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American Society of Interior Designers
Fall 2009
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inside sandiego
American Society of Interior Designers
Fall 2009
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of past year
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Inside this issue
2009/2010 Board of Directors
Past President’s Message
President’s Message
2009 ASID 2nd Annual Golf Classic
ASID San Diego Launches New Website
CEU or Lunch & Learn?
General Meeting at Kiva Kitchen and Bath
My CLC Experience - Joanne Leverault
Eco-Friendly Furniture: 101
My journey to the ASID/NEOCON 2009
Industry Partners working together
Robin Wilson Carrier - An asset to the Interior
Design Industry
ASID Leads
The Designer’s Round Table
New Board of Directors for 2009/2010
San Diego
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inside SAN DIEGO • 3
Board of Directors
Tina Marie Koch, ASID
Tel: 858-577-2020
[email protected]
Dear Members,
Kellie McCor mick, ASID
Tel: 619-299-5591
[email protected]
When I was growing up back in Missouri, this was the time of year that we began looking for a beautiful wild vine with little orange berries growing on fences in the country. It was called Bittersweet, and the very name seemed
to denote the sense of the fall season. A bittersweet time at the end of lazy, hot summer days when we began getting ready for
the cooler golden days of autumn, not yet thinking about winter.
Mark Gauvin, IP Member
Tel: 858-549-2442
[email protected]
Robin W ilson Carr ier, ASID
Tel: 619-758-7676
[email protected]
Lindsay Hester, ASID
Tel: 619-793-7415
[email protected]
Christy Mi tchell, ASID
Tel: 858 357-7261
[email protected]
Stefanie Wenceslao,
Allied Member ASID
Tel: 619-302-4451
[email protected]
Nina Punzi, Student Member ASID
Tel: 831-566-1008
[email protected]
Nancy Ferrer, Allied Member ASID
Tel: 858-577-2020
[email protected]
Maria Murphy, Allied Member ASID
Tel: 619-507-5215
[email protected]
Nancy Jackson
Tel: 858-274-3345
[email protected]
Past President’s
inside SAN DIEGO
It’s that time again. October 1 is the beginning of the new Chapter term, time for some new Board
members to step in, and time for the new President to take the reins.
Such is the feeling I have of bidding farewell to my year as Chapter President. It has been one of the greatest honors and privileges I have ever experienced and possibly one of the most formidable! I will miss being at the forefront of all the meetings,
events, and business that combine to make our Chapter one of the best in the nation. My greatest consolation is that no matter
how effective and dynamic one Board is, the next one will always be even better.
I know you’ll welcome Tina Koch as your new Chapter leader! Kellie McCormick stepping up as President Elect is being replaced
as Director of Communications by Robin Carrier; Lindsay Hester will be Director of Professional Development and Programming
replacing Kim Hansen; Mark Gauvin will be replacing Lisa Davis as Director of Finances; and Nina Punzi is taking the place of Alison
Chandler as Student Representative to the Board. Staying on for their allotted second year terms will be Stefanie Wenceslao as
Director at Large (legislation) and Christy Mitchell as Director of Membership.
I doubt that any Chapter President ever feels they accomplished enough. Certainly not everything bravely (maybe naively)
planned at the beginning of their fresh new year came to fruition. Where does the time go? How among all the thousands of
e-mail messages did I miss this, or overlook that? Which committee meetings of dozens do I sit in on, how do I make two
Presidential appearances in the same day, and why did I open my mouth and say I’d do that too!? Maybe the most pressing question throughout the year is “How in the world did my predecessor handle all this?”
The first part of the answer quite simply is with a truly fantastic Board. They unfailingly supported everything I asked, and stepped
up to make the Strategic Plan work to the best of all our abilities. The second part comes from the general membership,
Designers and Industry Partners alike, without whose amazing volunteer work and financial participation NOTHING would
happen. The third part, and perhaps the most important, is having a staunch, loyal, hardworking Chapter Administrator like our
own Nancy Jackson!
Together we’ve enjoyed a great year! The Fall Kitchen Tour chaired by Traci (L.) Taylor displayed our members’ wonderful designs
and was a definite crowd pleaser. The Holiday Gala under the able and imaginative guidance of Brenda Lanza and Marcie Chartier
was a glittering success. The Industry Partner Trade Expo skillfully handled by Mike Napier brought us many new sources (and
new IP members!) to augment Designers’ projects. Christy Mitchell directed the New Member Welcoming Breakfast and helped
those attending understand how important and how appreciated every new member is to the health of our organization. Ricarda
Lopez did an outstanding job of pairing designers and potential clients in the Spring Spruce Up. Stephanie Wenceslao brought out
the many animal lovers among us as Chair of the design competition for a gorgeous new cat space in the San Diego Humane
Society facility. Lynn Morris worked her usual magic on the Remodel Tour showing the eager and adoring public how important
it is to hire a professional for something so important as “doing it right”. The Design Excellence Awards competition and presentations were ably chaired by Robbie Maynard and provided a glamorous evening of food, drink, music, and recognition of the work
of some of our best designers. The Second Annual Golf Classic led by Tracy (F) Taylor, was an outstanding success photographed
by our talented shutterbug Jason Holmes. Leslie Leinbach and Anjum Razvi made the ASID information booth at the Fall Home
& Garden Show into an eye-catching “design studio” where the public could ask questions about how to use a professional
designer, see materials samples they’d never be able to find on their own, and receive a bit of free “design-on-the-hoof ” from our
volunteer members. Besides all this we juried both Arizona South and Georgia Chapters’ Design Excellence Competitions.
