part 1 - Millbrook First Nation

Millbrook Community
June 2015
Millbrook Youth promoting Mi’kmaq Culture at the
2015 Rally against Racism at Victoria Park.
Important Dates
June 4 - Halifax Northwest Marley Lions @ Mi'kmaq Warriors-8 pm Colchester Stadium
June 5 - CMM Semi Annual Chief & Council meeting at Legends at 9:30am
The Deadline for direct deposit forms for June ‘sTreaty Credit.
June 9 - Chief & Council Meeting at 9:30am
June 11 - Halifax Southwest Hurricanes @ Mi'kmaq Warriors 8pm Colchester Stadium
June 17 - Millbrook Pre-School Graduation 9:30am Community Hall
June 18 - Dartmouth Bandits @ Mi'kmaq Warriors 8pm Colchester Stadium
- Millbrook Enterprise Credits Direct Deposit are released
June 21 - National Aboriginal Day (come check out the Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Centre activities)
June 22 - Millbrook Band Office and Health Centre will be closed (Aboriginal Day)
June 23 - Millbrook Enterprise Credit mail out and pick up will be released
June 24 - Shannon Park open House 5:30pm Dartmouth
June 25 - July 1 - St. Anne de Beaupre trip
Millbrook First Nation MONTHLY NEWSLETTER June 2015
Millbrook Band Office
Mailing Address
Business Hours
Phone Numbers
Millbrook Band
P.O. Box 634
Truro, NS. B2N 5E5
Monday - Thursday
9:00am-12pm 1pm-4:30pm
9:00am-12pm 1pm-4:00pm
Band Office
1 (902) 897-9199
Toll Free
1 (800) 693-3112
Summer Hours
Start June 29th Monday - Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm / Friday 8:30am-12pm
Social Assistance
Social Assistance Cheques are tentatively scheduled for: June 11 & 25, 2015. Applications are available at the
Reception desk at the Band Office.
Newsletter Deadline
The Newsletters deadline is the 26th of each month. You can make a contribution to the Millbrook Community Newsletter just send in your information by e-mail:
[email protected], by Fax: (902) 895-0079, or by the website contact form (link)http:// or submit information to the Reception desk at the Band Office.
Millbrook Housing Repair Grant
Millbrook housing repair grant form will be available online with details attached.
Treaty Credit - Direct Deposit
The direct deposit deadline is Friday, June 5th. Any applications received after this date will be mailed or
picked up. Direct Deposit date is June 18th, Mail Out & Pick Up date is June 23rd, 2015
Chief and Council
Chief and Council Meeting
The next Chief and Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 9, 2015. The deadline for submissions or requests to see Council is Thursday, June 4, 2015.
Please submit to the Administrative Assistant, Jay Martin, Phone: (902) 897-9199 Ext. 110, Fax: (902) 893-4785 or e-mail: [email protected]
Chief and Council Meetings
June 2 - at 10am Millbrook Heritage Centre Committee meeting
June 3 - Economic Development Committee Meeting at 1pm
June 5 - CMM Semi Annual Chief & Council meeting at Legends at 9:30am
June 9 - Chief & Council Meeting at 9:30am
June 17 - Millbrook Pre-School Graduation 9:30am Community Hall
June 18 - Meeting with GDIT on RFP at 10am
June 24 - Shannon Park open House 5:30pm Dartmouth
June 25 - July 1 - St. Anne de Beaupre trip
Page 1
Welcome to the Community page; this may include birthdays messages, recent or historic photos,
congratulations to a person or group, public events, items for sale, availability for odd jobs. To have your
information posted on the newsletter and website send your information to Millbrook’s Communication’s Officer
Nigel Gloade by calling the office at (902) 897-9199 extension: 119, iMessage or e-mail:
[email protected]
Seniors Yoga
Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. will
continue till the end of June then
we will break for summer
months. Thank you to all who
have participated. We will
continue with more sessions in
the fall.
