Football Spring Letter

Milan Youth Football
Milan Football Parents and Players,
It is hard to believe, but preparation for the 2015 football season has begun. Milan Parks and Recreation is
excited to build on the momentum of a successful year.
Let's highlight some of our accomplishments in 2014...
All the youth helmets were reconditioned
We became USA Football affiliated and all coaches were USA Football certified
We created a Milan Youth Football Board with accessible policies and procedures
We offered football at four levels – Skills, Flag, 5/6 Tackle and 7/8 Tackle
Overall participation nearly doubled
In order to continue a sustainable youth football community, we are hard at work to make 2015 a better
experience for all age levels. Here is some of the information you need to know for the upcoming season.
In 2015, Flag Football will include participants ages 6, 7 and 8 on or before September 1, 2015. The league will
consist only of Milan teams. Games will be played at Wilson Park.
All tackle levels will be competing in the Western Suburban Junior Football League. The league is divided
up into three age divisions. Home games will be played at Joe O'Donnell Field (Milan High School Field).
Western Suburban League Teams
◦ Canton Lions
◦ Belleville Cougars
◦ Redford Eagles
◦ Lincoln Railsplitters
◦ Westland Meteors
◦ Westland Comets
◦ Dearborn Heights Redskins
◦ Ferndale Gators
Eligibility Rules
◦ The age of participants 8 -14, shall be their age before September 1st of the year concerned.
◦ Freshmen – Participants are to be either 8, 9 or 10 years old.
◦ Junior Varsity – Participants are to be 11 or 12 years old (9 and 10 year olds may be eligible). No
participant 8 years old shall be allowed at the JV level.
◦ Varsity – Participants are to be 13 or 14 years old (11 and 12 year olds may be eligible). No
participant 8, 9 or 10 years old shall be allowed at the Varsity level.
◦ The weight referred to herein shall be the weight of the player with full uniform consisting of at
least, but not limited to, a jersey, pants with knee and thigh pads, girdle with pads, jock with cup,
socks and game cleats.
◦ After a weigh-in a player will add shoulder pads and a helmet. A player may add protective gear (ex.
Gloves, rib pads etc.)
◦ Freshmen – The Freshmen weight will not exceed 125 pounds regardless of the age of the player.
◦ Junior Varsity – The JV weight will not exceed 145 pounds regardless of the age of the player.
◦ Varsity – The Varsity weight will not exceed 175 pounds regardless of the age of the player.
◦ Minimum Weights – There will be no mandatory minimum league weights.
◦ Tackle Level - $175.00
▪ All players will receive and keep a white away jersey, practice jersey, socks and a mouth guard
◦ Flag Level - $75.00
▪ All players will receive a team jersey (color to be determined later)
Physical Examinations and Birth Certificate
◦ Prior to any conditioning, every football player must have an annual certification of good health
signed by a physician and co-signed by parents. These shall be on file with Milan Parks and
Recreation and open to inspection at all times. No Physical, No Practice.
◦ The date of the physical must be on or after April 15, 2015.
◦ A copy of the participants birth certificate is due at registration.
Spring Registration
◦ Tuesday, May 19 from 6-7pm at the Milan Senior Center
◦ We are proud to announce our coaches for 2015.
◦ Freshmen – Tracy McGraw
◦ Junior Varsity – Dave Budd
◦ Varsity – Matt Furtney
◦ If you are interested in coaching flag football, please contact me.
Fall Kick Off and Equipment Distribution
◦ Saturday, August 1st at the Senior Center
◦ Freshmen – 10 am
◦ JV – 11 am
◦ Varsity – 12 pm
◦ Practice begins August 3, 2015
Game Times and First Game Week
◦ Freshmen – 11am
◦ JV – 1 pm
◦ Varsity – 3 pm
◦ Away games are subject to time change.
The first game week for all levels is Saturday, August 29
We look forward to seeing all of you Tuesday, May 19 for our spring registration. If you have any questions
please contact me at [email protected] or 734.439.5043.
Go Big Reds!
Jesse Hoskins
Head Football Coach – Milan High School
Milan Parks and Recreation Youth Football Director