Besides these grand events, Maria Murphy has been stalwart in editing the Chapter quarterly print newsletter “Inside San Diego”,
and Kellie McCormick has done an outstanding job with the monthly E-newsletter, “Creative Brief”, both directed to keeping
members up-to-date and informed. We also succeeded in revamping the ASID San Diego website, making it easier and more
user friendly for the benefit of all our members, and last, but certainly not least, Bill Baker established the Industry Partner Lunch
Meetings to further bring together the IP’s and Designers and encourage the cohesive synergy and mutual support so necessary
to our overall membership success.
WHEW! That’s a LOT! In closing out my year I want to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE for making it happen. I wish the best
of luck to the new Board, and continued success in all they endeavor.
A fond adieu,
Norma Byrd,ASID
President San Diego Chapter
Dear Members,
As your ASID San Diego Chapter President for the 2009-2010 fiscal year, I am
excited and honored to be working for our chapter and you, and with our new
board which is bursting with energy and ideas. Kellie McCormick, ASID President
Elect, has been on the board for a couple years now as Director of
Communications and has been instrumental in reimaging our chapter by way of
our New ASID San Diego website, updated Newsletter and strategically aligning
ourselves with multiple media sources.
Also, continuing on the board is Christy Mitchell, ASID Director of Membership who
guides new members into our organization and assists existing members with
information about advancement opportunities and benefits of membership. And,
Stefanie Wenceslao, Allied Member ASID Director at Large, whose focus is on legislation, monitors legislative activities regarding our right to practice and informs
members about potential issues.
New to the board is Robin Wilson Carrier, ASID Director of Communications; she will
be working to increase visibility and marketability of members to the public
through our website, newsletter and local media and promote ASID as the leading
source for interior design and design related products and services. Also joining
our team is Lindsay Hester, ASID Director of Professional Development and Programs.
She is organized, open minded and focused, so look for many interesting topics and
educational programs throughout the year. And, Mark Gauvin, Director of Financial
Oversight is responsible for monitoring the fiscal health of the chapter and keeping
it financially in order.
On the student front, Nina Punzi, Student Member ASID will be sitting as our
Student Representative to the Board. She is already in planning mode to organize
the many student chapters in our region.
This year we have two Nancy’s working with the board: of course, Nancy Jackson
our amazing Chapter Administrator whom we could not function without and
Nancy Ferrer, Allied Member ASID Director of Records who will be in charge of taking
and archiving the board minutes.
In preparation for the upcoming term, the 2009-2010 board of directors attended
the ASID Chapter Leadership Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. I wish everyone
could attend this yearly educational and motivational training program created for
all ASID Chapter incoming and continuing board members to help give us the
tools to organize our chapter; plan, develop and execute worthwhile programs;
grow our profession and continue the success of our Society. The depth and
breadth of information was overwhelming and energizing at the same time.
Beyond the training, the conference provided opportunities for individual chapter‘s
board members to come together as a group, and chapter leaders from around
the country to meet, mingle and gain knowledge from each other’s experiences. If
you are interested in learning more about the CLC and other programs provided
by ASID go to the ASID website ( You will be impressed with the
amount of information at your fingertips.
We are well underway with our Calendar of Events for the year and have some
exciting things planned in the months ahead. Check the Calendar regularly on our
new website at for new and updated information. And,
while you’re at it, take charge of your membership and participate in your chapter
by clicking onto the “want to volunteer?” page and register or contact Nancy
Jackson at the ASID office 858-274-3345. I can’t say enough about the relationships and benefits I have gained from volunteering.
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Norma Byrd, ASID San Diego
President 2008-2009 for her dedication and unwavering service to our chapter this
past year. I look forward to her guidance and continued support during the
upcoming year.
Tina Marie Koch, ASID, CID
ASID San Diego Chapter President 2009-2010
inside SAN DIEGO • 5
2009 ASID San Diego 2nd Annual Golf Classic
By Tracy F. Taylor, Allied Member ASID
Chair – 2009 ASID San Diego 2nd Annual Golf Classic
After many hours and days of phone calls, emails, meetings, coordinating with all the sponsors and the
golf course it all came together on a beautiful August afternoon and it was fantastic! If you weren’t
there, you really missed out on a good time.
We went back to Lomas Santa Fe CC to have our 2nd Annual Golf Classic, the course was thrilled
to have us back and all the sponsors and players were stoked to be playing such a beautiful golf
course. The course was in great shape as were the players, the defending champs (Danmer Shutters)
were back to defend their title and a lot of other teams were looking to take it from them. Congrats
to BKM Officeworks for winning this years event!
Participation was great this year; the Industry Partners really stepped up to the tee with sponsorships
and players. The designers represented themselves well and we ended up with 19 teams for this year’s
event. The pairings worked out well as many of the Industry Partners and Designers were able to
establish new relationships and reestablish old ones.