Community Garden
We will meet on Monday, June
15th at 6:00 p.m. at the Seniors
Centre, if we have enough
interested participants we will get
the garden project started. A lot
of great ideas were shared and I
think this project is worth getting
involved in. We plan to go to the
site and start preparing the
grounds for gardening.
Millbrook Seniors
Wolves at 8pm Sackville Arena
June 4-Halifax Northwest
Marley Lions @ Mi'kmaq
Warriors-8 pm Colchester
June 7-Mi'kmaq Warriors @
Moncton Mavericks 2-4 Kay/
Lewisville Arena Moncton
June 11-Halifax Southwest
Hurricanes @ Mi'kmaq
Warriors 8pm Colchester
June 13-Mi'kmaq Warriors @
Halifax Southwest Hurricanes
2-4 Spryfield Arena
June 18-Dartmouth Bandits @
Mi'kmaq Warriors 8pm
Colchester Stadium
July 2-Sackville Sport Wheels
Wolves @ 8pm Colchester
July 8-Mi'kmaq Warriors @
Halifax Northwest Marley
Lions @ 8pm Spyfield Arena
July 9-Dartmouth Bandits @
Mi'kmaq Warriors 8pm
Colchester Stadium Play off will start after July 9!
Hope to see you all there!
2015 Mi’kmaw
Summer Games
Community Information Session
on the Summer Games will be
held at the Millbrook Community
Hall on June 24th from 6-8pm.
Light refreshments will be served
Thank You
The Family of Bill Pictou would
like to thank the Community of
Millbrook for their kindness and
generosity. This will not be
Thank you Carol & Family.
Tuesday June 16th at 12:00
Mi'kmaq Warriors Jr.
A Lacrosse
Come out and support our team.
Millbrook Bus will pick up
community members starting at
7pm in Truro Heights and go
through all bus routes in
Millbrook for "Home Games
Only". Below is a list home and
away games.
June 2 Mi'kmaq Warriors @
Sackville Sport Wheels
Page 2
Millbrook First Nation MONTHLY NEWSLETTER June 2015
Sacred Heart Church
Regular Sunday Mass Time is at 11:30 a.m.
For More information visit the Immaculate Conception
Prayer Group
Prayer Group meets every Monday at 7:00 pm. at the
Senior’s Centre in Millbrook. Agenda includes Rosary
and Prayers, followed by tea, a light lunch and a social.
Come join us – everyone is welcome! The contact
person for group – Jane Abram at (902) 893-7454.
“Understanding the Bible”-Weekly Scripture Study for Adults
Please join us on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm for an evening of fellowship as we learn together the Word and
grow in grace and understanding. Tea and light refreshments to follow. Located at 74 Abenaki Road. Contact:
Kelly Gloade at (902) 890-8307.
Community Hall Bookings
To book the Community Hall please contact Jay Martin at (902) 897-9199 Ext 110. Thank you to those who
continue to keep the hall, clean, neat and tidy. Please try to book your event early, preferably a minimum of 2
weeks in advance.
Compost, Garbage & Recyclables (blue bags)
That means only one black garbage bag (privacy bag) per week, the rest must be in clear bags. Recycle items
(containers and paper) must be in blue bags. If you do not have a compost bin please call Elizabeth Paul at the
Health Centre. There are some of the small kitchen containers available now.
Garbage is picked up every week.
Compost bin dates are Tuesday, June 9 & 23.
Blue Bags dates are Tuesday, June 2, 16 & 30.
All items must be at curb side by 7:00 am.
Used Battery Bin
If you have old batteries please do not throw them in the garbage, we have a battery
recycle bin located in the Band Office and Health Centre. - WELA’LIN Natasha Bernard
Millbrook Youth Centre
Looking for volunteers to open the Youth Centre for Friday & Saturday nights 7 to 11pm,
have to be 18 & over, if interested please call Peter at 902 897-1234. Time and dates will
be posted on the Youth Centre Facebook site.
