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DIY Personal Care From phthalates & petroleum to detergents & fragrances—what we put on our skin is as
important as we put inside it. By making our own personal care products, we decrease the
amount of excessive packaging; save money; & control the ingredients that feed our
largest organ—our skin
Oral hygiene
• No one wants bad breath, or worse, a cavity
• You can have a clean mouth by using all natural chemical-free products
• Toothpaste can be made with baking soda, a bit of water & an antiviral essential oil
like clove, cinnamon or thyme
• Rinse your mouth with salt water, a drop or two of essential oils & a splash of
vinegar instead of alcohol-based, artificially colored mouthwash
• Most shampoos, even some marketed as natural, contain harmful chemicals
• Try washing your hair instead with a mix of one-part vinegar, 2 parts baking soda,
half part lemon juice—it should be thick & pasty—massage it into your scalp
• You can also mix it into a castile soap like Dr. Bronner's
• Or, if you aren't able to give up your shampoo completely, try a 50/50 blend
• In cultures around the world, oil is used on the hair to condition & nourish
• Coconut, avocado, sesame & almond oil are great at moisturizing hair & scalp
• You can leave it in or wash it out
• Even if you're not ready to give up your favorite conditioner, your hair—especially if
chemically treated—will benefit from the healing effects of a good oil treatment
• Stabilized with chemicals & scented with fragrance
• You can easily skip all that nonsense by trying shea butter, cacao butter,
coconut oil or jojoba
• Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils for a natural fragrance
• Antiperspirants are made of harmful cancer-causing agents that try to prevent
your body from performing an important & natural function—sweating!
• While preventing perspiration is not recommended, you can "deodorize" your
armpits, naturally
• Baking soda makes a wonderful odor absorber
• If you sweat lightly, spraying essential oil-scented water may be all you need
• In a 2 oz spray bottle, mix 50-75 drops of your favorite oils with water & spray
Facial care
• Many skin care products are not only ineffective & even damaging—they're
expensive, too
• Regardless of your skin type—oils are cleansing, moisturizing & balancing
• Try these three ingredients for glowing skin: wash with apple cider vinegar
(or a gentle castile soap)
• Cleanse/moisturize with jojoba or coconut oil
• Get a fabulous glow with sea buckthorn oil
• Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water & look better than ever! Really!
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