Helen Hadley Hall Graduate student HousinG At home at school

H elen hadley hall Graduate stu dent housi ng
At home at school
Yale University
Yale’s Helen Hadley Hall opened just before the start of the 2013 school year; ahead of schedule and
Comprehensive Renovations
and high-maintenance components and transformed it into a modern, desirable residential
64,332 sq ft
August, 2013
under budget. For this project, CWA took a mid-century facility that was wrought with outdated
environment. In addition to collaborating with H2Z Design on interior design for the lobby and
lounge refurbishment, CWA’s primary concern was the quality of residential life for the students as
well as Yale’s maintenance and operating costs. This project included new finishes and furnishings
for the lobby, lounge and corridors; replacement of 200 exterior windows with new operable
casement windows; fabric window treatments; full electrical upgrades; shower and restroom
renovations; kitchen and dining area renovations to each floor; as well as other extensive upgrades.
Throughout the course of the project we brought innovation into each and every aspect of our
work to the fullest extent possible. For example, we developed and constructed full scale window
mock-ups; we listened to students who complained that shower water was being “shared”
between stalls and countered this with the design of slip resistant tile stalls with individual
drains. We also specified our unique signature floating bathroom vanity that has proven to be so
successful that we install it on virtually all of our campus-wide bathroom projects. This is the type
of thoughtful understanding, exhaustive preparation and masterful execution we can bring to all
future undergraduate and graduate level residential projects at Yale University.
Team: H2Z Design (Interiors), AKF Engineering (M/E/P), Morrisey Engineering (Structural), Paul Butkus (Landscape
Consultant), Babbidge Facilities Construction (Construction Manager), Alice Raucher (University Planner), JP
Fernandes (Associate Director of Project Managerment), Carobe Hart / Brian Eaton (University Project Managers)
Operable casement windows with
magnetic closing insect screens
Robustly constructed room darkening,
washable window treatments
Breezy and en-lightening ceiling fans in
each dorm room
Privacy respecting separate shower
Easy-maintenance shower drain traps
Student safety arc fault protected
electrical outlets within each dorm room
Maintenance friendly isolated electrical
panels on each floor
Protective smoke alarms in each room
with alternate power
Modern stainless steel student kitchens
Odor removing kitchen exhaust hoods
Trash reducing automatic garbage
Freezers with automatic filtered-water
ice makers
Convenient hot and cold filtered water
Air conditioning in each common
room / kitchen
85 Willow Street, Building 54, New Haven, CT 06511
203 776 0184
H elen hadley hall Graduate stu dent housi ng
At home at school
Out of sight / out of smell trash rooms
on each floor
Inviting glass doors between kitchens
and public corridors
Student helpful information walls at
each elevator lobby
No touch hygenic toilet automatic flush
CWA’s easy-to-clean signature floating
bathroom vanity
Discrete, brightly illuminated student
mail room
85 Willow Street, Building 54, New Haven, CT 06511
203 776 0184