RECC Membership
Millbrook has worked out a corporate rate with the Rath Eastlink Community Centre. Corporate Memberships
apply to yearly membership only. The Civic Centre is not located on the reserve, Taxes are applied to the cost.
The Band Member must purchase the Membership first then submit the receipts to Priscillia Martin. The Tobacco
Store covers $300 per activity(see regulations online at
Page 3
Family Swim
Family swim starts this Sunday at the R.E.C.C. Family swim is continuing every Sunday from 1 pm-2pm.
Sunday Morning Ice Time
Sunday morning Ice times at the R.E.C.C. is over until August 2015.
Millbrook 3-D Shooters
Millbrook Archery Club has target practice every Wednesday night.
Wednesday’s time is 6 pm till close and Sunday 1pm-6pm. Everyone is welcome.
Millbrook Fitness Centre
The Millbrook Fitness Centre is open 1pm-4pm Monday to Friday.
It is open in the evenings from 6pm-10pm Sunday to Thursday.
Exercising a few times a week is a great way to improve your overall health.
Much Music Video Dance
There will be a Much Music dance June 27 at the Millbrook gym from 7 to 11pm for everyone.
Everyone is Welcome. For more information contact Peter Gloade at 902 897-1234.
Says No To Drugs walk
There will be a Millbrook Says No To Drugs walk date TBA it will be posted on Peter Gloade’s Facebook page.
Charles Casselman a Clinical Therapist from the Truro office of Addiction Services. He is available at the Health
Centre every Monday for one on one counselling before and after Addictions Treatment Programs. Follow-up
Counselling after successful completion of a treatment program is highly recommended to deal with the
challenges of RECOVERY. Counselling by this clinical therapist is also provided for family members of the
addict/alcoholic and others affected by addictions. Please call the Health Centre at (902)-895-9468 for an
appointment time to talk to Charles Casselman when he is in Millbrook. Or you may choose to see him at his
Truro office. Call (902) 893-5900 for an appointment at the Truro office.
There is a Alanon meeting every Monday 10am, and Tuesday 8pm at the Alliance Church on Phillips Street
which is off Robie Street.
Immunization Participation
The winner of the monthly immunization gift card is : Milo MacDonald
Page 4
Millbrook First Nation MONTHLY NEWSLETTER June 2015
Health Centre
Mailing Address
Business Hours
Phone Numbers
Millbrook Health
P.O. Box 634
Truro, NS. B2N 5E5
Monday - Thursday
9:00am-12pm 1pm-4:30pm
9:00am-12pm 1pm-4:00pm
Health Centre
1 (902) 895-9468
Toll Free
1 (888) 895-9468
Summer Hours
Start June 29th
Monday - Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm / Friday 8:30am-12pm
The Procedure a client has to follow before
been admitted into a 5 weeks Treatment
program or Detox.
Treatment Centre Schedule
Rising Sun at Eel Ground, NB is June, 15 2015, 5 week coed program.
Eagles Nest Recovery house Indianbrook
June 29, 5 weeks coed program.
Mikmaw Lodge at Eskasoni, NS is June
15, 2015, 5 weeks co-ed program.
Wolastoqewiyih Tobique June 8, 2015, 5
(Detox)- Its better if the client comes to my office and we call the
detox to do a booking, the detox always has to talk to the client first to weeks Co ed program.
answer questions before a bed is given to them. If for some reason the
Mawiomi Treatment Center June 1/15
client cannot make it into my office, I can ask the detox to call. There 5 weeks co-ed.
is usually a wait for a bed at detox, it will not be the same day.
Any Millbrook Youth who would like to go
(5weeks Rehab Treatment) – The client has to be clean and sober for at a treatment program I have forms for the 3
least 1 week. The client has to meet with the addiction counsellor five
treatment centres available.
times, and has to make sure all appointments are taken care of before
Walgwan Centre in Quebec - long term
going into treatment.