This was a very fun day that started off with team photos by our golf photographer Jason Holmes and
having plenty of time to warm up before heading out onto the course. After a few words from the
pro and a thank you, have a great time and make sure to heckle the other players by me, we dispersed
onto the course.
While on the course we all were having fun, the heckling was in full effect (I cannot repeat some of
the things said) Ha! But it worked and they choked, just kidding, it was all in fun. And speaking of fun,
there were sponsors tables and their people working the course (Thank You), with info, treats and
games. I cannot forget to mention Diego Delivery for sponsoring the beverage carts which provided
libations during the round. This loosened everybody up and made it even more fun. Thanks Richard!
As everyone made their way around the course they also got a chance to test drive the awesome
outdoor furniture from Sunset West our Bronze sponsor that was on hole #1, it was very comfortable!
We all made it back to the 19th hole for some drinks and socializing before the dinner/awards ceremony and I’m glad to report that there were no casualties! The awards part of the evening was a blast
Cont. on page 8
Air guitarists
inside SAN DIEGO
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Lighting and Home Decor Showroom
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inside SAN DIEGO • 7
2009 ASID San Diego 2nd Annual Golf Classic
cont. from page 6
with all winners getting some fantastic trophies and great contest prizes. I think the last place team
was the most ecstatic, having won baby toilets from Toto. Thanks to all the sponsors for the opportunity drawing prizes, some players walked away with some incredible items and thanks to the course
for serving up a fantastic day of golf and a great Mexican Fiesta.
I myself had a great time and want to thank everyone involved; our medal sponsors Platinum –
Standards of Excellence, Gold – Ferguson, Silver – Fixtures Living, and Bronze – Sunset West, also Diego
Delivery and M. Austin Flooring for being our main sponsors.
I’d also like to thank all the other sponsors and players who helped make this event such a huge
success, without your support this would not be possible. A special thanks goes out to my group of
volunteers, you all did a great job and to Norma Byrd the Prez, for letting me run with this baby and
also to my committee members; Terry Foster, Marcel Perry and Wes Wilmers. Thanks guys you were
Last but not least I’d like to thank Nancy Jackson for all her help, support and wisdom! You are an
awesome lady and the heart and soul of the San Diego ASID chapter, Thank you very much!
I hope to see you all at next years golf classic as it is shaping up to be bigger and better, see you
Thank you, Thank you very much!!!
Golf Classic Volunteers
inside SAN DIEGO
The Golf Tournament was a blast! I thought about going last
year, but never played before and figured it wasn’t for me. Then,
I heard how much fun it was and that knowing how to play was
not a necessity. In fact, it made it all the better – no pressure!
And, what do you know, my team took second place. I say that
with a “Cheshire cat smile”, because I was lucky enough to have
my husband, an occasional player, and been paired with Chris
Von Huben and Wes Stewart, Industry Partner Representatives
from Sunset West Fine Outdoor Furniture, and intermediate
golfers, as my teammates. We spent the day getting to know
one another, laughing, talking business, golfing and meeting
other vendors who sponsored each of the holes. Beyond the
golf, we made some great connections. In fact, we already hired
Marcel from SunPro Tinting after meeting him at the 19th hole
he sponsored and plan to specify some fabulous outdoor
The Art is in the Frame
furnishing from our new friends and golfing buddies. Thank you
Tracy F. Taylor and your committee for putting together such a
great day for ASID and its members. See you next year!
Tina Marie Koch, ASID, CID, President 2009-2010
Finest Quality
619-260-2600 / FAX 619-260-2606
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since 1977
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• Professional References
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Marty French
9248 Olive Drive, Spring Valley, 91977
Fax 619-667-2638
By Appointment Only • Contractors Lic #780072
Email: [email protected]
inside SAN DIEGO • 9
2009 ASID San Diego 2nd Annual Golf Classic
This was our first time participating
in the ASID Golf Tournament. We
were quite impressed with the
turnout and how well the event was
organized. It was exciting to see
some old friends and to
meet some new ones.
Golf Classic Committee members, Tracy F. Taylor,
Marcel Perry, Terry Foster and Wes Wilmers
JoAnn's chocolate chip cookies
seemed to be a big hit on hole #14 as
all six dozen were consumed. There
were several other hole sponsors that
had products that I can use myself,
which leads me to believe
that the overall cost of the
tournament may be going up for us.
We proudly have our third place
trophy displayed in our office. With
the magical formula used by the club
pro to determine winners, I've
decided to use him to do
my next year's taxes.
It was a fun day and we look forward
to participating again next time!
Rich, JoAnn, and Brad Carlton
Diego Delivery
Team Standards of Excellence our Platinum
10 •
inside SAN DIEGO
PUMPKIN armchair. Design: Pierre Paulin.
Ligne Roset
Ligne Roset 7726 Girard Avenue La Jolla (858) 454-3366 [email protected]
401 Newport Center Drive Newport Beach (949) 644-6600 [email protected]
Live beautifully.
ASID San Diego Launches New Website
Committee page that links to their
updated blog about green products and
services. The Design Excellence Awards
page linking you to the article featured in
the magazine, as well as all the winners
that are featured on the rotating home
page field. We will also be featuring a
Kitchen Tour and Remodel Tour page and
much more!
