Breast Pumps - Ministry Health Care

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We here at Ministry St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital look forward to
helping you navigate this exciting time in your life.
As of August 1, 2012, The Affordable Care Act went into effect. This legislation requires most insurance
companies to cover breastfeeding support and supplies. Since coverage can vary, we are asking that you
contact your insurance company using the customer service number on the back of your card. We
recommend checking your benefits sometime in the beginning of your 3rd trimester to ensure that
everything is in place prior to delivery.
Questions to ask your insurance provider:
What type of pump can I get? (usually it will be a double electric pump)
Do I have to get the “recommended” pump or can I choose to purchase one and submit the
receipt for reimbursement?
What is the coverage amount?
When can I get my breast pump? Before I give birth or after?
Do I require a prescription from my provider to get a pump? If yes, please ask the Lactation
Consultant that will see you during your hospital stay for assistance.
During your hospital stay, if needed, one of the certified Lactation Consultants will help you determine if
you are eligible for a breast pump and complete the necessary paperwork. Since changes occur often on
where to obtain a breast pump covered by insurance, your Lactation Consultant will help you determine
where a breast pump can be obtained during your hospital stay.
To avoid delay in getting a breast pump, we encourage you to call and check your insurance coverage
prior to delivery. Ultimately this will be your responsibility but we would be happy to help you with this