Free Spirit AA
Millbrook Free Spirit AA group meets every Tuesday night at 7pm at
the Millbrook Senior’s Centre. Everyone is Welcome
Eskasoni Help Line
For any youth who are having a problem such as bullying, peer
pressure, or any problems and want to talk to someone there is a
number to call; all calls are confidential. Eskasoni help line toll free
1-855-379-2099 or on Facebook Eskasoni Crisis Worker there will be
someone there to chat to.
NA meeting
NA meeting in Truro are every Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday nights at
St Andrew Church 55 King Street at 8pm. For more information call 1
800 205 8402 or
Drug Addictions Counsellor - Peter Gloade
The Drug Addictions Counsellor has a list of AA and NA &
Alanon meetings in the local area or call (902) 895- 5535
for more information on local groups. Also has information.
If anyone has any suggestion regarding workshops or
presentation what they would like to see regarding addictions. Please
contact me at (902) 890-1671 or message me on facebook. I am open
to all suggestions, Peter Gloade.
Charles J Andrew Youth Centre
Sheshatshiu Labador – long term
Choices in Halifax
Contact the Community Addictions
Counsellor (Peter Gloade) at 897-1234.
Medical Drivers
Donna Gloade
Home: (902) 895-9540
Cell: (902) 986-8842
Germaine Martin
Home: (902) 843-0174
Cell: (902) 305-0204
Sunshine Martin
(902) 893-1119
(902) 986-2281
Sheet Harbour
James Howe Sr.
Home: (902) 885-2249
Cell: (902) 885-5232
Page 5
Lunch cheques will be issued on Friday, JUNE 5TH.
The last Attendance Incentive for this school year will be issued Tuesday, June 30th, if attendance records are
received prior to this date!
A reminder to students who are planning on applying for summer jobs this summer. The rules are in this
newsletter. Remember attendance plays a major part in summer employment!!
Our ZERO TOLERANCE for any type of bullying on the bus is still in effect. Parents, please remind children
about good manners and no bullying. Every child has the right to feel like our bus is a safe place!
The purpose of the Millbrook Summer Employment Program is for eligible students to gain work experience and
skill development in various areas of employment.
Eligible students will be Millbrook Band Members who live on the Millbrook Reserves, that are in Grade 10 or
above, are over 15 years of age and under 26 years of age, who attended school for the entire school year
(unless you graduated in February) without being absent for more than 20 school days, and can provide
verification from the school you plan to return to FULL TIME in the fall, are eligible to apply.
Students who are suspended at the end of the school year or have missed more than 20 school days are NOT
eligible to apply. Medicals must be submitted to the school on the day students return from being absent, these
days still count towards the 20 day absent rule.
There can be no exceptions to these rules.
TEL: 902 897-1249 / 902 897-0445
DIRECTOR’S EMAIL: [email protected]
It is very important that you CALL BY 9:00 AM if your child is going to be ABSENT or LATE (or you may TEXT
Sylvia 902-899-4945). Yes, it’s finally SPRING, but…it’s still cool most days, so please continue to have your child DRESS
appropriately & send in extra clothing. Please make sure your child has a weather appropriate jacket &
footwear EVERY DAY. It is also a good idea to pack an extra set of clothing (including socks) in case they get
wet outside during the day.
Page 6
Millbrook First Nation MONTHLY NEWSLETTER June 2015
Thursday, June 11 - Preschooler's Trip to Wildlife Park
Wednesday, June 17 - last day of Preschool
Friday, June 19 - Preschool 4 Graduation
Monday, June 22 - Aboriginal Day Holiday (Centre CLOSED)
Happy JUNE Birthdays To…
Xander, Benjerman, Landon, Jon & Nathan!
Most applications for this fall (September 2015) have been submitted, however, there are still a few of you who
haven’t yet completed & submitted your child’s application for preschool yet. PLEASE SEND THESE IN ASAP.
Thank you.
DON'T FORGET to please call the bus driver, NOLAN at 890-3608 if your child is sick or not going to
preschool for any reason. ALSO CALL PRESCHOOL TEACHER WITH THE SAME INFO. Or just TEXT both
NOLAN & SYLVIA (902-899-4945) at same time, with same info.