By Kellie McCormick, ASID
Director of Communications 2007-2009
ASID San Diego has partnered with DSA
Publishing & Design to offer our members a
new website that features many new
upgrades.The new Designer Referral Service, has
been launched and DSA Publishing &
Design will be running full page ads in
LUXE magazine. They will also be
promoting the Referral Service throughout
the year. This exciting, new website feature
is now being utilized by many chapters
across the nation and the results have
been terrific. Every current ASID San
Diego designer is listed on the website for free, but profiles which include
your selected photos may be purchased by logging into the Member
Login with your current information. Profiles cost $250.00 plus $50.00 for
any additional categories you may wish to have a profile under. You may
have already been contacted by DSA Publishing & Design to review your
options and walk through the easy step by step process to create your
own profile!
ASID San Diego has also launched the new and improved Industry
Partner Design and Services Search that has easy access directly from the
ASID San Diego home page! It is very important that all Industry
Partners login to the website and review their information.
All information that is on the website comes directly from the ASID
National database. We continue to update our information based on the
information you provide them. In addition to being listed on the website,
profiles are also available for purchase by logging into the Member Center.
We’ve added a volunteer submission and
suggestion box. If you would like to be a
volunteers’, please submit your name and
membership type in the comment box so
we know whom we are contacting.
ASID San Diego is proud of our new look but we are also proud of the
look we had before. Our previous website stood out from the rest, but
with advancing technology, we needed to upgrade our system. Bobbi-Jo
Romanishan from did a wonderful job designing, maintaining,
and helping ASID San Diego have a great presence on the World Wide
Web! Thank you Bobbi-Jo!
We are very excited about this new change and hope you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
“The superior man acts before he speaks, and
afterwards speaks according to his action.”
Confucius BC 551-479
Also, under Chapter Info, you will find many different informative pages
that showcase our dedicated volunteers work. We have the Eco
CEU or Lunch & Learn?
Most everyone wants to share and learn something new these days about
the products and services that our Industry Partners offer, and how to do
that is the question.
The second is the “Lunch & Learn”. These are independent programs put
on by our own Industry Partners. They are not accredited by ASID
National, but are an opportunity for the Industry Partner to provide a
learning component with lunch. The Lunch & Learn format is a great way
to introduce a product or service, provide information and or give a
demonstration to designers in the IP’s own environment.
There are two avenues that are available for everyone to continue to
learn and work together in business to foster success for all our members.
It is important to use the correct title for the program in order to not
confuse the host or attendees and ensure that everyone understands
what program is being offered.
Both of these offer the opportunity for all members of ASID, both
Designer’s and Industry Partner’s to share knowledge, make business
contacts, and get to know one another better. If you are unsure if a CEU
is accredited or not please call Nancy at the ASID office and she can assist
you with that information.
First there is the “CEU”. This stands for Certified Education Unit which is
a course that has been approved and is endorsed by ASID National to
fulfill the continuing education requirement which every designer needs
to maintain membership in ASID.
Thank you to all of you who are so gracious to offer and attend these
programs which continue to build a stronger Chapter through working
By Kimberley B. Hansen, Allied Member ASID
Director of Professional Development & Programs 2007 - 2009
12 •
inside SAN DIEGO
For over 20 years Music & Movies by Mastercraft, Inc. has
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technology into the most elegantly designed homes in San Diego.
Call us with your questions.
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Collection Series: Stylish Shaker, Timeless Modern, European Classic, English Cottage
closets | offices | garages | media centers | pantries | laundry rooms | wine rooms
©2009 Closet Factory. All rights reserved.
Closet Factory builds beautiful and functional custom storage solutions.
Ask for your ASID Design Specialist
inside SAN DIEGO • 13
General Meeting at Kiva Kitchen and Bath
Kathie Missett and Kim Hansen
Diane Swenson, Allied Member ASID
The Chapter wishes to acknowledge the generosity of those members who
have so graciously donated to our events this year. Thank you.
Fall Kitchen Tour 2008
Greg Rohl, Danielle Aldrich from Rohl & Sharon Burns
My CLC Experience
By Joanne Leverault, Student President
Design Institute San Diego’s ASID Student Chapter
I was fortunate to have the chance to attend
the commerce and industry soaring to extreme levels of prosperity, econ-
the Chapter Leadership Conference this past
omists traveling to and from the city to share ideas and new industrial
July in Cincinnati, Ohio as the incoming Student
growth. It was a place to connect with others willing to make the best out
President to Design Institute of San Diego’s
of what America had to offer its guests. We couldn’t have asked for a
ASID student chapter. I was somewhat
better venue to participate in a leadership conference. The Hilton
informed of past President’s experiences, but,
Cincinnati, which was restored in its original French Art Deco design, was
no one could have described the feelings I felt
an ideal place to celebrate, learn about a national organization which was
when I returned from the four day excursion.
developed to provide guidance to groups of individuals whose passion lies
in creating surroundings which inspire and generate a sense of well being
My arrival into Cincinnati was a change from the sunny shores of the
for all who inhabit them. As my experience came to a conclusion, I can
Pacific Coast; I had been brought back in time to an industrial city which
only think that with my time at CLC, I can inspire all students to become
was influenced by the American dream and the appreciation of American
involved in an organization which will benefit their careers as designers
goods and services, hence the nickname “Boomtown.” I could almost feel
and individuals for years to come.
