April 2015 - Mid Island Seniors Golf Association

Mid Island Seniors Golf Association
April 12, 2015
MISGA 2015 Season Begins April 30th
December 2011
We are looking forward to another exciting year of MISGA tournaments in 2015. We have a promising field of 18
tournaments again this year. The Executive of MISGA recognize that the club representative have worked very hard
at keeping the costs down and in a lot of cases have kept the fees at the same rate as last year. Several of the clubs
have developed coupon deals as incentives.
You will note that Arbutus Ridge have changed to a morning shot-gun this year. The reps at Arbutus have worked
diligently to raise the profile of MISGA atDecember
their club. In addition
2011 to changing the start time of the tournament, they
have gone out looking for sponsors to donate prizes, (prize list on page 4). Hopefully these actions will bring about an
increase in attendance at this year’s Arbutus event.
We have in interesting submission from the MISGA secretary
in this issue (page 8), written under his nom de plume Willie
Your MISGA executive instituted a change in
tournament standards at the spring meeting.
The details are available on page 7 of this
newsletter, it is important that every
member is aware of this change.
William "Willie" Auchterlonie (7 August 1872 – 27 February 1963 was
a Scottish golfer. He was a native of St. Andrews. He won the 1893
Open Championship at the age of 21
Misga Newsletter 2015
We will attempt to publish six editions of
the newsletter in 2015, one in Mid-April
and then every 4 weeks or so balancing
out the number of tournaments reported.
April 12
May 22 June 18
July 22
AUG 22 Sept 16
We are always looking for content for the
newsletter, please forward any news,
opinions or just comic relief for inclusion
in the next newsletter
Jim Gibney
[email protected]
Note. Mt. Brenton start time revised from original schedule
Message from the President
To all MISGA members
Thursday April 30th will be our season’s opening at Crown Isle.
I hope to see all of you there as, this year, we all have to make that extra effort to
support all those who, just for your pleasure, are putting all those efforts in
organizing these events. It just does not happen by itself.
Our attendance to our events have been declining over the last few years and
despite all the excuses we might find, I strongly believe that if all of us just make
that little extra effort it is possible to get back to our golden years.
Just to help with this issue, we have lowered the age to 50 to be a member of
MISGA and have, at the Spring Meeting, come up with few more ideas to increase
interest and speed up play.
There will be continuous putting and a ball pick up policy as described in an article
included in this newsletter. Some clubs will also adopt the Stableford way of scoring
as will happen for the event at Arbutus Ridge on May 27th. We hope that more clubs
will try that format for this year. It is the format used in many other parts of the
world for the type of events similar to ours and found to be very popular.
Communication is the name of the game and I urge all of you to keep looking at our
web site, at least once a week, as this is the place to keep in touch with the up to
date information.
Register early for an event as this is one of the best way to help those volunteers’
As a member of MISGA you also have the responsibility to encourage other
members of your club to join MISGA. It is simple and uncomplicated and a great
asset for our organization for every member you enroll.
In closing I wish you all a great golf season and see you on the course!
Andre Lemieux
“Life is to be enjoyed not endured”
As result of comments received during surveys conducted over the winter, MISGA council at the Spring
Meeting discussed and adopted the following MISGA standards and practices to be respected by
players at all MISGA events:
o Player will adopt continuous putting to hole the ball, except when continuing
will interfere with another player’s line
o Player will ‘putt out’ - No ‘gimmees’
o In stroke play format events, player will pick up his ball at his Equitable Stroke
Control (ESC) maximum when it has been reached and record that ESC
maximum as his score for that hole
o In Stableford format events, player will pick up his ball when he will not earn
any points and will record his score at his ESC maximum
These standards and practices respecting rules of play are being adopted by MISGA to improve
pace of play and to standardize practice and to ensure fairness for all participants in the field at
each MISGA event.