Also ensure that A PARENT OR RESPONSIBLE ADULT IS HOME EVERY DAY when your child returns from
preschool between 2-3pm!
RE: DONATIONS of Magazines, Catalogues, etc.
WE HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH AT THE PRESENT TIME. Please hold off sending more in until late summer
or the fall. Thanks…
PLEASE DON’T SEND ANY CLOTHING DONATIONS. (We don’t have enough room to store them here, and
everyone should have their own change of clothing, so we don’t need any more than that in the centre. Thank
If you are in need of Daycare Services, PLEASE FILL OUT AN APPLICATION FORM ASAP TO GET ON THE
WAITING LIST, and call to inquire about availability from time to time. Note: You may complete an application
early (before your child is 18 months
Millbrook Warriors Home Opening Game, opening ceremony drumming by the Samqwan Boyz.
Page 7
A reminder to parents that classes begin at 8:00 am every day! Arrival after that time means that classes are
being interrupted and activities are being delayed. PLEASE RESPECT THE MORNING BELL.
June 3 – Spring Concert 6:30
June 3 – Parent Orientation at TJHS for Grade 5
June 9 – Grades P – 2 Field Day
June 11 – Grades 3 – 5 Field Day
June 21 – National Aboriginal Day
June 25- 29 – No School Marking Days
June 30 – Report Cards 8:00 – 12:00
Please note that staff cannot pick up report cards!
Parents – with the longer, warmer days it is important to remember to still send kids to bed early so they are not
tired at school.
Please remember to check your child’s backpacks each and every night for important messages that may be send
For parents of children in grade five-our students will be attending an orientation morning at Truro Junior High
on Wednesday morning, June 3rd from 10-10:45. Parents of students in grade five are also invited to a parent
orientation night on Thursday, June 4th from 7-8 pm. More details will be provided in the upcoming weeks.
We will be sending out third term report cards by email for those families who are interested. We will be
sending home a notice with more details, but please start thinking now if you would like to receive an electronic
copy of your child's report card. This will enable parents to email the report card to family / friends who live and
work away. The report card will be emailed out to households the morning of the last day of school.
Happy Birthday to Reese Brooks, Corey Dennis, Jorja Martin, Alyssa Saulnier and Raine Stephens who will
celebrate their birthdays in June!
Page 8
Millbrook First Nation MONTHLY NEWSLETTER June 2015
To Educate Our Diverse PopulationTo The Best They Can Be
June 1, 2: Grade 8 Provincial Assessment, Mathematics
June 2 & 3: Tentative date for visit of Grade 5 students to TJHS.
June 4: Tentative date for Parent Orientation
June 4-June 10: 2015-16 TJHS Students’ Council Elections
June 5 and 6: Provincial Track and Field
June 16-19: Grades 7/8 Immersion and Integrated Trip
June 24: Regular school day, Grade levels to plan activities/celebrations for students. Activity Day
June 23: New Date Gr. Nine Celebration Dance (Grad Dance)
June 25 – 29: No School for students
June 30: Final Reports go home, dismissal at 10:30 a.m.
Happy Birthday to Cole Bernard, Kassie Eagles, Anna Mae Julian, Sierra Pictou, Tristen Standingready-Gloade,
who will celebrate June birthdays!
PowerSchool Parent Portal – Don’t forget to keep a watch on the student information program, it is a great tool
to view your child’s progress in school. Here you can look at your child’s report card format of current marks,
assignments, attendance, and much more. You can go to site and under the parent tab click
PowerSchool Portal Sign-in. Here you can create an account using the username and password provided last
year. If you do not have the username and password, you can contact the school and they will provide you with
May was a busy month for many TJHS students. The month started out with TJHS presentation of the Beauty and
the Beast musical which was a huge success. Our Millbrook students, Celeste Sylliboy (Mrs. Pots & Villager),
Frankie Sylliboy (Village Girl) and Blade Knockwood (Castle Guard) were fabulous in their performers. I would
especially like to congratulate our dedicated and talented student, Celeste Sylliboy, who with her beautiful voice
and who did remarkably well in her lead role as Mrs. Pots.