14 •
inside SAN DIEGO
I think the ASID Kitchen Tour is invaluable. It gives you a
chance to share your work with a broader audience that you
typically would not be able to. Having a kitchen published is one
thing, but inviting potential clients to experience a space is
something entirely different. If you have a project that you're
really proud of I would recommend the tour in a second."
Traci Taylor, Allied Member ASID
The Drapery Shop
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• Full workroom & Upholstery Facilities
• In-House Installers
• All Fabric & Valance Treatments
• Bedspread, Headboards and Pillows
• Very Competitive Pricing
• All style Shades, blinds, shutters available
• Hunter Douglas Gallery Showroom
• Most major brands
The Chapter wishes to acknowledge the generosity of those members who
have so graciously donated to our events this year. Thank you.
Design Excellence Awards
2253 S. Santa Fe • Vista, CA 92083
Beautiful Doors...AND...Beautiful Hardware
• Grand Entrances showcases some of the
world’s finest decorative hardware lines.
• Designated Baldwin’s
“Preferred Showroom” for
superior product selection
and expertise.
Ashley Norton
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• Rocky Mountain, Helios,
Ashley Norton, Valli and Valli,
Omnia, Emtek, and more.
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exterior doors on display alongside exquisite hardware lines.
Rocky Mountain
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inside SAN DIEGO • 15
Eco-Friendly Furniture: 101
By Sharon Burns ASID, CID
Art Consultants + Design
As an ASID designer, where do you go and what do you specify for
sustainable furniture for your client’s LEED or Eco projects?
The world has changed and as designers we must all be responsible for
making it cleaner and healthier by specifying ‘green’ furnishings. Here are
some helpful guidelines that promote the use of healthy furniture in your
contract or residential projects.
Manufacturing and shipping furniture draws significantly on unsustainable
natural resources and demands a great deal of energy. Furniture-grade
wood is often sourced from tropical rainforests. Not only are some of the
most diverse forests destroyed in the process (over 80% of the world's
old growth trees have already been razed) but also the great biodiversity
they support.
Furthermore, furniture manufacturing is rapidly moving overseas, which
necessitates greater fuel consumption for shipping. Over the past eight
years China has assumed 1/3 of the world trade in furniture. And the US
furniture industry accounts for $80 billion in annual sales. That's a lot of
wood, fabric and tanker fuel!
Then there is the healthy office / home interior factor. Furniture manufacturers typically use finishes, paints, adhesives and other chemicals that
contribute significantly to indoor air pollution. This pollution is caused by
off-gassing, a process of emitting chemicals called volatile organic
compounds (VOCs) into the air. And the bonding agents used in furniture
made of pressed woods (like particle board) often have high formaldehyde content. These toxins have been linked to many illnesses and allergies, and they leach out into the air we breathe. Only a small number of
the 80,000 chemicals registered with the EPA have been tested for
harmful effects.
Organic wool - offers many benefits for us and the environment. It
creates an unsurpassed, luxurious and healthy sleep environment and
durability in carpeting, upholstery and batting/padding fill for upholstered
pieces. It is completely chemical-free, avoiding pesticides and dyes. In non
organic wool, pesticides used in sheep dips have consistently been linked
to nervous system damage in exposed workers.
Cotton - is one of the most intensively sprayed field crops in the world.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that more than 53 million
pounds of pesticides and 1.6 billion pounds of synthetic fertilizers were
applied to cotton fields in 1996. Organic cotton is grown without chemical agents (fields must be free of synthetic chemicals for three years
before they are certified), and so minimizes damage to soil, water and air.
On chemical-use cotton farms - farmers are constantly exposed to
synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, endangering them and their families. In
developing countries, poor, untrained and ill-equipped farmers are often
forced to deal with the most hazardous of chemical agricultural agents.
Organic farms are chemical fertilizer- and pesticide-free, keeping their soil
and water protected and usable for longer periods of time.
Grown and processed without toxic chemicals, organic cotton is free
from synthetic poisons that could be absorbed into the bloodstream by
16 •
inside SAN DIEGO
contact with the user's skin. Many organic cotton products are also free
of irritating or damaging colors and dyes. Additionally, you and your clients
acquire the peace of mind associated with being a part of a global solution toward sustainability.
Bamboo - the miracle material! Bamboo is renewable, durable, and versatile. It's a grass and one of the fastest growing plants on earth. It requires
no replanting, fertilizers or pesticides. It’s often manufactured as a textile
but also as a wood it’s harder than furniture-grade maple.
• The California Air Resources Board recommends avoiding products
that emit significant amounts of formaldehyde or other gaseous pollutants. These include some types of plywood and particleboard.
