payable to: Carol Nichols.
Non-MEP members must sign and submit the MEP Membership Form
and Release located on the MEP website
at: http://www.missoulaequestrianpark.org/pdf/MEPMembershipForm2015.pdf
*Avoid the MEP daily use fees for all events in 2015 by
becoming a member of the Missoula Equestrian Park!