By the middle of the month, the grade nine students went on an adventure to Quebec!!!! All of the grade 9
Millbrook students who globe-trotted would like to send their gratitude to the Education Director, Chief &
Council, and our generous community for their donations and support. The students expressed that the trip was
an enriched experience and they all truly enjoyed this learning experience!Talk about trips. The grade 6’s along
with the 7’s went on a school trip to the RECC. They had a choice of either skating or swimming and all who
participated enjoyed themselves. As well the grade 8’s were off to the Dalhousie University in Bible Hill. They
were amazed at the programs available at the campus.
Near the end of the month, our Grade 8’s completed their Provincial Assessment. The assessment marks will be
sent out to their parents by mail.
By the end of May, all students will have participated in the 2015 Rally Against Racism. The rally will showcase
our culture through dance and song. Samquan boys would open-up with an “Honour Song” and perform
another song so that our fancy shawl and jingle dress dancers can showcase their beautiful regalia in a dance.
On the agenda for the rally also are our TES students who would read our “Rally against Racism” pledge in
Page 9
Academic Up-date:
8 Science – Students will be starting Tide
Assignments which is really cool – They will be
looking at moon phases and how they co-related
with the tides!
6 Math – Just completed perimeter and currently
working on Area & Volume. They will also be
working on multiplying decimal numbers, then
moving onto mixed numbers, fractions, ratios &
6 ELA – Are currently working on “Stand up, Speak
out” videos, finishing up Manic Magee novel, will be
starting procedural writing.
6 Science – Started a new unit on “Diversity of life”.
6 Social Studies – Students have recently studied
Culture of China and soon will be studying South
travelled to Guatemala to see what it was like to live
in true poverty. They have been working in class the
last few weeks on their essay and should be in the
completion stage.
Social Studies – Students should be typing up their
research paper. They should have their graphic
organizer complete and checked off by the teacher.
Once that is complete they can start their essay and
then PowerPoint presentation.
Math – We are moving onto Algebra and it is
important students come see me or their teacher
when they have missed any time to get caught up.
Science – Students have completed the heat and
temperature unit and are working on the Pure
Substances and Mixtures unit.
Mi’kmaq – Students have work packages that need to
be completed.
Grade 8
ELA: Read 20 minutes daily
English – Students should be almost ready to hand in
their Outsiders booklets.
Math: Problem of Week, Skills Bank work sheets,
Weekly Homework Sheet and study multiplication.
Wela’lin - Leana Kennedy
(All homework is recorded in their agendas nightly
and can also be found on the homework website)
June 2015 Academic 6-cycle
Monday, June 1st – Day 5
Monday, June 8th – Day 4
Tuesday, June 15th – Day 3
Monday, June 22nd – Day 2
It is great to finally welcome the sun! We are getting
close to the end of our school year and there are
some important essays, projects and assignments that
need to be handed in.
Grade 7
English – Completing the Gratitude essay. Students
watched Living On One Dollar in class (can be
found online) a documentary on four boys who
This year the grade 9 students will not write Formal
Final Exams.
“Ni’n elui’tmasi kisi naqatun
poqjite’taqn. Ni’n ketla’msitasi
ketmitetmaqnn wjit msit wen wula
“I pledge to do my part to stop racism.
I believe in equity, respect for other
and acceptance of the things that make
us different”
Page 10
Millbrook First Nation MONTHLY NEWSLETTER June 2015
902 896-5700
OFFICE NUMBER: 902 896-5728
E-MAIL: [email protected]
[email protected]
Homework Club is held every Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday from 3:00-4:00. All Millbrook students
are welcome to attend! Snacks will be available to
students that attend.
Happy June Birthdays!