• Price isn't necessarily a reflection of purity, one way or the other - flatbox furniture marketer IKEA has some of the world's highest environmental standards, while very expensive furniture could contain large
quantities of medium-density fiberboard to achieve perfect-looking
• Ask the manufacturer or distributor to air out the product for a few
weeks before it comes to the job site. Then, let the product sit outside
or in the garage for a while or make sure it's in a well ventilated space
• Consider purchasing solid wood furniture that's unfinished and therefore should contain only the small amount of formaldehyde that occurs
naturally in wood.Then, finish it or have it finished and/or painted in lowor no-VOC stains, paints or lacquers.
• Unless for healthcare, avoid upholstery that has been treated to resist
stains and water or look for Nano-Tex, a new technology that attaches
molecules to fibers without coating them.
• Consider buying used furniture or antiques which may no longer be
emitting VOC’s.
• The old-fashioned way to make sure your new furniture comes without
undesirable chemicals: Have it made to your specifications by a local
• Use paints, stains and finishes that contain low or no VOC’s (e.g., shellac,
beeswax, milk paint) and reduced the use of glues, sealants and
• Specify natural fabrics, organic cotton, recycled fabric content and toxinfree upholstery 100% natural latex foam or soy foam and materials that
have been and can be recycled.
• Minimal packaging.
• Local manufacturing, which saves fuel and associated emissions
• Recondition, Reuse, Recycle. Reusing that old door as a desktop or
putting new fabric on a piece.
• Explore your local vintage stores, antique shops, and flea markets- you'll
be amazed at what people give away and at how much you can save.
Speaking of which, if you do decide to get rid of any furniture, please be
sure to donate it or consign it for sale. Just do whatever you can to keep
it out of the landfill.
• What are the products made of? If made of wood, was it legally
• Where and how were the materials procured?
• How are they processed into finished goods?
• What is the environmental impact?
• What will happen to the product after it’s served its purpose?
Greenguard (, Green Seal ( and
Scientific Certification Systems ( Greenguard and
SCS deal specifically with air quality, while Green Seal also examines environmental impact.
Sustainable Furniture Council ( is an
industry partner without independent testing, but its 120 or so members
represent a good place to start shopping and asking questions; all of their
links are on the council's site. Some of the better-known names include
American Leather, Century, Harden, Lee Industries, Palecek and Room &
Laura Birns ASID, our own San Diego designer has a sustainable furniture
line. She uses ‘Preserve Foam’ which is a soy-based foam that meets all
California Codes. [email protected]
BIFMA, Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association.
Sustainability guidelines for office furniture manufactures and suppliers. – go to sustainable furniture.
Cisco Brothers’ Inside Green™, a collection of 100% organically
constructed, naturally upholstered, fine furniture. The lumber used in the
Inside Green™ collection is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified
and Reclaimed timber. Inside Green™ also uses 100% pure, natural latex
and pesticide-free wool for padding and fill.
Pure, beautiful sustainable furniture designed by Ami McKay. Designers will
love this furniture line. [email protected]
Eco-terric,, certifies to use healthy, nontoxic materials
in its products.
High Point Furniture Market, green was declared "the new beige."
Bernhardt, a leader in contract/office furniture eco-options, introduced an
eco-friendly collection of residential case goods; Rowe showed upholstered furniture cushioned in plant-based foam; C.R. Laine premiered an
upholstery package it's calling "down2earth"; and Palecek, a longtime user
of sustainable woods and fibers, came out with all-natural fabrics of hemp,
bamboo, cotton and linen.
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit organization that
offer ‘green’ furniture certifications which certifies timber cut in an environmentally and socially responsible manner; the FSC seal can be found
on furniture from hundreds of manufacturers and distributors
Now you have some responsible tools in which to specify and buy Eco
furniture without sacrificing design. Next time you select furniture, don’t
only ask yourself, “How does it look and how much does it cost?”,
I encourage you to ask, “How was it made?”
ASID San Diego thanks the
ASID Eco Committee
for helping us stay informed
about green!
Closets • Wall-Beds
Garages • Media Centers
Wall Beds
inside SAN DIEGO • 17
My journey to the
ASID/NEOCON 2009 Conference
By Tracy F. Taylor, Allied Member ASID
I hadn’t been to an ASID Interiors conference since the San Diego event
and I only hit the party at that one, which was great! When national
decided to combine the Interiors conference with NEOCON at the
Merchandise Mart in Chicago and the fact that I had never been there,
well it was a no-brainer, I had to go!
Now I know why people from the big cities say that San Diego in not a
city, not to take anything away from the city that I love, but Chicago is
huge, the architecture is incredible, the history is amazing, the Mart was a
city within itself, the people were really nice and the streets were clean. It
was fantastic!
It was a crazy four days of seminars, cruising showrooms and attending
parties. The seminars were great and I was able to knock out all my
required CEU’s. They ranged from accessorizing for the Luxury market,
LEED subjects, color forecasts, to how to incorporate scents into the
marketing of products. Yes, I said scent, like in smell! I wont’ bore you with
all the details but that one would have been a bore fest if not for the guys
computer acting up and he had to improvise, which was pretty entertaining…..
The Keynote speakers were great and they were all informative and
educational. The showrooms were fantastic, in fact there were so many I
didn’t have time to take them all in. And the parties WOW! ASID did a
great job putting these on and they were a blast. I didn’t make them all,
but the one’s I did make were really fun. I also ran into fellow SD designers
Norma Byrd, Rita Orland, Dale Kolins and Robert Wright, it was great to see
some familiar faces amongst the crowds.
