Excellent Service, Superior Results Appointments Cancellation Policy

Excellent Service, Superior Results
To provide you with the best possible service, please read the following clinic
and spa policies.
Renew Skincare Centre & Spa
Cancellation Policy
Please call 781.821.0707 to schedule
an appointment. We are happy to
answer any questions or discuss
any concerns you may have. We
recommend that you schedule your
appointment in advance to obtain
your preferred date, time and
service provider. To reserve your
appointment, we may require a credit
card at the time of scheduling.
When we schedule your appointment,
we consider the type of treatment
you are having and allocate the
necessary time. Therefore, we kindly
request that if you must cancel an
appointment, you give at least 24
hours notice, or it will be necessary
to charge a cancellation fee. Please
refer to our website for details on
specific service cancellations.
Late Arrivals
We recommend that you arrive at
least 10 minutes prior to your first
appointment. If you arrive late, we
will attempt to accommodate the
time remaining on your service.
We will be unable to perform
certain services for late arrivals,
due to the time needed to complete
certain services.
Tips can be given in cash only. Adding
money onto credit cards or checks is
not permitted.
Age Requirement
We welcome clients of all ages,
but require adult supervision for all
guests under the age of 12.
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Advanced Skin Care
Our high performance microdermabrasion device,
the DermaPod by Silhouet-Tone®, is a complete
Age Management Center. The DermaPod is
a Multiple Technology System consisting
of: Microdermabrasion PLUS an array of
complementary technologies including Impulse
Micro-Currents, Transdermal Delivery (of
serums or ampoules) and Photobiostimulation
using LEDs. Microdermabrasion is a projection
of natural mineral crystals onto the skin to
remove epidermal cells and flaws that occur on the
skin surface. By removing layers of the epidermis,
microdermabrasion triggers the skin’s natural repair
mechanism, prompting the skin to produce more collagen
and elastin proteins, while removing surface flaws, refining
pores, and accelerating skin renewal to reveal brighter,
clearer, and more evenly toned skin. Targeting fine lines,
ingrown hairs, active acne, acne scarring, sun damage and
hyperpigmentation, the DermaPod produces immediate
visible results after the first treatment. A series of 6
treatments is recommended.
Renew Skincare Centre & Spa
Renew your skin
Microdermabrasion 45 Minutes $130
with Chemical Peel 60 Minutes $165
with Facial 75 Minutes $180
Lifting Microdermabrasion 75 Minutes $190
LED Microdermabrasion 75 Minutes $190
PureLight/PhotoBleaching 90 Minutes $210
for Stretch Marks & Scars
30 Minutes $100
for Stretch Marks & Scars Series of 3 Treatments
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Advanced Skin Care
The Elite
& Ultrasonic Power Treatment
Renew your complexion
90 minutes $240
This superior combination facial treatment utilizes both Microdermabrasion and the
three-phase system of Ultrasonic therapy to safely and effectively address numerous
skin issues including acne, rosacea, skin discoloration, sun damage, clogged and
enlarged pores, ingrown hairs, uneven skin tone, and overall age management. This
advanced treatment is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin while producing
maximum immediate results. Proven to exfoliate, plump, tone, hydrate, and lift the
face, this advanced treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,
refines skin texture, firms and tightens the skin, lightens pigmentation and improves
clarity. Now that’s power!
DermaLift Treatment
30 minutes $120
As we age, the neck and chest muscles lose their elasticity and stretch... DermaLift
to the rescue! This outstanding skin tightening treatment uses new Micro-Current
technology, pulsated and modulated in a precise pattern to retrain the larger muscle
groups, tightening and lifting the facial contour and neckline.
KineLift Treatment
30 minutes $120
This non-invasive skin renewal process uses Photobiostimulation along with
Modulated Micro-Currents to control the aging process by stimulating the epidermis,
dermis and muscles. This three-dimensional facial stimulation process lifts sagging
muscles to tighten facial contour, and stimulates collagen and ATP production to
fight the signs of aging. Long term improvements and immediate visible results are
easily obtained when this treatment is combined with Microdermabrasion.
Renew Skincare Centre & Spa
PureLight & PhotoBleaching Treatment
45 minutes $90
This effective acne clearing treatment features magenta light, favored for its
purifying and antibacterial properties. This acne fighting wavelength is used to clear
blemishes as it soothes and calms the sebaceous glands. The PureLight inhibits
the growth and spread of acne and eliminates redness associated with the use of
aggressive products. PhotoBleaching targets your pigment problems such as purple
acne scars, liver spots, and melasma. This treatment decreases melanin production
by 40-60% and stimulates the breakdown of melanin deposits in the epidermal
layers, delivering astonishing hyperpigmentation reduction.
