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What is My style of Wedding Photography
Traditional, Phot-jounalistic, Contemporary
As a wedding photographer today I must incorporate all of these styles when photographing your wedding—Families getting together after a long hiatus, friends meeting after years of separation, generations wanting to get that once in a lifetime family photo.
Posed shots can show a special moment between a group or two people. This
looks candid but does give the effect of the bride and flower girl being unaware of
the photographer
Ceremony Shots are always candid and photojournalistic as I wait for the
perfect moments that will document in time the love shared between the bride and
Favorite Scenic Spots that are special for the wedding couple help
tell the romantic story. This shot was posed but the couple are oblivious to the
Classic church architecture can also lend to the story of the wedding day.
The bride and groom only need to look at each other for the photographer to capture this moment.
Posed shots can be fun and yet capture the beautiful dresses of the bride and
her bridesmaids.
It is my job as your photographer to set the scene for a perfect posed, yet
candid moment between bride and groom.
Formal, wedding party shots can be fun yet gather all the important people
of the day into a photograph that will be cherished.
The Classic posed first wedding dance should be shot with the the bride and groom
giving you their full attention.
Of Course, The photographer must be around to capture those candid moments
which make the wedding album come alive and capture the essence of the day.
Family and Friends gather for you celebration. What better way to remember
them that to get that posed table shot.
And of course, catching the bride in a moment of supreme fun,
that's my job also.
That all inclusive Group Picture at the reception has to be posed in a fun way and
will bring back great memories.
Having a second “shooter” in your wedding photography package will ensure
great “candid” and photo-journalistic
Set shots for your album are a must if
you are going to remember the day and
the trappings of your wedding party.
An Engagement Photo Shoot can Start your wedding Journey
and you can use the images for a reception sign in book for
your guests to record special messages.