The Chapter is especially grateful to those industry partner
members who so graciously hosted our monthly meetings this
year. Thank you for your hospitality and generosity.
Monthly Meeting Sponsors
I met designers from all over the United States and they were all very
cool and fun to hang out with, especially the gals from Pennsylvania and
Atlanta, Georgia. They were a kick in the pants…One of the hi-lights
amongst all the others was meeting Bruce Brigham, the ASID National
President and his wife, really great people. I also met a majority of the
national board members thanks to our legislative friend Bruce Goff. I feel
fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet these people and spend
time getting to know them and talking about ASID. I now have a better
understanding of ASID as a whole and the direction we are heading in.
My journey to NEOCON was educational and fantastic! I will be going
back, there are more sites to see, people to meet, showrooms to check
out and I never did get to eat one of those famous Chicago Hot Dogs!!
Industry Partners
By Tom Hadder
As a manufacturer’s sales
representative and ASID
industry partner I handle 21
companies. Products include
fine wool carpets & area rugs,
drapery hardware, fabrics, wallcoverings, trimmings, lighting
and leather. I work from my
office in Carlsbad and work
with designers in Orange and San Diego counties as well as the desert
communities of the Coachella Valley.
In San Diego county I am also working with showrooms that are also
ASID industry partners and show several of my products in their showrooms; M. Austin Designer Floors & Fabrics showcases fine wool carpets
and area rugs from Almar Carpets along with fabrics from AST, B. Berger,
Bailey & Griffin and drapery hardware from Chase & Company, Finial
Company, and Paris Texas. Harsey & Harsey showcase fabrics, wallcoverings and drapery hardware from Stroheim and JAB plus trims and
drapery hardware from Houles USA.
18 •
inside SAN DIEGO
Working with other ASID industry partners offering compatible products
is beneficial for the designers, the IP members as well as the companies I
Robin Wilson Carrier An asset to the Interior Design Industry
By Krishna Devi Mainali
Over nineteen years as an ASID Member, and 18 years in the Interior
Design industry, Robin Wilson Carrier has provided quality residential interior design services for her clients. With both a Bachelors in Fine Arts
Degree in Interior Design from the Design Institute of San Diego, and a
Bachelors in Business Degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Carrier
proves herself knowledgeable and ready for anything that comes her way
in the business. “There is never a dull moment,” Carrier states, “each day
is different and never a day goes by where I don’t learn something- how
terrific to be inspired and to learn and grow every day.” A true trait of the
Interior Design industry- there is never a dull moment between the time
spent with vendors, contractors, architects, all leading up to installation
Joining ASID in 1991, Carrier has been an ongoing active member in the
organization, and recently returned from the CLC (Chapter Leadership
Conference) in Cincinnati. “I learned further how to work best with a
team of people. The strength of a team is the variety of ideas and personalities, the magic is how to blend those to create a successful outcome of
teamwork. I also learned that our ASID National website is incredible. It
has so much information to run our businesses better, “says Carrier.
Through a diverse clientele and project history, Robin Wilson Carrier
Interior Design comprises a business that Robin prides herself on
providing quality Residential Interior Design.
who is a contractor on the remodel of some prominent residential
projects.” Not only that, Robin is also married to San Diego architect
Gordon Carrier of Carrier Johnson + Culture. “You could say the passion
is in our blood,” Carrier remarks.
Considering the recent slowdown in the design and architecture industry
over the past few months, staying immersed in the design industry by
attending events, networking and marketing, really is the way to go. “ASID
provides continued opportunities for education and opportunities for
exposure through events and publication.” As many people have noticed
with the state of the economy, many recent graduates have suffered from
lack of new opportunities in the field. “Don’t give up,” Robin says, “keep
exposed to the industry by volunteering, attending meetings, or joining a
committee.” ASID student members can benefit as well by networking
with future employers, Robin states “it really is an amazing tool that we
can use to better ourselves as Interior Designers.” Staying active in the
design industry and persistent in her passion for Interior Design, Robin
Wilson Carrier’s activeness in the industry and ASID helps to bring business and promote quality work she provides to her clients. It shall be said
once more, network, network, network!
ASID Leads
By Diane Swenson, Allied Member, ASID
So what makes a good designer? “The ability to listen to your clients
needs, provide detailed service, and manage your clients expectations.”
Carrier states her style as the clients lifestyle, “each project, like each client,
is unique. My insistence on attention to detail and provision of quality
service is my consistent style.” Growing up Carrier had a mother who
designed window treatments, bedding, and refinished and reupholstered
furniture. “My mother works with me, and I am working with my brother
Marketing on the ASID referral website has been beneficial
to my business. I have recently received several calls and
secured some good quality jobs as a result. Clients are
directed to the website when they are searching for a
designer on line and Industry Partners are making clients
aware of the website. The new and improved referral
website is a great way to showcase your work and direct
clients to your business.
The Chapter wishes to acknowledge the generosity of those members who
have so graciously donated to our events this year. Thank you.