Chemical Peels
Blueberry Latic Peel 15%
30 Minutes $55
Brightening AHA Peel 30 Minutes $55
Glycolic Peel 30% 30 Minutes
Salicylic Peel 30% 30 Minutes $55
Vitamin C Peel 30 Minutes $55
Modified Jessner Peel
30 Minutes
Please see Clinic Medical Services Menu for Medical Grade Chemical Peels.
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Renew your self
The RENEW Red Carpet Facial 90 minutes
You will look and feel red carpet ready after this multiplatform facial! Includes
an individualized deep cleansing glycolic facial combined with a Laser Genesis
Treatment for immediate, visible results after one treatment. Finishing off this
amazing facial with steam, massage, and extractions, your skin will be smooth and
glowing! You will see younger looking skin, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles,
increased skin elasticity, and a redefined and firmed facial contour.
RENEW Signature Spa Facial
75 minutes
Combining the most powerful skincare products and technology, Renew’s Signature
Spa Facial is a revolutionary treatment used to revitalize the skin. Created using the
Vivite® line, this facial features the latest medical grade breakthroughs, including
Vibrance Therapy moisturizer and Daily Antioxidant Facial Serum. Only Vivite® contains
GLX Technology™, a fusion of a glycolic compound bound with antioxidants that is
clinically proven to help revitalize and protect the skin. After thorough exfoliation,
massage, heat, and extractions, this total rejuvenation of the skin will finish with a
deluxe eye and lip treatment and a finishing mask to plump and hydrate the skin. Treat
yourself to the ultimate in skincare with this exclusive anti-aging treatment!
Peter Thomas Roth Ultimate
Unwrinkle Anti-Aging Facial
75 minutes
An age-defying treatment facial that combines Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Peptides, and
a Collagen Masque to promote cell regeneration, boost elastin and collagen, and
reduce fine lines and wrinkles. After a double exfoliation process to clarify your skin,
a special serum packed with peptides, neuropeptides, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid
will leave your skin plumped, smoothed and looking years younger. Also known as
“The Botox Facial!”
Renew Skincare Centre & Spa
Ultrasonic Hydro
Facial Treatment
60 minutes
An over-the-top facial which employs ultrasonic frequency in a three-step treatment
process (peeling, infusion, and micro-current therapy) that will lift, tone, and contour
the face. Immediate results are dramatic and include plumping, hydration, redness
relief and brightness. Utilizing low frequency, the ultrasonic current creates a
mechanical cleaning action on the skin’s surface that breaks up impurities for a deep
pore cleansing, offers thorough exfoliation without irritation, provides molecular
penetration of nutrient rich products and heals the skin with micro-current therapy.
This facial can be tailored to combat aging skin, reduce wrinkles, improve acne,
manage rosacea, and is proven to revitalize the tone and texture of the skin.
Ultrasonic with Ampoule
60 minutes
Ultrasonic with Chemical
Peel & Finishing Mask 90 minutes
Vitamin C Repair
GloTherapeutics Facial
75 minutes
This potent and effective antioxidant treatment facial helps to stimulate respiration
and circulation of the skin, while fighting environmental damage and boosting the
immunity of the skin. It is designed to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine
lines and wrinkles. Combined with a blend of peptides and antioxidants, it provides
cellular protection by repairing and strengthening skin cells and capillary walls. This
facial includes a Vitamin C treatment for the eye area as well. End result... a healthy
and luminous complexion.
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Ilike Organic Oxygen
Radiance Facial
Renew your presence
60 minutes
Treat and maintain the overall health of your skin by using a radiance-boosting
complex of oxygen, combined with effective brighteners and antioxidants
to rejuvenate, revive, and nourish the skin. Due to the soil, dry climate, and
abundance of sunshine, Hungarian herbs, fruits, and vegetables are proven to
contain the highest concentrations of active ingredients and aromatic agents.
We bring nature’s succulence to your skin with our Ilike organic oxygenating
facial. Benefiting all skin types, especially that with hyperpigmentation and age
spots, this facial helps to reduce pigment blotches, freckles, and acne scars. The
combination of free amino acids and chemical free brightening herbs including
stonecrop, lemon, blueberry, horseradish, parsley, and yogurt, will safely and
effectively even out the skin’s complexion.
