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Voluntreers for the Trees Count! 2015 Census!
This spring, NYC Parks is launching the largest street tree inventory in the nation.
Trees Count!
The trees in your neighborhood provide New York’s growing population with clean air, cooler
streets and unmatched aesthetic benefits. In addition, trees help to mitigate the negative
environmental effects that are characteristic of highly developed, urban neighborhoods. Join us in
mapping New York City’s beautiful street trees and participate in the largest volunteer-based
census ever conducted!
The 1995 Street Tree Census
Twenty years ago, NYC Parks embarked on a near-impossible task—counting every single tree
growing along New York City’s streets. This comprehensive survey of 498,470 trees provided Parks
with invaluable information about our urban forest—including its species, size, condition and
distribution across the landscape. It helped to catalyze major advances in New York City’s urban
forest management and resulted in a 30-day dead tree removal customer service commitment and
provided justification and funding for a block pruning and maintenance program. In addition, this
volunteer-based effort brought Parks’ forestry program national acclaim and recognition.
The 2005 Street Tree Census
Ten years ago, NYC Parks partnered with volunteers to survey the city’s beautiful trees once again.
The 2005 Census yielded a total count of 592,130 street trees and led us to determine that this
inventory provides an annual benefit of $121 million dollars! Street trees work tirelessly to supply
ecological services such as cleaner air, energy savings, improved human health and aesthetic
benefits. The census also led directly to the development of MillionTreesNYC and a massive
expansion in the number of citizen tree stewards.
Voluntreers Count!
This spring, committed volunteers and community groups along with Parks staff will count and
record information on every one of the city’s street trees once more. Beginning in May 2015, NYC
Parks and partnering organizations or “Census Groups” will be hosting training events in every
borough throughout New York City.
We need your help! Getting involved is easy. Register in the Trees Count! web app at complete a 30 minute online tutorial and attend one of the
training events being held nearby. Voluntreers will be provided will all of the tools and equipment
necessary to begin mapping and start making trees count!
Please visit or call 311 for more information on
becoming a Voluntreer!