Milton Festival of the Arts th​
June 20​
2015, 10:00 am ­ 4 pm Food Vendor Agreement Please complete and return with payment, signed Liability and Release Waiver, proof of insurance and a copy of your State of Vermont Food Service Establishment license Company Name:____________________________________________________ Contact Person:_____________________________________________________ Phone Number:_____________________________________________________ Email Address:_____________________________________________________ Preferred method of contact:___________________________________________ Mailing Address:____________________________________________________ Website:________________________ Social Media________________________ Food Description and approximate price per serving _______________________________________________________________ Please check all that apply: __Vegetarian __Vegan __Kid Friendly __Gluten­Free __Breakfast __Beverages __Dessert __Other: ___________________________________ How long do you need to set up ideally? :_____________________________ 10' x 10' Booth Fees are $40 (You must provide your own tent). Will you fit in a 10 x 10 space? ___Yes. ___No, I will require a second 10'x10' space, I understand this will cost $30 extra. Do you need Electricity?____Yes, I will provide adequate heavy duty power cords. Spaces will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. My signature below verifies that I have read the Milton Festival of the Arts Terms and Policies and agree to them as stated. Print Name _ _
__ _
Signature _
Date _ . Checks are payable to Milton Artists' Guild, marked for Art Festival Registration. Send payment and the​
Food Vendor Agreement, and the​
Liability Release Waiver along with proof of your business's insurance and a copy of your State Food Service Establishment license to: Milton Festival of the Arts c/o Cheryl K. Alwine 20 North Road Milton, VT 05468 Milton Festival of the Arts – Food Vendor's Terms and Policies Please read carefully and keep this page The festival date is June 20th, 2015, 10:00am­4pm. ✦
The festival is held in the Milton Recreation Park on Bombardier Road, Milton, Vermont ✦
The festival is rain or shine. In the case of dangerous weather conditions, the festival may be canceled or cut short. ✦
No refunds will be given. ✦
Only vendors with a State of Vermont Food Establishment license and proof of insurance will be permitted to sell food at this festival. No booths will be assigned without proof of such, along with payment and a signed vendor's agreement. ✦
Booth fees are due by June 1st, 2015. ✦
Booth set­up is from 8:30am­10:00am. ✦
Vendors must stay open for the duration of the festival. ✦
Booths must be broken down by 5pm. ✦
Vendors must park in designated areas after set­up is complete. ✦
Vendors are responsible for providing their own signage, displays, eating utensils, napkins etc and setting up and breaking down all their own equipment, this includes a canopy or tent if desired. ✦
Vendor's site must be contained within the designated area. ✦
Vendors are responsible for collecting any necessary Vermont sales tax from buyers. ✦
Bathroom facilities will be available. ✦
Vendors must read and sign the following Liability Release Waiver ✦
The Milton Festival of the Arts wants to make sure all food vendors have equal opportunity to serve our customers and that no two vendors are serving the same foods. Therefore we require notice for and significant menu changes from what is listed on your agreement form. Questions and/or Comments?​
Contact Cheryl Alwine at 802­752­9352 or [email protected] ✦
Milton Festival of the Arts Food Vendor's Liability Release and Waiver
I, THE UNDERSIGNED PERSON (“Participant”) _____________________________, Print participant’s name
doing business as _______________________________________________________, Print business name
am participating as a food vendor in the 2015 Milton Festival of the Arts (“the Event”) in Milton, Vermont, on June 20, 2015. The Event is sponsored by Milton Artists Guild and will be held on park property owned by The Town of Milton. I will provide my own supplies and equipment and will set up in my designated location. I understand this is an outdoor event and that I am responsible for protecting myself, my product, and my equipment from outdoor elements including but not exclusive to sun, wind and rain. I agree that I am licensed by the state of Vermont as a Food Service Establishment and have provided proof of my current license. I understand I am solely and completely be responsible for all of my personal property, my personal safety and the payment of all taxes and expenses during or in connection with the Event. I have adequate insurance to cover any incident or claims that may arise as a direct result of my business's presence at the Event, including but not exclusive to any accident or injury to any visitor, employee or event volunteer that may occur within the confines of my business's space or as a result of consuming my business's product and the indemnity and hold harmless obligation referenced below. I understand that Milton Artists’ Guild or The Town of Milton is not responsible for any aforementioned incident or for the security, safety and safekeeping of my property during the Event. I agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Milton Artists’ Guild and The Town of Milton, their employees, agents, officers and members from all claims of any kind that I might have now or in the future against them for any loss, damage or theft of my personal property or for personal injuries of any kind or claim against my business that may arise from my participation in the Event. I make this undertaking for myself and all those who might claim in my place. I have read this document and I am freely and voluntarily signing it to indicate my agreement with it. __________________________________ ______________ Participant’s signature
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