Purifying Acne Facial
75 minutes
This decongesting treatment for acne prone skin utilizes a blend of natural enzymes,
max correction complexion pads, and light therapy to remove surface debris, loosen
impactions, and refine pores. After exfoliation, gentle steam, moist heat and
thorough extractions, a detoxifying and purifying mask is applied. This intense and
effective treatment finishes using a high-frequency current to kill surface bacteria,
and acne blue light to kill P-acne bacteria. It finishes with acne clearing gel and
acne spot treatment to restore skin to a cleaned, polished, and brightened surface.
Renew Skincare Centre & Spa
Glycolic Acid Retexturizing
& Clarifying Facial
60 minutes
A purifying facial that uses 30% or 60% glycolic acid to rapidly exfoliate
lifeless epidermal cells, allowing emerging new skin to absorb more oxygen
and nutrients. It reduces fine lines, scars, and enlarged pores, improves sun
damage, and overall clarifies an uneven complexion. Results will reveal
healthy, vibrant, and glowing skin!
RENEW Reconditioning Facial
60 minutes
This relaxing and deep cleansing facial uses an enzyme exfoliating peel to gently
remove dry, dull epidermal cells, while promoting effective extractions of clogged
pores. Gentle moist heat, relaxing massage, extractions and a finishing mask
individualized to your skins’ needs, will give your skin a treatment that restores a
healthy, glowing and refreshed complexion. Completed with individualized toner,
serums, and moisturizers, this facial results in visibly brighter, cleaner, and hydrated
skin. Soooo relaxing!
Back Facial
45 minutes
The back is subject to the same abnormal imbalances as the face, therefore it will
benefit from similar treatments. This relaxing treatment begins with a deep cleansing
and exfoliation, followed by massage, heat, and extractions. A finishing mask is
applied to balance and normalize the skin. Your back will feel clean and refreshed!
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Renew your soul
Facial Add-On’s & Body Treatments
Add-On Exfoliating Peels
The following peels can be applied to the face, neck, decollete, or hands for the
additional charge listed below per treatment area.
Glycolic 30% $55
Salicylic 30%
Vitamin C $55
Microdermabrasion $75
Deluxe Add-On Treatments
Ampoule $20
Intense Retinol Treatment
Collagen Nourishing Eye Treatment $25
Vitamin C & Cyto-Luxe Anti-Aging Eye Treatment
Mega-Hydrate Lip Treatment
Tuz & Jeg (Fire & Ice)
Cellulite Body Treatment
90 minutes
Known as Fire & Ice, this organic Hungarian-based treatment will help minimize the
appearance of cellulite. Herbs and spices including spinach, horsetail, nettle, ivy, and
paprika are used in a full body exfoliation to stimulate blood and lymph circulation,
metabolize fat cells, and aid in rebuilding collagen and elastic fibers. An invigorating
Cellulite Treatment is applied to target areas and the body is wrapped to encourage the
elimination of excess fluids, improve cellulite condition. An invigorating Cellulite Treatment
is applied to target areas and the body is wrapped to encourage the elimination of excess
fluids, improve cellulite condition, strengthen connective tissue, and promote firmness.
Spot Treatment (One Area)
45-60 minutes
Polish & Glow
75 minutes
Scrub away dull, lifeless epidermal cells and reveal new, healthy skin with a sunkissed glow! A gentle body exfoliator removes dead skin cells from the body and
prevents uneven coloration of the self tanner. Complete with nourishing anti-aging
properties, Beautisol self tanning lotion is massaged into the entire body giving the
skin an immediate bronzing effect so you look naturally tan and instantly radiant!
Self Tanner Only
45 minutes
Marine Seaweed Body Wrap
75 minutes
Rich in therapeutic minerals, this tropical seaweed has been used for centuries by
natives throughout the Pacific Islands to nurture a healthy glow. Kelp within the
seaweed promotes metabolic stimulation, while nutrient-rich klamath blue-green
algae helps hydrate and detoxify the body. This wrap helps eliminate toxicity,
smooth down adipose tissue, and is mineralizing and nourishing.
Renew Skincare Centre & Spa
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Renew your look
Upper Lip
Full Face
Upper Back
Lower/Upper Arm
Full Arm
Bikini Line
Brazilian Bikini
Upper Leg
Lower Leg
Full Leg
Upper Leg & Bikini
Full Leg & Bikini
Upper Leg & Brazilian Bikini
Full Leg & Brazilian Bikini
Renew Skincare Centre & Spa
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