Home Remodel Tour
You people were all awesome. I believe in spite of the uneven
numbers that every IP talked with every designer. I have at least
three, possibly four of the IP’s that were there lined up for a little
client project I’m starting. I’m so thrilled with the broad range of IP
services and products we’re getting into the membership.
Norma Rapid, ASID
inside SAN DIEGO • 19
The Designer’s Round Table
By Nona Griffith, ASID
Once a month a group of independent
designers, meet to socialize and network. We
call ourselves “The Designer’s Round Table”.
It originated in 2005, by Janice Eppel. The
group members are Marcie Chartier, Isabella
Fung, Leslie Larralde and Nona Griffith. All of
the group members have a degree in the
profession of interior design. We are all ASID
Before the group formed, we were out there
“alone” and now we have a continual support
and resource system. Our mission statement
has been quite simple. “Support our group
members without judgment. What is brought
to the table stays privately within the group.”
Janice Eppel, Marcie Chartier, Nona Griffith, Leslie Larralde, and Isabella Fung
Each month a member is responsible for
running the meeting. It could be a meeting where we can address the
business of our companies, or a meeting with a sales representative to
show us what is new. We have also taken “field trips” to a variety of
sources. We all go to West Week and Laguna Design Center for Market
together. We attend Pasadena Showcase House. It is wonderful to share
these events with each other. We also attend various ASID functions as a
Each member of this group has something unique to offer and we have
enriched every member. One of our members was not ASID and she saw
the benefits of becoming a member. One of the members was more
involved in volunteering for ASID functions and our group members
The Chapter wishes to acknowledge the generosity of those members who
have so graciously donated to our events this year. Thank you.
2009 ASID
2nd Annual Golf Classic
increased their participation in ASID. One member advised us of the
different trade show events and we have attended theses functions
together. Another member had been in the business longer than the
others and shared several sources and years of work experience. We all
originally shared our Letter of Agreement ideas and how to run our independent businesses. We are always sharing new ideas.
Our Round Table brought us together professionally, but we have devel-
Honorable Mention
oped friendships that will last over the years. Each of us would strongly
recommend joining or forming a Round Table that extends beyond ASID
meetings. It gives so much back and takes you forward into the business
of interior design.
20 •
inside SAN DIEGO
“Couldn’t have done it without you.”
• White gloved installation of your
special furnishings
• Experienced, professional and
uniformed delivery agents
• Large warehouse for receiving
your furniture
• Five-year warranted fabric
protection available
• Family owned and operated
8160 Miralani Dr. San Diego, CA 92126 • (858) 549-3343 • Fax (858) 549-8336
inside SAN DIEGO • 21
ASID San Diego Chapter Board of Directors
for 2009-2010
Nina Punzi, Student Rep to the Board, Lindsay
Hester, ASID, Kellie McCormick, ASID, Robin Wilson
Carrier, ASID, Mark Gavin, Industry Partner, Tina
Koch, ASID, Christy Mitchell, ASID, Stefanie
Wenceslao, Allied Member ASID
Industry Partner and Publisher for your ASID Chapter Newsletter
We at Ferguson wanted to thank the San Diego chapter
of the ASID for the opportunity to sponsor this years golf
tournament. We had a great time seeing old friends and
making some new ones. “Hats off” to Tracy and his
crew for putting on such a first class event. We are
already looking forward to next years event!
Donald Miller
Ferguson, a Wolseley Company
The Chapter wishes to acknowledge the generosity of those members who
have so graciously donated to our events this year. Thank you.
Holiday Gala Sponsors
For Advertising Information
972-562-6966 • [email protected]
22 •
inside SAN DIEGO
Felipe Pallares makes a move to Peru
Dear Friends,
After 30 years in the USA, I have decided to move to Lima Peru. This
the monthly meetings, clearance sales, and
move will allow me to be closer to my family, and to start a new chapter
all other functions such as the great galas
in my life. I have been planning this move for awhile already and it is now
we all have enjoyed. ASID has been a very
a reality.
important part of my career and of my
development as a designer.
I am planning to practice Interior Design here, where the field is wide
opened, full of great and different products and styles. I started a
Please come and visit whenever you come to the land of the Incas. I will
company and am planning to do business back and forth with Designed
love to show you my new home which I am designing as we speak. It is a
Spaces in the USA.
brand new building, so I don´t have an address or phone number yet, but
my contact information will remain the same.
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone in ASID. I have made
a lot of friends and have enjoyed many wonderful moments with the
Thank you for everything, and good bye for now,
chapter. The energy of the group has always sorrounded me, helped me,
and welcomed me unconditionally. For this, I will be eternally grateful.
Felipe Pallares
Designed Spaces
I will keep each one of you in my heart and thoughts. There is no such an
858 551 4040
organization here in Lima, so from now on, I am on my own. I will miss
[email protected]
your dream.
When it comes to designing your clients’ kitchens and
baths, what they can dream is the limit. For perfect project
solutions, stop by a Ferguson showroom, where you’ll find
the largest range of quality brands, a symphony of ideas
and trained consultants to help orchestrate your projects.
With showrooms from coast to coast, come see why Ferguson is recommended by professional designers everywhere
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