Playing Rules for Miravle League

Playing Rules/Guidelines
The Miracle League of Central MN
1. There will be a designated home and away team for each game. Home team will occupy
the 1st base dugout.
2. Line players up on the baseline or outside your dugout at the start of the game for the
National Anthem.
3. We will keep score but both teams will be winners. We will play four innings and or no
longer than 1 hr 10 mn. Which ever come first.
4. Players may choose whether to use a tee or to have the coach pitch to them. Players
own coach pitches or any adult designated by coaching staff. If a player chooses to
have the coach pitch to them they are required to use the tee if they do not hit the ball
after 5 strikes. The umpire will setup the tee for the player.
5. Under no circumstances may a runner intentionally collide with a fielder. Coaches&
Buddies should teach their fielders not to occupy a base or stand in the base paths unless
a throw is coming to that fielder.
6. We encourage all players to wear helmets. Some of our players have a difficult time
with this and it becomes a struggle. On your roster if you have a HW listed next to
players name they are not required to wear one if they would object to it. This HW
stands for Helmet Waiver and indicates that their parent/guardian has signed a release.
7. When a team is up to bat they will bat a maximum of 7 batters per inning. There is no 3
out rule to end an inning. Batting is round robin. We really try to encourage coaching
staff to get each player at least 2 at bats per game. Coaches can work this out prior to
the start of the game how many they will be batting per inning based on the number of
players they have and inform the umpire prior to the game.
8. No player will strike out or walk.
9. Once an inning has ended fielders should stay in the field until all the runners have
cleared the bases. This is a safety issue aimed at reducing the number of collisions.
10. Try to keep the game moving. You can play 4 innings in approximately an hour if
you stick to the rules. Our players do not last much longer and the longest we will play
is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.
11. Every player on a team roster will participate in each game for a minimum of two
defensive innings for each 4 defensive inning games. Again we also encourage coaches
to allow 2 at bats per game per player. If a player does not meet the minimum
requirements due to a shortened game, then in the next game the coach should get that
player into the game early enough or adjust the roster to meet the minimum
requirements for that next game. Coaches are trusted to use their best efforts to abide by
the spirit and letter of these rules. Coaches are encouraged to plan prior to each game to
make sure that players meet the minimum requirements.
12. A minimum of 5 players are need to play a game. When fielding you would then
place players on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Two in the outfield. We will have volunteers to cover
the Catcher’s position. You may also recruit other players from another team if they are
there and willing to play. In the situation of just two teams in the league, teams
would just be evened out to comply with the required minimum numbers of
players per team.
13. Only 8 infielders are allowed. One extra on each side of the infield. DO NOT
put an infielder directly on the Pitching mound. This is
recommended to reduce congestion and the number of possible injuries.
14. Base stealing or advancing on a passed ball is permitted. Remind players DO
15. Coaches and Buddies are allowed anywhere in the infield. Buddies are
encouraged to assist during games and practices. Encourage your players to
advance bases and make plays. Help them with fundamentals and assist them
with at bats when needed. Make it fun and try to involve them as much as
possible during their defensive outings as well.
16. A team may use managers, coaches, parents, or Buddies for both base coach
positions if volunteers are not assigned.
17. Games will be canceled if there is significant rain or any lightening one hour
prior to the game. In the event of rain prior to the game and a wet field. We will
still have the game but will encourage and have players walk instead of run as
the rubberized field surface can be slippery. We do not cancel games do to cold
weather, dress warm! We also do not cancel games if it is too hot. We leave it
up to the family or caregivers discretion. You can call a league official to
confirm the status of the game on game day. Also visit our website at
18. After the games are completed teams should huddle up and are required to shake
hands or high five with the opposing team
Safety and Effectiveness Tips:
• Good sportsmanship
• Safety
• Have fun!
• Learn Baseball
• Make players feel like they are part of a team.
• Rotate batting order every game so each player has the chance to bat first.
• Find and use helmets that fit well.
• Use only that balls that are provided by the League.
In the field
• Catchers stand off to the side. Mask and chest protector required full gear
optional. (Get the gear on while batting to keep game moving.)
• Rotate positions every inning if you are able.
• Coaches and parents will be called upon to help and assist the Buddy with a
player if needed.
• Rules may be modified to meet the needs. These are only
At the start of every game we will play the national anthem line your team
up along the base line.
After the second innings is completed we will have our version of the 7th
inning stretch and take me out to the ball game will be played.
Our Main Objective is to have fun, enjoy the great game of
baseball and introduce kids and assist them with the
“FUNdamentals” of the game!
“Every Child Deserves the Chance to Play Baseball!”