Haley Julien, Rod Knockwood, & Taylor Sylliboy
This is it! June has finally arrived! We’re busy
catching as the end of the school year nears. If you
have any questions or concerns about your student,
please call the school. I (Ms. Higgins) will be here for
the remainder of the year.
Scholarships & Bursaries
There are many scholarships and bursaries available
specifically for First Nations students. As the
deadlines for these scholarships are approaching
students will be notified. Students are also
encouraged to check with Student Services about
other available scholarships.
Also, a reminder the Student Handbook can be
found on our website, or by following this link:
June 3 - Achievement Awards (6:30pm)
June 8 - IB Recognition Night (6:30pm)
June 10 - Athletics Awards Night (6:30pm)
June 12 - In-Class Exams begin
There’s still time to apply to post-secondary
institutions. Students planning on going to NSCC
should contact Carley Gloade as soon as possible.
Some application deadline may have passed, but
please ask in Student Services or the Cultural Centre.
June 18 - Semester 2 Exams Begin
June 15 - Prom
June 23-26 - Admin Days (No Classes)
June 29 - Graduation 7:30pm at RECC
June 30 - Last day of classes for students
July 2 Last Day for Course changes
The CCRSB Policy states that a high school student
may lose credit for a course if they are not present in
class for at least 80% of the course, or they miss 19
The teacher will phone home after 6 absences, and
the Vice Principals will follow up with a letter at 10,
16 and 19 absences.
Parents/Guardians are required to call the main office
(902 896-5700) to excuse missed classes. This needs
to be done within 5 school days of the absence. A
reason will be requested. Please check PowerSchool
weekly to ensure all absences are excused. For
assistance with PowerSchool Parent login please
contact the school.
Page 11
Millbrook Early Education Centre
Tiny Tots Summer Camp
Winter refuses to leave; surely summer must be right around the corner. In any event, plans are underway for
the 2015 Tiny Tots Summer Camp, which will be held at the Millbrook Early Education Centre.
Be sure to mark the following dates on your calendar:
Camp A: July 7 – 24 (3 weeks)
(Ages 4-5 – Children going to Primary in September 2015)
Camp B: July 20 – August 14 (4 weeks)
form on the back
of newsletter
(Ages 5-6 – Children going to Grade 1 in September 2015)
DEADLINE for applications: Monday, June 1st
We have been busy developing and organizing learning experiences through art, science, gymnastics, games,
cultural activities, concept development and social experiences. Trips, beach days and outside experiences are
in the planning stages.
Please use the Registration form in this newsletter, or you can pick one up at the Millbrook Early Education
Centre any time after Monday, May 4th.
Cathy Scott & Diane Roper-Sutherland, Camp Coordinators & Camp Supervisors
Page 12
Page 13
Millbrook First Nation MONTHLY NEWSLETTER June 2015
Page 14
Millbrook First Nation MONTHLY NEWSLETTER June 2015
Essential Skills Program
Page 15
Serving the financing needs of
Aboriginal businesses for over 25 years
Variable and fixed interest rates starting at
prime plus 3% (6% and up)
Non-repayable contributions available
on eligible projects
*rates and non-repayable contributions are based
on project eligibility and certain criteria
To find out more about our products & services call:
1-888-766-2376 or visit our website:
Markie Bus Tours
Halifax Casino Runs
On the first Friday of every month we depart from Truro Staples parking lot,
Robie Street at 9:30am. Leaving Halifax Casino at 3:30pm same day.
Please call ahead for seating. $30.00 per person. Also on the first
Sunday & first Friday of every month depart from New Glasgow Zellers
parking lot at 8:00am. Leaving Halifax Casino at 3:00pm same day.
Please call ahead for seating. $30.00 per person.
1. Bus Transportation
2. FREE Non-Alcoholic Beverages on floor
3. One Meal Coupon
Visit: Casino Nova Scotia for more Information.
Contact MARKIE BUS TOURS for more information.
Phone: 902-843-5501
Page 16